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Reckless drivers, Vote No on Amendment No. 1, reader says, Williams responds

Reckless drivers

It happened again this morning ... twice in a month.

I dropped off my child in front of [Farragut Primary School] and headed to work. I was making a left turn onto Campbell Station Road. As I was switching my turning signals from left to right and easing from the middle turning lane into a northbound traffic, a woman in a white van — FPS parent I assume — who was behind me and making the same left turn passed me on my right side and cut me off, turning left, right in front of my vehicle.

It is a miracle we did not collide. Identical scenario happened not long ago with a woman in a white Toyota Camry.

That time was even more dangerous since she also cut off another vehicle already in the northbound lane. And trust me, I am not a slow hesitant driver by no means. I try to do my merging quickly and efficiently, respecting other drivers around me. It is bad enough that many drivers do not slow down in the school zone when the lights are flashing. Now you add to that FPS parents who not only violate traffic rules but also lack common sense and endanger the rest of us, including our children. In my line of duty I see a lot of destruction and I deal with death almost every day. It is almost invariably human factor that leads to death and devastation in traffic accidents-avoidable mistakes and lack of common sense. Both of these ladies gained about half a second each. Next time they will not be that lucky. Unfortunately, they are also going to hurt someone else. I hope it will not be one of our children. Please, FPS parents and Farragut drivers: Learn how to drive, slow down, and pay attention. If nothing else for the sake of our children. Life is too precious!

Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan,

M.D., Ph.D.

FPS Parent

Vote No on Amendment No. 1, reader says

I am a 58-year-old, heterosexual male who has been married to the same woman for 29 years. We have two adult, heterosexual children.

Over the years, I have had several good friends who are in committed, loving relationships, but who cannot get “married” because they are homosexuals.

The fact of these persons’ commitments to one another has certainly never affected my marriage in any negative way. On the contrary, the very fact that they love each other and are good people enriches my life. But the fact that they cannot legally marry or otherwise have a publicly sanctioned union has been very hard on them.

Without complex contractual relations and powers of attorney, they cannot tend to one another when one gets hospitalized or speak for one another on financial matters or in other situations that married heterosexuals take for granted. They also cannot take advantage of the many tax breaks and special benefits provided by state and federal governments to married heterosexuals. This strikes me as patently unfair and totally unnecessary.

Thus, I am opposed to the proposed Tennessee Constitutional Amendment No. 1 that would forbid the recognition of any marriage between homosexuals. I think it is a step backwards to enshrine into the constitution a blatant discrimination that serves no good purpose or reason. It is also just plain meanness, championed largely by people who claim to be Christians, but who keep forgetting that a principle teaching of Jesus of Nazareth was to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:39.

Much has been written to demonize the so-called “homosexual lifestyle.” I have no doubt that there is debauchery and hedonism among many homosexuals, but the same is just as true of young heterosexuals, who are notorious for wild parties, sexual experimentation, and multiple partners. However, we do not deny them the right to marry once they come to their senses.

Any heterosexual man and woman can get married regardless of how awful they choose to behave, and the news is full of stories of married couples doing horrible things to each other and to the public. Also, about half of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce. So why do we let anybody get married so long as they have contrasting sex organs, but refuse to let people marry who want to establish loving, committed relationships, but have similar sex organs?

It seems to me to be in the public interest to encourage homosexuals to take a committed partner, recognized in law, instead of being forced to maintain illicit relationships. To that end, the official policy of the government should encourage homosexuals to marry instead of forbidding it.

Therefore, I encourage voters to reject prejudice and paranoia this Nov. and vote No! on Amendment 1.

Gerald A. Thornton


Williams responds

The letter of Ms. Cathy Moore was completely anticipated and I congratulate her family on their legacy and dedication to the Farragut schools since they represent exactly the manner of support that should one day pervade the entire Knox County School System.

Overall, her letter is representative of the dilemma created by the Knox County School Board in choosing the location of the new high school in West Knox County.

Current zoning created a larger Farragut High School “community” of which residents of the town of Farragut are only a subset.

And therein resides the problem. All have legitimate arguments for their continuing to attend Farragut High School, and determining the priorities to settle those claims is now the role of the Knox County School Board.

She correctly points out that when chartered to control area development, the town of Farragut opted not to specifically provide for municipal services, including a school system.

Nonetheless, my primary argument was that, independent of funding, identity with the Farragut schools is central to the sense of community within the township.

Ironically, rather than the residents or the municipal government, it is possible that the Knox County School Board may more greatly impact the nature of a future Farragut.

John B. Williams



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