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ē† Itís been several weeks now since the election, and [one candidate] still has these huge signs up, primarily on the right-of-ways here in Knox County. And Iíve noticed that at several of the convenience stores ó Iím not sure what his ties are with the convenience store people, the owners, but those signs need to come down. Leaving them up ítil November is way beyond the scope of appropriateness. They need to come down and put them back up if need be. For now, get rid of íem. We shouldnít have to look at íem. Theyíre hoping for subconscious [reaction], the voters to come out and vote that name just because they see it so much. Thatís ridiculous. Iíve seen it so much Iím going to vote for his opponent.

ē Itís a shame that a community like Farragut does not have public community pools. Why was Concord pool shut down? I hear there was a tragedy regarding an ill-fated karate [school] outing Ö and possible problems with the lifeguards. Is this true? And what was the resolution of the liability?

ē Nine-eleven reminds me of the real war on terror. Ö The war in Iraq is just a misguided, wrong response.

ē This is not a big deal, but Ö in the Sept. 14 edition, you showed a picture of a man holding what you called a rare spoonbilled catfish he caught out of Ft. Loudoun Lake. Itís not a catfish at all ó itís certainly not a rare spoonbilled catfish. Itís a paddlefish.

ē Iím calling regarding the zoning for the new Hardin Valley High School. I think if Farragut High School in particular would take the time to confirm that the attendees are there because they live within the correct school zone, that they would be surprised [about the number of] the kids that attend the schools here in Farragut that live out of the Farragut district. I realize it would take time and effort on the part of the high school to confirm this, but I think the number of kids who attend Farragut High School that are here from other districts would surprise everyone.

ē Iím calling in regard to the presstalk where someone called in [Sept. 14] concerning zoning for the new high school, and how all of Farragut should be zoned for Farragut High School, and all the children should be zoned from West Valley and A.L. Lotts to Hardin Valley. The facts are that itís less costly to send those closest to Hardin Valley to Hardin Valley ó if that means Village Green and part of Farragut goes to Hardin Valley, then that needs to be the decision. If in fact the intent of the board is to send all of the students from West Valley to the new high school, then the new high school should have been built closer to West Valley instead of Hardin Valley. The School Board doesnít need to waste our tax dollars sending students from West Valley to Hardin Valley and busing them and providing the transportation on an Interstate highway where the traffic runs 75 and 80 mph.

ē As Sugarwood resident, I would like to express my strong opinion that we should never have a full access of Weigelís project across the Sugarwood entrance.

ē (Via e-mail) I would like to comment on bicyclists on the back roads of Farragut. Recently at 7:15 a.m. on a Wednesday, I was the seventh car in line behind two bicyclists on Virtue Road. I was taking my child to school, and I am sure others were doing the same or in route to work. How bicyclists can inconvenience, frustrate, endanger and generally be so selfish and inconsiderate of so many others puzzles me. Furthermore, I find their repeated justifications of riding on these back roads thoughtless. And to argue the health benefits of cycling totally misses the point. PLEASE to those bicyclists who ride on Farragutís heavily-traveled back streets, go to one of the areaís numerous larger streets or highways with a wide margin to do your riding and give those of us who routinely travel Farragutís narrow back roads a break.

ē I went to the dump recycling area for Knox County near the Farragut area at 2:30, it was supposed to be open ítil 3, and they had to close it because it was full. Everything was full. This has happened before. Why canít we have a big, nice recycling dump place for Farragut and the surrounding Knox County?

ē I am very supportive of those residents of Farragut who are attempting to save the trees along the walkway in the midst of their subdivision. Itís outrageous that the Lenoir City Utilities Board can get away with explaining to the public the reason for cutting these trees is to save money. Actually, maintenance is part of their budget. Whatís the problem with just trimming the trees? Theyíve been doing that for years. Why all of a sudden do they feel like theyíve got to cut down all these trees? Itís just wrong. Ö Is there not some way the town of Farragut can make the former owners of [a West End Avenue business] repaint that building. That is a hideous shade of yellow and a real eyesore. Ö Why is the [Farragut town government] putting a paved walkway right in the middle of a waterway buffer? Iím referencing the property next to the old Kmart building. It seems to me if youíre going to have an aquatic buffer, you should have it free of any structures. Why the sudden change? It makes no sense at all.

ē My husband and I just got back from being out of town for a week, and I was surprised to see that South Carolina is anywhere from 15 cents to 30 cents a gallon less expensive on gas than we are here in Knoxville. I donít see any reason why we should be paying more than the residents of South Carolina. I mean, I can see a few cents difference because of sales tax or whatever, but 15 to 30 cents on the Interstate ó and Iím talking about national chains, the same exact ones we have here. Weíve got some serious price gouging going on in Knoxville, and I wish there was one of our elected officials, some of our elected officials, who cared enough to do something about it.

ē Hey there, Iíve got a question. Iím hoping you might be able to give me some information on this: I have seen people using the old 37922 Zip Code and the new 37934 Zip Code somewhat interchangeably, and that confuses me a little bit. Iím wondering if you could outline the differences between 37922 and 37934?


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