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Reader rebuttal, Neseman assessment

Reader rebuttal

I must apologize if you or any other reader misunderstood my letter that appeared in the Sept. 14 edition of the farragutpress. It certainly was not an attack against our community or East Tennessee. The purpose of my letter was to address narrow-minded comments and attitudes concerning bicyclists and respond to specific comments which appeared in an earlier article. It is precisely these intolerant attitudes towards bicyclists that I find so at odds with the graciousness that is often used to characterize our community and State.

You imply that I have exaggerated the number of incidents where drivers shout obscenities, throw objects or intentionally run bicyclists off the road. Well Travis, Iíve logged more than 20,000 cycling miles on our roads in the last five years, and there are many individuals that I ride with that have accumulated more miles than me. I suspect my collective reference point and yours are miles apart (pun intended). In fairness though, I donít imagine that you encounter a lot of incidents while riding your bicycle in your neighborhood.

I was glad to see that you understand the rules of the road, but yet you seem reluctant to embrace them and share the road. Cyclists do, in fact, have a right to be on public roads, as you point out. Unfortunately, I think I understand your perspective loud and clear. Sharing the road is probably OK. with you, as long as itís not your road while your car is on it. You must be an avid cyclist, Travis.

I canít help but laugh at your reference to multiple cyclists on Smith road slowing ďtraffic to a mere standstill, so they can feel like Lance Armstrong or some other spandex clad hero.Ē Really Travis, how long were you delayed by these terrible encounters with cyclists? Was it 10, 20 or even 30 seconds? Were you driving an ambulance at the time, and they didnít get out of the way? Or were you delivering an organ for a transplant? Are we that full of our own self-importance that we canít show a little more patience and common courtesy? Would you react the same way Travis, if you encountered an Amish buggy ďcloggingĒ the road?

In my previous article I suggested that we should be encouraging all forms of exercise, including cycling, considering the obesity problem in our country and our community. Despite your efforts to distort my comments regarding this particular point, the fact remains that we do have an obesity problem. I heard a report recently that over 50 million Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes in the next few years. Encouraging exercise and healthy lifestyles, such as cycling, is simply a common sense alternative.

We have some of the finest roads and scenery imaginable for cycling in our area. This is an asset to our area and cycling on these roads should be promoted, not restricted by a few close-minded, inflexible people.

By the way Travis, in what century did you travel to France?

Tom Gilmore


Neseman assessment

Nesemanís cartoon of a death head sign at Kingston Pike and Everett Road was gruesome but truthful. Letís hope itís not a predictor of things to come.

Because of numerous accidents at this location, police, fire, ambulance crews are also endangered. As they work to extricate victims, traffic from Watt Road eastbound, are unaware of what awaits them around the curve just ahead of Everett Road. By the time these speeding motorists see what is going on, they are about 35 yards from the first responders with little time to slow or stop.

Large yellow caution signs and flashing yellow lights ahead of the curve are a near term low cost solution, and may save a life of a first respondent Ö Please publicize this, you may help prevent a secondary accident. Police should be instructed to park their vehicles with flashing mars lights well ahead of the blind curve, say in front of the Weigelís until more permanent solutions can be installed.


Harry Hogan



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