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R&T Coal Inc. shines in Farragut

If time turns coal into diamonds, then Farragut R&T Coal Company Inc. owner Gene Mowery outshines all the competition.

Located at 11852 Kingston Pike in Farragut, R&T Coal Inc. keeps a low profile and Mowery prefers it that way.

“Not everyone is a fan of the solid fuel industry,” he said.

Mowery serves as president of a company he started in Farragut in 1980 after serving for years in the coal brokerage business.

“We are strictly a sales company,” he said. “We represent various mining entities in Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee.”

Mowery and his wife, Ruth, have four other employees that help them maintain the business.

“We offer these companies the marketing of their product by allowing them to do what they do best, mine coal,” Mowery said.

With America being forced into difficult positions by the oil cartels, Mowery said the country would always have a need for solid fuel. That’s why he and his salesmen visit the various mining companies in surrounding states and offer them a market for their coal.

“We’ll go to a company, offer to find a buyer for their coal and then arrange the transportation of the coal from the seller to the buyer,” Mowery said. “We handle customers that buy one truck full of coal a week and those that use ten tons a month. One of the secrets of our success is that we pay as much attention to our customer that buys one truck a week as we do the customer that buys ten tons a month.”

Mowery declined to answer how much volume in sales he does annually, citing that coal brokerage is a competitive business and he didn’t want to give away any secrets to his competition.

He said he has been involved in the coal business since 1965, when he was hired by the Blue Diamond Coal Company.

“I handled their transportation needs,” he said. “I was a U-T graduate with a degree in the area of transportation.”

Mowery said his position with Blue Diamond was eventually combined with the distribution manager position. Through that experience, he learned all about where the customers are and the art of getting shipments to the customers.

“It has been a good industry for me and my family,” he said.


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