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Farragut resident supports Deakins, No light at Old Stage, Deakins asks for votes, Town should conserve water too, Tyree asks for votes

Farragut resident supports Deakins

I am a longtime Farragut resident.

I am calling in support of Thomas Deakins for School Board in the August election.

I have known him for well over 10 years and know that he will be a great representative for the district on the School Board. There are many issues that are important for those of us who have children in the school system and I know that with the integrity of Thomas and his ability to work well with others that he will be an excellent representative for our community.

I urge all Farragut citizens to vote for Thomas Deakins.

He has four kids, three of those in the Farragut school system and is very dedicated to making sure that the schools are the best that they can be for everyone in the Farragut community as well his own children.

Jeff Boruff


No light at Old Stage

The Thursday, July 13, 2006 edition of the Press contained an article regarding the installation of a traffic signal at Old Stage and Kingston Pike. As a resident of the community that would be served by this light, I am against its installation. Traffic flow along Kingston Pike in Farragut will quickly become as difficult as it is moving through Bearden and the Mall area if we keep adding traffic lights. Traffic Lights every 100 feet and traffic snarls that ensue from them are the bane of


While it may indeed seem wise to install this light, I’d like to point out that there is already a light at Watt Road, and Watt Road could be extended to Old Stage as a four or five lane extension. This would permit all of the subdivisions along Old Stage to use the Watt Road extension to choose at one signal to either proceed down Kingston Pike, access the Interstate, or take the country drive through either highway into Loudon county.

Traffic solutions that are based upon stopping traffic in more places create more traffic. Traffic solutions that increase the size of the traffic conduit relieve traffic pressures. The issue with Old Stage is the number of cars, with no other way to access Kingston Pike other than each end. With a large, commercially oriented intersection that includes fuel and a restaurant already located at the Watt Road intersection, why create a residential stop light somewhere else?

A study of traffic flows at this intersection would quickly show that most of the traffic exiting Old Stage is directed toward the interstate at Campbell Station, the local schools, or local shops—the remainder is for residential visitation. The local traffic belongs along the Kingston Pike route, but the interstate access could be redirected by Watt Road’s extension. Even better, the light is already there and stop signs at Watt Road and Old Stage would work because most of the west bound traffic will be turning right. In fact, wouldn’t it be marvelous to create a continuous right turn lane from Old Stage westbound and have a two North bound lanes (one for the continuous turn and one for left turning stop-sign traffic eastbound) in the extension with a third left turn lane appearing at the Kingston Pike intersection? And wouldn’t that be a great addition to the commercial area that is right now a struggling business area in Farragut? The property values on Kingston Pike at the intersection would sky rocket (no, I don’t own any property there) and Farragut tax revenues would increase while residents received better service from their town planners. As to protecting the homeowner value up the hill from Watt Road and Kingston Pike, simple commercial property zone restrictions would prevent the march of businesses right up to Old Stage.


Mark A. Beyer

Rockwell Farms

Deakins asks for votes

My name is Thomas Deakins and I am running for School Board. I would like to differentiate myself from my opponent by stating I am the candidate that has my children in Knox County public schools and a PTA member at FPS and FIS. I work for Oracle Corporation, a multi-billion dollar software solutions company and make fiscal and management decisions everyday.

I made the decision to run for School Board because I see a need to prepare our children to meet the future economy and to proactively plan for the current and future needs of our community. My background and experience in business, entrepreneurship, strategy, technology, and international travel will provide the Knox County School Board with someone who has the proper and qualified background to think outside of the box and deliver results. I believe my first place finish in the May 2 Election is an indication of how a group of people believing in the same cause can make a difference!

As so many of you has already conveyed to me, I too am very concerned about the future of our school system. The next four years will be critical. We share the same concerns regarding over-crowding, zoning, curriculum, science / mathematics, technology, security, teacher retention, funding, and a host of additional issues.

Many decisions will be made that will impact our children as well as our community. As your next School Board member, I will be proactive and accountable and will always fully understand the impact of those decisions as my children, like yours, attend our public schools. Similarly, for those who do not have children, no longer have them in school, home school them, or send them to private school, I can assure you that my fiscal conservative management style will represent you and your family interests in providing the very best education and return on your tax dollar investment.

I urge you to become educated on my platform through my Web site or you may call me at 865-966-1537. I want to be your next School Board member and I need your support.

Please ask your friends, family, and neighbors to vote for Thomas Deakins, for School Board District 6 (Farragut, Hardin Valley, Ball Camp, Solway).

Early voting is open now at the Farragut Town Hall and runs through July 29. The actual Election is Aug. 3. Please exercise your right to vote, as it is a privilege!


Thomas A. Deakins

Father of 4, 2 attending Farragut (District 6) schools

Town should conserve water too

I would like to comment regarding the First Utility District’s (FUD) request to conserve outdoor water usage. There have been notices printed in both the News-Sentinel and farragutpress and FUD customers received a printed notice enclosed with the recent month’s bill.  Absolutely, we need to be a good neighbor and conserve.  

My comment is:  Wouldn’t it be a good “public relations” move (set an example) by the town of Farragut to turn off their automatic sprinklers on Parkside Drive which are watering the median strip? 

Is the town watering elsewhere in the town? Turn it off!


Mary Anne Sedlmeier


Tyree asks for votes

My name is Randy Tyree, and I am a candidate for Knox County Sheriff. I want to share with you the reasons why I hope you will support my candidacy by voting to make me your sheriff.

I served 10 years as a police officer sending felons to jail and protecting our citizens. Later, I served as mayor of Knoxville and remained a strong advocate for law enforcement. I will bring experience, as well as professionalism, to the position.

Under the rule of Tim Hutchison, the Knox County Sheriff’s operations budget has soared from $24 million to $56 million in a mere 10-year period. Unfortunately, much of these expenditures reflect the wants of the Hutchison administration, not the needs of our community. When elected I will restore fiscal responsibility and will place a larger percentage of the budget towards well-deserved raises for deputies.

Over the past several years, Tim Hutchison has provided us with a steady diet of lawsuits, controversies and unending conflict. The sheriff was found guilty of criminal contempt of court, which cost the taxpayers more than $300,000 in legal fees and also a $300 fine. The sheriff refused to pay the fine because he didn’t agree with a chancellor’s ruling. That is a peculiar position for a man to take when he is sworn to uphold the law.

While thousands of volunteers sacrificed time and money for Hurricane Katrina relief, Tim Hutchison charged FEMA $10,000 in overtime pay for himself. Ironically, he used Knox County taxpayer dollars and expenses to travel to the site. It is this “all about me” attitude that needs to be removed from office.

I believe the Sheriff’s Office is a diamond in the rough. There are more than 1,000 dedicated employees who go to work each day and perform their duties with the hope that they will return safely to their families. This will be the foundation upon which we will build a stronger, better-managed and more professional Sheriff’s Office. Our community deserves no less.

I have been told that to challenge a well-financed incumbent seeking a fifth term is fraught with risk and is an uphill fight. I understand and willingly accept the challenge. Once again, our community deserves no less.

On Election Day, let’s deliver a strong message that Knox County needs a change in the Sheriff’s Office. Together, let’s end the arrogant conduct of Tim Hutchison.



Randy Tyree


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