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AAA says it’s ‘back to school’ time, Deakins addresses Hardin Valley High downsizing, Reader wants ‘good trees’ replaced along McFee Road,

AAA says it’s ‘back to school’ time

It’s that time of year again for schools bells, backpacks, and yellow buses. Most importantly, it’s a time when children are on our roads and sidewalks, eager to get to school. This is an exciting time for both children and parents, and we can all help to assure them a safe start to the school year.

Drivers need to be extra cautious now that summer has come to an end. Thousands of children will be waiting at school bus stops or walking and biking to school, often at dawn when it can be particularly hard to see them. Statistics show that one-fifth of all children age 14 and under who die in motor vehicle crashes are pedestrians. Many of these fatalities are children who run across the street, not paying attention to oncoming vehicles.

Children are at a disadvantage because they are less visible to motorists. Children are also less capable than adults of judging where and when it’s safe to cross the street and less likely to fully understand the consequences of their potential misjudgments. Motorists need to keep this in mind and pay extra attention so that we can keep the children safe, not only in these first few critical weeks, but throughout the entire school year.

AAA Auto Club South will be carrying out its annual “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” educational campaign throughout the months of August and September and AAA School Safety Patrol members will be on full alert at schools for dangerous situations. We ask that all motorists be on full alert too. The best protection to avoid a fatal mistake is for drivers to slow down. Every mile per hour you reduce your speed allows for greater reaction time. This could be the difference between life and death for a child that unexpectedly darts across the street. And that child could be yours!

Whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end of the year, always remember, “School’s Open — Drive Carefully.”



Sojeila Orengo

Manager of Traffic Safety Programs

AAA Auto Club South

Deakins addresses Hardin Valley High downsizing

I would like to address a rumor that has been circulating about our new High School in Hardin Valley. Our county leadership has raised concerns over building the school for 2,000 students. I want to remind them and everyone else that the original plans supported 2,000 students. We are now being told that the plan is to support 1,300 students and the build-out will occur over several years.

This is not a solution to over-crowding or the practice of conservative fiscal management. Our schools are bursting at the seams. The people in Farragut as well as the entire 6th District understand the overcrowding issue. The growth in Knox County has been moving west for 30 some odd years and our leaders have chosen to ignore this growth.

We cannot compete in the local or global environment with this reactive philosophy to our children’s educational needs. I also want to point out that the new High School will not be on-line until the 2008-2009 school year. We also have a current need for a new Elementary School in this area and this need has yet to be addressed.

As your recall, I AM THE CANDIDATE WITH CHILDREN IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. I AM FOR PROACTIVE PLANNING AND CONSERVATIVE FISCAL MANAGEMENT. I truly feel that the leadership of our county has a major disconnect regarding our needs and I, like you, feel that a lot of talk regarding education occurs (especially during an Election year) but when the time for action occurs, the priorities and sound bites change.

I want to remind everyone that my opponent was asked to run for this position by the county leadership. Don’t you think it is time that you elect a School Board member from this area that will stand up and defend our needs? I started this campaign with the slogan “Together We Can Make A Difference” and I think it is time we did.

Please vote for Thomas A. Deakins for School Board this Thursday, August 3rd!


Thomas A. Deakins

Father of 4, 2 attending Farragut (District 6) schools

Reader wants ‘good trees’ replaced along McFee Road

I can understand why the contractors bulldoze over all the nice hardwood trees. But I don’t understand why those trees are not replaced for citizens to enjoy for years to come.

Instead some city planning people require small, puney, ugly maples that are never going to get big and provide shade, santuary for the the wildlife or our air quality.

This is going on all over the country. I think they are afraid they will have to hire pruning crews to take care of the big oak trees or maybe they are afraid the big trees will uproot the


So what, we have lived with all of the above and our quality of life is better with the big trees that will last a couple hundred years.

I say we need new thinking in our city planning departments. It does not take a college degree to get away from the strip mining approach to development.


Stephanie Ryan

Sweet Briar Subdivision



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