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• Whoever is over the trash and filth that is running into Ft. Loudoun Lake at the bridge on Turkey Creek Road near TDS Telephone office should look into this. The trash, we believe, was caused by all the extra runoffs and large drainage pipes installed by the state or Farragut at the extension of the new Campbell Station Road. We believe this will continue to pollute the lake and stop the drainage pipes. We feel, from all the talk, Farragut has done a poor job looking over this. After three weeks the trash is still there, and especially on the right side of the lake near those nice boat docks near Red Mill Lane. Most of this trash is settling under these docks.

• I’m calling about the building on West End [former restaurant]. When it was under that business ownership it was a very tastefully done restaurant, color scheme; and now it literally hurts my eyes when I drive past it. I don’t know what the plans are for the new business that will be there, unless it is to be filming “Sesame Street” and it is the home of “Big Bird” because the color is so horrible. I am hopeful that the town of Farragut will intervene, as they did with [another local business], and have them choose something that is a bit more tasteful.

• I think it is pretty pathetic that we cannot come up with a reasonable solution for Concord Road and Northshore Drive intersection. I’m currently watching people making U-turns on a blind hill because they are having to sit here and wait because traffic is backed up all the way to Turkey Creek. I think the county needs to get in here and do something; the city of Farragut needs to push the state — if there has to be a red light, put up a red light. If not it would be better off just to close Concord Road off as well.

• If all the rezoning for Hardin Valley High School goes as presented, will the School Board district lines be redrawn? ...

• This is an open warning to all pet owners who leave their animals in their vehicles: I will call the police, even on a fall day in the afternoon. It gets to be very warm. It’s ridiculous keeping your animals in the vehicle.


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