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Jones family offer thanks and Bicyclist response

Jones family offer thanks

Our beloved father, Fred W. Jones, died Sept. 18.

We would like for the entire town to know how much they all meant to our dad.

He was so very proud to have been a resident of Farragut and to have been involved in the


We would like to say “thank you” to Mayor [W. Edward] “Eddy” Ford for his kind words about daddy, to Bob Hill and Bob Leonard for loving daddy.

Thank you to Steve Peek and the farragutpress for the wonderful tribute to our beloved father.

Lastly, thank you to our father’s special friend, Jeanne Draughn, for loving daddy so completely and taking such wonderful care of him.

God bless,

Mark, Dee Dee,

Rich and Susan

Bicyclist response

To Mr. Travis Gose, who wrote in response to a previous letter to the editor, on Sept. seem to be somewhat incensed at another letter writer who was critical of the less-than-ideal situation that bicyclists face on Farragut roads, especially when compared with places like France.

Besides doing a little obligatory French-bashing, you seem taken back at the idea that perhaps bicylists should recieve preferential treatment on roads, as you say, and I quote: “ ... cyclists that are on public roads should watch out for themselves and the automobiles (what our roads were built for) that accompany them. Cyclists have a right to be on our public roads, but they don’t have a ‘right’ to clog them up.” I would strongly disagree with you, since an increasing number of communities in the United States and around the world are starting to realize the many benifits of giving more opportunities to bicylists and pedestrians than cars. They include:

1) Everybody knows how hugely damaging to the air quality and the general atmosphere automobiles of all kinds are- they are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, if not the biggest. Bicyles emit nothing damaging.

2) Do you know how many people die in car crashes every year? I bet it’s 1000s% of percent more than those who die in bicyle crashes. Driving a car is still probably the most dangerous form of transportation.

3) The end of the age of oil is coming; petroleum prices are only going to get higher and higher in the long run. This is called Peak Oil, and its really happenning this time. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource, and instead of continuing to depend on something as precarious as that, it is a much wiser idea for all of us to start looking at alternative forms of tranportation, such as bicyles. Peak Oil is not an If, its a When.

4) You seem to think that bicylists are mainly spoiled Lance Armstrong-wannabes doing it for sport, and though I do know some people ride bikes for that reason, I think the fact that we’ve seen an exponential rise in bicylists in Knox County in recent does have a lot more to do with rising oil prices, people worrying about affording that expensive gas, and greater awareness about the potential catastrophe that is harmful climate change, largely caused, in the U.S., by automobiles.

5) The truth is, it IS healthier to walk or bike somewhere instead of driving. Americans spend more time in their cars than any other country, and look at our soaring rates of obesity, heart disease, clogged arteries, and so on. We WOULD be healthier as a country, if we started biking a lot more.

You may scoff at places like San Fransisco, Portland, Oregon, Amsterdam, and dare I say, France, that have been way more bike and walker friendly for years than we are now, but when gas is $20 a gallon, and people in France are able to get to work and you’re stuck at home with your precious car centered culture in shambles, it won’t be the car-lovers in the world having the last laugh.

Geoffrey Trowbridge



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