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ē Bicyclist response. There is a lot written in the press re: bicycles, there is also a lot written about how dangerous Virtue Rd. is. It seems the two do not mix well.

ē This silly Everett Road thing can just about be stopped if they simply put no left turn onto Kingston Pike from Everett Road. Great big sign, stripes, whatever it takes. Most of the traffic on Everett Road comes through from Campbell Station and turns through there. I followed about five cars the other day. Some of them want to turn left and some donít. But there are other ways to get to that area, like down Smith Road or through Fox Den.

ē Regarding the Everett Road-Kingston Pike intersection, my wife and I no longer enter Kingston Pike via Everett Road because of the extreme dangers the intersection presents. We use St. Andrews. Off Everett, turn through Fox Den, take the Fox Den entrance onto Kingston Pike. There you can safely see traffic coming in both directions, and you have center lanes. You can safely negotiate the entrance onto Kingston Pike. Farragut should take action to get the state to put a red light at this intersection, itís their responsibility to ensure the safety and the health and welfare of its residents are taken care of. Certainly, if they can put a stop sign in the middle of nowhere, on Smith Road for political purposes, surely they can get a red light for the dangerous intersection of Everett Road and Kingston Pike.

ē Whatís with the town of Farragut? On a day when our whole nation was pausing for remembrance of the atrocity afflicted to the United States on 9/11, they were replacing the flag banners with harvest banners. Couldnít it have waited one more day? It just shows you out how out-of-step and outdated the town of Farragut is in their thinking.

ē Iíd like to comment about [a West End Avenue building]. That building looks horrible. Itís so bright yellow now, and itís such an improvement. What happened to Farragut?

ē Contrary to the recent statement of a school official, we will not get over it if our neighborhood, within the town limits of Farragut, is rezoned for the new Hardin Valley High School. We did not buy a home within Farragut to have our children bused to the Hardin Valley, nor do we want to see the value of our homes impacted by being removed from the Farragut High School zoning and gerrymandered into the new zone for Hardin Valley High. Make your views known to your elected officials now: no neighborhood within the town of Farragut boundaries should be rezoned to the Hardin Valley High School zone.

ē This is in concern of Everett Road. I have a daughter and a granddaughter that lives in there, and she transports her to school there of the morning, and I think a red light is absolutely a necessity. I donít know who is responsible for it, whether it be the town of Farragut. But I think itís a badly-needed necessity.

ē This is in response to the question about rezoning for Hardin Valley High School. I would like to respond to a couple of people who put something in [the Sept 14 issue]. I think itís unreasonable to expect that everybody living with the town of Farragut will remain in the Farragut schools. Farragut is just growing too quickly ó it will not solve any problems to leave everybody in Farragut in the Farragut schools. Also, as a parent of a student that is at West Valley [Middle School], I do not expect and do not wish for my children to be rezoned. As much as you are part of the Farragut community, I am part of the Bearden community and do not want rezoned to Hardin Valley. There are other people out there besides the people that live in Farragut that are involved in this.

ē Iíd like to give you my opinion of the Everett Road situation. Ö I dislike it as a terrible intersection. I pull out there every day with my children to go to school, itís our easiest way to Kingston Pike, itís our easiest access. And I feel like we are taking our own life in our hands. Thereís no turn lane there. Occasionally youíll find somebody whoíll let you out but youíre afraid to go because you canít see around their car. So, in mornings on the way to school sometimes weíll sit there up to seven minutes before weíre able to pull out. I understand itís a congested time, but I do feel like a red light would be much benefit because itís very dangerous. I think it is just an accident really waiting to happen, and Iíve noticed there have been several bad ones there.

ē After reading the comments of many of your editorial contributors, I now understand the meaning of living on the wrong side of the tracks. My child was a West Valley Middle School student and lives closer to FHS than many of your pedestaled Farragut community-ites. So much for a community school and community pride. And as a proud parent and volunteer, I was enjoying FHS. Thanks for the belittling. But, as a proud citizen of our Volunteer State and our beloved country, Iíll weather the storm and stand tall even though Iím from the wrong side of the tracks ó Concord.


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