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ē Whatís happening on Kingston Pike right beyond [Old] Stage Road on the right-hand side? All kinds of junk is left there, it looks like a dump. Itís west of Fox Den, itís on the right side of the road, and thereís lots of little junk just stirring around there.

ē This is in reference to the bear situation in the Smoky Mountains. I see a lot of the car tags that have the bear on them, and itís my understanding that the monies from these tags go to TWRA to help care for endangered wildlife. I think people that have these tags, and people that are concerned about the welfare of the bears, need to call TWRA, which is the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and voice their opinion. Iíd hate to see the money from these tags go to buy these bullets, or whatever they use to euthanize these bears. Rather, they should be putting up signs like one reader called in and suggested. Putting up signs [informing there is a] stiff penalty for disturbing the bears, going anywhere near them. Stay in your car with cameras, take pictures. Donít get out and antagonize the bears.

ē Iíd like to say that I agree one hundred percent with the person who wrote in about the bicycles on the road. I had never thought about that. If they are going to share the road with the cars, they should pay the same annual tax that the cars have to pay, and then they can get out there and ride any way they want. But if not, then they shouldnít be allowed on the road. So thatís a good idea this guy had: letís license the bicycles and have them registered at the county clerkís office just like we have to do our automobiles and pay a fee. And if they have the license tag on the back of bikes they can ride on the roads. Thatís an excellent idea.

ē†I want to ditto the comments made in presstalk, July 20, about the State Supreme Court releasing sex offenders, killers, child molesters, etc., putting them on probation. I want to ditto that comment and just say Iím personally absolutely fed up with the corrupt judicial system. And not just Tennessee, but all over this country. I wish I knew what to do about it. But I donít have any interest in voting in any election until this corrupt judicial system is cleaned up.

ē I agree with the person that said the bicyclists should be paying $60 for tax as the cars do, I agree with that totally. And Iíve almost had a head-on collision on Northshore [Drive] going around a bicyclist. And I will not hit someone head-on to avoid hitting a bicycle. So, if youíre passing by me youíll end up in the ditch.

ē Many people are interested in E. coli [bacteria] that was found in the creek near the library on Campbell Station Road. It looks like [Farragut town government] would inform the people whatís happened? After all, this is going directly into the water we have to drink and where people swim. Let us know something [town leaders].

Editorís Note: The town staff did retract that statement in the following issue of farragutpress. The levels are acceptable according to EPA standards.

ē Now that the desperately needed new high school is under construction, do we have the school zoning lines drawn? Will all of the residents of the town of Farragut be allowed to go to their hometown high school? Have they gotten over this academy school fad, and remember that the real reason the school is being built is to alleviate overcrowding? An academy school would only draw students from other areas of the county here, leaving our overcrowding problem just getting worse. Thatís asinine. We need to know how many kids this new school will take from Farragut, where the lines will be drawn and what assurances we have that those residents in the town of Farragut will remain zoned for Farragut High School.

ē OK, got some questions. No. I, if the price of the barrels of gas has been going down the past couple of weeks, why has the price of gasoline in Knoxville been going up? No. 2, of the incumbents who are running for re-election for more than their second or third or whatever term, they keep asking for our vote and saying they respect us and all this other garbage; why is it they sue and disrespect our votes when we voted in term limits? Thatís a little confusing

to me.


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