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School zoning issue, FIS says thanks

School zoning issue

I attended the School Board public forum tonight at Farragut High School regarding rezoning for the new high school and the following is a transcript of my comments.

My name is John Williams and with my wife, Lynda and family, we moved to Farragut eight years ago for much the same reason as most everyone present tonight. We recognized the Knox county School District as perhaps the best urban system in the state with particular excellence in Farragut. We are parents of four children with one in each of the Farragut schools, so I have a present and long-term interest in the outcome of this pending decision. In that regard, my wife particularly, and my self included, spent most of the weekend canvassing door-to-door in our neighborhood surveying interest in the potential impact on the town of Farragut of the outcome of your pending decision. I can state without exception, that every resident available, regardless of their activity of that beautiful weekend, took the time to discuss the matter with me. I spoke to retirees with no obvious interest in the schools; to “empty nesters” whose children had already completed education in the Farragut schools; to parents of students attending private schools in the area; to parents of students of Farragut High School; to people who recently located to the community; to a mother pregnant with her first child; and even to students of the Knox county School District. Unanimously, they all appreciated that the Farragut schools are the “bedrock” of the sense of community within the town of Farragut. Regardless of their individual perspectives, all stated unambiguously that they moved to Farragut either because of the schools themselves, or due to the value provided to the community by the excellence of the schools. None wanted to see Farragut residents rezoned to another school and all were concerned that such action would erode the foundation of a community that thrives on the parental involvement in the schools, the activities surrounding the schools, and all that the schools return to the community.

To rezone residents of the town of Farragut would irreparably and irrevocably damage the sense of community and identity that links the school in an umbilical manner to the town of Farragut. I feel I can now state as a representative voice of the community that to bisect or dissect the town by rezoning residents to the new high school is tantamount to bisecting or dissecting the community and identity that we all share. You have the opportunity with this decision to set a precedent that the School Board will not presently, or ever, divide the residents of an incorporated municipality within Knox County as long as a school exists within that municipality. I ask that you carefully consider these comments, their origin, and the greater than 150 supportive signatures of my neighbors in Fox Run that my wife presents tonight, and make the proper decision to preserve our schools and the community that revolves around them. I thank you for your attention.

John B. Williams


FIS says thanks

On behalf of the Farragut Intermediate School fifth-grade D.A.R.E. Committee, we would like to express our appreciation for the support we received in putting on the “D.A.R.E. to Rock the World” celebration on May 12, 2006.

This party was the culmination of many weeks of drug resistance education taught by Officer White. He did a fabulous job working with our fifth graders, helping them learn the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Gold Sponsors (businesses that donated $500 or more) include Target, Ft. Sanders Health and Fitness Center, Logo Pros and Papa John’s; other business that donated money or food to the celebration, Dr. Christopher O’Rourke, Dr. Diddle, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

Thank you to all of the volunteers [who] helped to organize and chaperone the event.

Lisa Dockery

Kelly Crone



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