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• The school system and the county system, Farragut is a small part of a large system serving all of the county. The Board [of Education] needs to make zoning decisions based on the best interest of all the students, not just the ones that think they are special because they live in Farragut. Cost-effective zoning that allows the safest way to alleviate crowding is what should matter. I do support allowing juniors and seniors to finish at their current schools for obvious reasons. So Farragut, get over yourselves. As Spock once said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” even if those few are from Farragut.

• I agree with those homeowners in Holly [Oaks] about cutting of tress on their walkway. That’s ridiculous, what LCUB is proposing. They have a maintenance budget, there’s no problem with trimming trees. They can do that and satisfy everyone. There is no reason to get out there and clear-cut all those trees. It’s strictly dollars and cents, and I urge other customers of LCUB to contact them and complain about this policy.

• We do not live on the path where LCUB is talking about cutting all of the trees — sort of a scorched earth approach. However, we do walk on the greenway and it’s hard to picture it if LCUB destroys the beauty of it if by removing all of the trees. The [Sept. 28 issue] headline of the farragutpress says it all: “LCUB to ‘work with residents.’” What LCUB doesn’t seem to understand is that they work for (capital F-O-R) the residents. LCUB is a public utility, as such they exist at the pleasure of the public. The employees and management need to realize this fact. We have heard a number of comments from people who say LCUB employees have said something along the lines of, “We have a right to remove the trees and we’ll do it if we want to.” Are LCUB employees going to do the tree cutting? If so, I would rather see the employees work on keeping the electricity working — off four times a couple of weeks ago. If LCUB employees are not going to be doing the cutting, we should take a look at whose cousin is going to be hired to do it. Here are two thoughts for the families directly affected: First, bring a lawsuit. With appeals this could stop the cutting for several years. And second, and probably best, would be for Farragut and Knox County to dump LCUB and move to KUB.

• This call regards the Concord Pool incident [drowning in 2002]. … The larger issue is finding out the history of the program your child may attend. Don’t be afraid to ask about safety concerns. Have their been serious injuries, even death? If camps are conducted make absolutely sure there’s an appropriate student-teacher ratio. Finally, some programs will make grandiose claims such as making your child an A student at school, being the most popular child in class — in short promising your child the moon. Check the school owner’s own academic and behavioral record. Talk is cheap, but your children’s lives are not.

• This is an appeal to drivers on Northshore Drive. Twice in the past three weeks I have been placed in harm’s way by motorists traveling east on Northshore passing on a blind curve west of Concord Park. The first was a woman driving an SUV in the early morning with a load of kids who passed me (across the double yellow line) because I wasn’t driving fast enough for her. She met oncoming traffic and had to cut me off to get back in the proper lane, then sped on down the road. Sunday, I was traveling west and upon entering the curve met a truck pulling a trailer in my lane passing a bicyclist. I had to lock my truck down to avoid a head-on collision and I was going the speed limit. Will you people wake up and realize that you’re not the only one on the road.

• I’m a homeowner in Windom Hall off of Grigsby Chapel Road. We’ve been trying to get a stoplight on Grigsby Chapel Road, somewhere along that intersection, because of the heavy traffic. They’ve been doing monitoring and trying to figure out where to put a traffic light on Grigsby Chapel for the last two years, and haven’t been able to decide. I’m down Turkey Creek right now and realized they just put a second traffic light up [recently]. It didn’t take very long. Obviously, money talks. I guess they’re going to have to have a major accident on Grigsby Chapel on the other side of Campbell Station before we can actually get a traffic light.

• I would like to ask people to please slow down that are driving through the streets of all neighborhoods — but especially those in Village Green, that live in Village Green or those that are using it as a shortcut and cutting through the streets of Village Green — to please slow down on school mornings. I know everyone is in a hurry, trying to get their kids to school or to get their kids to work. But we have families that walk children to Farragut Primary School. We have children that are standing waiting for the buses to come pick them up, and I am seeing not only teenage drivers but I am also seeing grown adults, every day, flying down the streets of Village Green and going around curves where our children are standing waiting for the bus to pick them up. Will the residents please slow down and please be considerate of people that are walking.

• I just wanted to comment: zoning refers to real estate regulations, not schools, and defines densities and types of construction — residential, apartment, commercial. Also, public schools in Knox County are Knox County Schools, they’re not Bearden or Farragut or others. Districts are school borders, lines of elected board members and sometimes define the attendance areas of schools. We can’t be sure what is meant unless the correct term is used.

• I noticed [a restaurant] in Farragut has closed. Another building empty in Farragut. It’s depressing to drive down Kingston Pike and see all the empty spaces. I think the townspeople need to get together and do something to change the town ordinances so we can get some businesses into Farragut that will stay.

• This is in reference to the caller in the Sept. 28 issue about the expensive gas prices in Knoxville. I live one mile off of Campbell Station Road, and pass by [convenience stores] every day. I stress the words pass by, because it has been over a year-and-a-half since I have bought gas in this area. I drive exactly 15 miles west on Interstate 40 to Roane County … where gas is always at least 10 cents cheaper, and sometimes 15 cents cheaper. … If you are not happy with the gas prices here in Knoxville, do not do business with these people. It’s as easy as that.

• My Zip Code is 37922; Farragut High School is 37922, therefore my kids will attend Farragut High School regardless of what the school board or anyone else says.


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