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• I would like to ask why there is a dress code for students in the Knox County School[s] but there is not for their teachers. My son is a student in Farragut schools … his teacher often wears her gym clothes to school. Her [top] shows more cleavage than many swimsuit ads show. Teachers often show up for work in shorts, frayed blue jeans and shower shoes. Young interns wear clothing where their abdomens are exposed when they raise their arms. Dress-down Fridays are permitted in many companies, but it seems to be the daily norm in our schools. Teachers do not have to wear suits and heels any longer, but they need to dress more responsibly and professionally. Parents are often reminded of the school’s dress code for students, but they fail to practice what they preach when it comes to themselves.

• I would like to inquire about your coverage of football, specifically Farragut freshman football. Have you ever sent a reporter to any of their games? Were you aware that [recently] the Farragut freshman football team beat an undefeated team to get to the championship? That team is their rival, Oak Ridge. They’ve had a wonderful season. Unfortun-ately, you’ve provided no coverage in the farragutpress.

• Can someone do something about the so-called “patch job” they’ve done on Virtue Road? I’ve gone on roller coasters with less thrills and spills.

• People need to read the lane-change signs at Campbell Station and Kingston Pike. No wonder there’s so many wrecks there because people don’t understand how to read and translate that. Some are no longer turn lanes and some are go-straight lanes. People need to read.

• When someone tries to pressure you into voting a specific way by threatening your job, your home, your life, your family, your soul or your spirituality, that is considered election-tampering, that is criminal, it is illegal, and it is a felony. We have a lot of churches and ministers in our area right now who instead of getting on their pulpit and saying “This is how I feel” and “This is how I’m voting and this is why,” they are telling their congregation they have to vote a certain way or their mortal souls are in peril, or something along those lines. I’d like to know if the election commission is going to do anything about that just because these people and these churches are committing crimes.

• Have you gotten any of those annoying, recorded phone calls asking to vote for a particular person in this year’s election for senate? Well, I have, and I will not vote for the … candidate who leaves these obnoxious messages.

• Does a child have to be killed before something is done? Now that I have your attention, I want to bring up a problem that is plaguing Knoxville: Speeders and reckless drivers and the lack of law enforcement. We’ve seen two dogs hit by cars, one young girl almost struck and a near head-on collision because somebody was driving on the wrong side of the road around a blind curve. Though the speed limit is set at 25, which actually is much too fast for a residential neighborhood, hardly anyone goes this speed. Police were called about one or two of these incidents, but nothing has come of it. The same people are speeding and showing no respect for the neighbors. I do not feel safe walking anymore. Something needs to be done. If anyone else feels the same way, I ask you to write to the police department or anyone else you can. For now, though, if you live in or travel through Poplar Place, for the sake of everyone, please slow down before

someone is killed by your



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