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• [Alleged news bias when covering deaths such as the celebrated Natalie Holloway case] … “Is it because she is fat, ugly, old, bad hair and no teeth? Or maybe she’s young and pretty and takes a nice picture, which the media can show ad nauseam. … Now we’re selling some advertising. … Natalie Holloway proved Americans just can’t sleep with an unsolved case involving pretty young blonds. Perhaps the media could have also covered the passing of some other fine Knoxvillians …, like the army veteran and football coach with a World War II Bronze Star winner. Or the former pastor, or the former UT valedictorian, or the local church organ player. Though they weren’t runway material, and there wasn’t a candlelight ceremony …, I think Knoxville is going to miss them as much or more.

• I’m presuming [a recent gala for a juvenile] that was splashed on the first page [of a recent Knox County publication issue] and featured fully on three pages will not be featured in [farragutpress]. Many were intrigued and fascinated by the uniqueness and expense of the party. I was disgusted. It was blown up to be like the 15-year-old accomplished something few in the world have achieved. There are a million other 15-year-olds. Today’s priorities are a far cry from global concern for the one half of the world’s population that only has one pair of shoes, that’s a documented fact.

• [Recently] I read about a bizarre sweet-15 party that took place in Farragut. This party, which featured lavish entertainment including male strippers offering lap dances, seems totally inappropriate for 14- and 15-year-old girls. This kind of party sets an awful example of lude, wasteful and tasteless behavior. One can’t expect 14- or 15-year-olds to know what is appropriate behavior, but parents should know — and they should be held accountable for their actions. Parents who sponsor this kind of sweet-15 party are the ones who are truly clueless.

• I’m calling about the recent news at the first of the school year about how the schools weren’t going to allow junk food and high-calorie food in the schools, in the elementary and middle schools. But as I drive by Farragut Primary School on Campbell Station Road, they take a [soft drink] sign and drape it over the Farragut Primary School sign, so I guess they can encourage high-calorie drinks on their signs and on their buildings but they have a double standard inside the building. But they advertise it and drape it over the Farragut Primary School sign on Campbell Station Road. It’s just a double-standard and the school board, school administration ought to look into that.

• I was wondering what it was going to take to have a traffic light put at Concord Road and Northshore? And also, can something be done about the pitiful patch job they have done on Virtue Road? It is ridiculous.

• Enough is enough. Bicyclists and drivers, they’ll always be a conflict with some drivers. As I drive I have no problem with bicycles. I do not bicycle, but I do walk. And I have a different bicycle problem. More than once I’ve had a close call with cyclists in the Greenway walking path along Turkey Creek Road.

• Although they say they are not in the education business, Farragut town leaders have certainly been in the development business for years. They keep approving the construction of more new subdivisions, drawing new homebuyers to Farragut with the promise that their children will attend Farragut schools. We should have had a building cap long ago as some other states do, preventing overbuilding in a community where schools are already at maximum capacity. We have done a disservice to our children by greedily overbuilding in Farragut.

• [At any event featuring alcoholic beverages] … Just who is the designated driver? As one who was hit by a drunk driver and lived to tell about it, I encourage local businesses to do their part to ensure our roads are safe for everyone.

• My call is in response to [Farragut town leaders whose] ascertation is that the town is not in the education business because that’s a county responsibility. My concern is the town seems to be in the business of continuing to put up houses without considering where those children will be going to school. So it seems like the town should be in the education business as well, but they are not considering that when they allow builders to continue to build without having any type of fee to help build new schools.

• I’m calling on the rezoning issue, and I would just like to point out to all the residents of Farragut that Farragut schools reside in the Knox County School[s] system. Farragut does not pay for these schools or operate these schools. All taxpayers of Knoxville pay for all the schools in Knox County, therefore the county should have the ability to place the students where it is the safest and easiest for those students to attend. If that means some Farragut students will have to be rezoned, then so be it. There are people all over West Knoxville who bought their homes to go to Bearden or to Farragut and they are looking to be rezoned. It’s not just Farragut residents who have a community sense, all residents in West Knoxville have a community sense. And you are being very selfish in not recognizing this among all the communities in West Knoxville.

• [Referring to Farragut] … just because you live in a town with a name doesn’t mean that there are not other communities in this area. My neighborhood is a community in itself, and I don’t want us to be split up. We too, even though I lie outside the Farragut city limits, bought my home for the school district that I am going to, which is Farragut. It has the name Farragut, but it is run by Knox County School[s], it is not run by Farragut. Farragut does not own the school district, it is run by the county, and there are many, many people outside the Farragut limits who go to Farragut High School, middle school etc. I think that Farragut needs to be a little bit more open-minded, you are the closest people to the new high school. If we change its name to “Farragut,” would you change your opinion? It’s all about prestige to you, and you need to get over it. It should be what is best for all the children, not just a few.


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