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• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

• Libelous comments will not be published.

• Malicious comments will not be published.

• Comments will remain anonymous.

• Recorded comments will be limited to 30 seconds.

• Names of individuals or businesses mentioned in the call will not be published (including public figures and officials).

• Comments mentioning names of public figures will be published as a “Letter to the Editor” and must be signed.

• The farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

• Because of space limitations, not every comment will be published. Also, portions of the 30-second message may be omitted, but the basic message of the call will remain intact.

• Vulgar language will not be printed.

That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.

• I’d like very much to have [farragutpress] alert the neighborhood to a scam artist. It’s a tree service. I fell for it and wrote him a check. … He took me, and I would like to keep him from scamming the rest of the area.

• As fond as I am of golden retrievers, I think last week’s lead article was totally out-of-bounds. The Marty for Mayor campaign claims to be educating children about the electoral process and encouraging people to vote. What it actually does is to promote a smirking disrespect for our system of government by mocking the electoral process and scoffing at the real issues facing the voter. In a year of war, mounting deficits and social issues such as gay marriage, the creator of Marty for Mayor, as he says, intends to “Throw a little fun into elections across the country.” One wonders what this individual does with his time, except for creating Marty for Mayor blogs that make fun of the serious matter of elections. In my opinion, for the farragutpress to run this frivolous story as its lead article on Election Day shows equal lack of judgment.

• This message is to all of you who ride bicycles and motorcycles on our streets. If you obey all of the rules of the road that cars must, you will have my respect. You have the right to ride where you wish. But, if you act as though you are above the law, why should you be treated with respect? I have seen motorcycles speed between rows of cars to get where they want to go faster. I recently had a bicycle not only pull in front of me at a stop sign, but I also saw one pedal straight through a red light. And even drivers and RVers are considerate enough to pull over if they see a long line of cars behind them. I apologize for all drivers, like the man in the white SUV from last week’s issue. But please, bikers, obey the law and be considerate if you want my respect.

• I concurr with the caller who commented about tailgating the motorcycle. What do these people who buy SUVs think? That they own the road? Unless the laws have changed, bicyclists and motorcyclists have as much right to the road as the SUV drivers and are protected by the law. It’s still illegal to “follow too close” — it’s a citable offense. So, why not just pass the two-wheelers, you’re breaking the law anyway. What’s another? Years ago we used to call you people “road hogs.” It still applies.

• … It seems like everywhere you go, that there’s are election signs put up in yards, street corners — it’s just a real eyesore. The most aggravating thing is, when you sit down to supper at night, you’ve got two or three recorded political messages that call you up. Every once in a while, you get an individual and you tell ’em you don’t want to be bothered. If somebody one there has any idea of a number that you can call to stop that, I’m sure nor only myself, but several other folks would enjoy the information. There’s nothing more irritating that to be called up and asked to vote for an official that you’ve probably already decided to vote against anyway. If you were on the border, chances are you’re not going to vote for them anyway when they call. So, that’s one of my biggest annoyances. If anybody’s got a number on contact where you can put a stop to it, please put it out — I think there’d be a lot of people interested.

• I would like to make a comment to the couple riding the motorcycle [on Grigsby Chapel] Road. It was in last week’s presstalk. They were tailgated by an SUV, I believe. There’s a real simple solution to that: Just move over and get out of the way and let whoever it is behind you go on around. I do that in my car just because if they want to go faster than me, that’s fine, I let ’em go. So I move over and get out of the way and let ’em go on. On a motorcycle it’s even easier ’cause you’re smaller, all you have to do is move over to the right-hand side of the road and let people go on. There’s no reason to irritate everybody and call the police and all that when there’s a real simple solution to the problem. Now, you might would rather they didn’t tailgate you, but if they want to go faster and you won’t get out of the way, then I guess you’re just going to have to put up with it.

Editor’s Note: Your solution constitutes passing in a single lane — a moving violation.

• I would like for the people of Farragut who live along any bike path or greenway to please remember that there is a Knox County leash law, and not to allow their dogs to come running out at bikers and walkers and runners. When you’re tired you really don’t want to have to deal with an animal coming at your ankles. You don’t know if it’s a friendly animal or not. So, please just be courteous to the people who use the greenways.

• I am calling to voice my comments about the lack of courtesy the Farragut Intermediate and Primary schools showed parents by not listing the school supplies listing, the teacher listing, during the tax-free weekend. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on clothing and other items that were needed. However, their poor planning did not enable us to know specific school supplies, therefore saving us a few dollars. … [They] should plan a little bit better because everyone had weeks and weeks of notice.

• I see, from reading the Knoxville News Sentinel, that [Knox] County Commission is probably not going to fund a full-sized high school for the west side of Knox County. The county mayor is talking about only funding a smaller facility now and then waiting to do the other later. This is how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in for the last 20 years with all the overcrowding. It’s because nobody looks ahead. Everybody in power does everything in rears, and waits for there to be a serious problem and then it takes years to do the expansion. If we wait, and only build a smaller school now, we’re going to regret it down the road. I don’t have any children in school, my children are grown, but I believe that we need to be building this high school, and we need to build a full-sized high school and we need to build it now. And if we have to raise our property taxes to do it, then that’s probably what we ought to do.


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