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• Sept. 29: Police arrested a driver heading westbound on Kingston Pike who had been paced and reached a speed of 52 mph in a 45-mph zone. Upon stopping the driver, the officer found him and a passenger to both be in possession of handguns without carry permits. Both arrestees had one handgun apiece on their person and both guns were fully loaded with a round in the chamber.

• Sept. 30: Police were called to a West Kingsgate address where the complainant and the suspect were into a verbal argument over money. The complainant and the suspect have been in a relationship for nine months. The complainant hid the suspect’s keys so he couldn’t leave. Once the suspect found his keys, he left the residence. The complainant was advised of the process to obtain an order of


• Oct. 1: A Providence Glen Lane woman reported to police that on Oct. 1 she noticed her license plate missing. The victim went to a store and purchased some merchandise and placed it in the trunk of her vehicle and she did not notice the plate missing at the time. The victim went to Laser Quest but did not look at the rear of her vehicle. When the victim arrived at her residence and obtained her merchandise from the trunk of her vehicle, she noticed the plate missing. The victim believes the plate was taken while she was at Laser Quest but isn’t sure.

• Oct. 1: Police responded to a domestic call at an Autumn Leaves Lane residence. Upon arrival, the victim stated she and the suspect were in a verbal argument that became physical. Officers were unable to determine the aggressor and both parties were advised of their rights. The victim and her juvenile daughter were transported to a safe location.

• Oct. 2: Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies made a routine traffic stop for speeding on Campbell Station Road at about 10 p.m. Police reported the suspect had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage upon her breath and person. The suspect’s was observed to have red, watery eyes and her speech was slurred. The officer noted the suspect was unable to complete a field sobriety test due to recent surgery on her left leg and refused to submit to the chemical test to determine the alcohol and/or drug content of her blood. The woman, a Lake Crest Way resident, was arrested and charged with DUI.

• Oct. 2: A worker at the Walgreen’s drug store at Smith Road and Kingston Pike reported to police that a woman approached the counter to pay for her merchandise and walked around behind the counter asking for two cartons of Newport cigarettes. The complainant said the suspect then took the cartons and walked out the front door. The complainant stated that she followed the woman and saw her leave in a white Cadillac. The incident was recorded on tape.

• Oct. 3: A Lanesborough Way man reported to police that his vehicle had been burglarized during the night. The victim stated he was unsure as to how the culprit had gained entry to the vehicle because the doors were locked.

• Oct. 3: Police were dispatched to the Dollar General Store in Farragut following a report that the business had been robbed. The complainant stated that a white male entered the store after having sat in the suspect’s vehicle in the parking lot for 30 or more minutes. The complainant said the suspect approached the register with a can of shaving cream as if to purchase it. The complainant said he rang up the sale and the cash register drawer opened. At that time, the complainant said, the suspect allegedly said: “Back off [expletive].” The complainant said he complied and backed away and the suspect reached over the sales counter to open the drawer and took all the cash from the till. The complainant said the suspect left the store, entered the suspect vehicle and fled westbound on Kingston Pike. Officers noted that a store surveillance video was available. The incident may be related to a robbery of the Dollar General Store on Straw Plains Pike a week prior.

• Oct. 3: A worker at East Town Sheet Metal on Washington Pike reported to police that a generator he had delivered at a job site on Parkside Drive a few weeks ago was missing. The complainant did not know who would have taken it.

• Oct. 3: Police and Rural Metro personnel responded to a threatened suicide on Jeffery Lane. The victim was transported to Baptist Hospital West.

• Oct. 4: A Forest Heights Circle woman reported to police that she had been assaulted. Officers were dispatched to McFee Road at Boyd Station Road on the 4 a.m. call. There, the victim told police that she and a friend had been at a party. The victim stated that when she and the suspect left the party, the suspect drove the victim’s truck down McFee Road, which is closed due to construction. The suspect allegedly parked the truck, walked off and returned with suspect 2 and told the victim that if she performed a lewd act upon both suspects, the suspects would pull the truck out. The victim refused. The suspects left and allegedly returned later. One of the suspects allegedly grabbed the victim by her hair and pulled her toward his crotch and stated she was going to perform a lewd act upon him. The suspect then let her go and both men left. The victim called a wrecker service to free her truck. The victim told police she was unsure whether the suspect who had allegedly assaulted him was clothed.

• Oct. 5: A Lindsey Lane man called police after his neighbor allegedly assaulted him. The victim stated the suspect came to the victim’s residence and grabbed him by the neck and wrestled him to the ground, causing the victim to pass out. The victim stated that when he came to the suspect was leaving the victim’s residence. The suspect stated that the victim came to the suspect’s residence earlier and was pounding on his doors and it sounded to the suspect as though someone was trying to break into his home. So the suspect stated he got a handgun and opened the door and that was when he realized who it was and he put the gun away. The victim was at the suspect’s residence to tell him about a horse in the victim’s yard that he thought was the suspect’s and then the victim went back home. The suspect stated that he went to the victim’s residence to apologize for pointing a gun at him and that when he knocked on the victim’s door the victim came out and hit the suspect in the head. Officers were unable to determine who the primary aggressor was in the incident.

• Oct. 7: Police were called to a parking lot in the 12000 block of Kingston Pike to investigate an auto accident. The officer were told at the scene by one of the drivers that he was pulling out of the parking lot when the other vehicle started backing up and struck his vehicle. The driver of the suspect vehicle stated he did not see the first vehicle when he started backing up.

• Oct. 7: Knox County Sheriff’s officers responded to an Augustan Lane address on a felony theft call. The victim told the officer that while she was away from her home the suspect, her daughter, entered her residence and stole several items. The victim stated she had jewelry in her dresser that was stolen totaling about $500,000. The victim stated she had receipts and appraisals of the jewelry. The victim added that she does not know how the suspect gained entry to the residence and no signs of force were noticeable.

• Oct. 7: A Lindsey Lane resident reported to police that he had received verbal threats from his neighbor. The victim stated he was involved in an incident with his neighbor, the suspect, a few nights previous. The vctim stated that on this day, the suspect was in his vehicle and stopped in the front of the victim’s residence and began yelling at the victim, who was in his yard, to come talk to him. The victim stated he walked over to the suspect’s vehicle and asked what he wanted. The victim stated the suspect cursed him about the previous incident and demanded an apology. The victim alleges the suspect said: “You better watch your back … I’ll get you, I’m gonna get you.” A witness verified these statements. The victim told the officer he feared for his and his family’s safety. The victim was advised to contact an attorney about obtaining a civil injunction against the suspect as well as seeking possible criminal prosecution.

• Oct. 7: A Woodchase Road resident reported to police that someone had burglarized his vehicle during the night. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

• Oct. 7: A Woodchase Road resident reported to police that someone had broken into his vehicle and taken a Sirius radio and a Motorola cellular phone.

• Oct. 8: A Harvey Road resident reported to police that his vehicle had been burglarized while parked at a grocery store in the 11000 block of Kingston Pike. Missing was four checks from the victim’s vehicle, which were made out to him and his business. The victim stated that he did not lock the vehicle while he ran into the store to pick up some items.

• Oct. 8: A County Road 226 resident reported to police that a suitcase, some dirty clothing and several other items totaling $424 were taken from her vehicle while it was parked at Gander Mountain on Parkside Drive. The victim stated her vehicle was unlocked and that she had come from the mountains.

• Oct. 9: A Woodchase Road man reported to police that someone had entered his vehicle during the night and taken a flashlight. The vehicle was left unlocked in the victim’s


• Oct. 9: A Weatherly Hill Boulevard woman reported to police that her vehicle had been burglarized while parked at the home and items totaling $361 were missing.

• Oct. 10: A Village Green Parkway man reported to police that he had received a call from an angry male subject saying that the victim had left a note on his vehicle complaining about the operation of the vehicle. The victim said for just a moment a teenage male made a comment. The victim thinks someone put his phone number on a note possibly complaining about this teenager’s driving. The victim said the older male subject was very hostile and said he would keep calling. The victim said he did not recognize the voice and he tried to tell the subject that he had not put any notes on anyone’s vehicle. He stated the subject was so irate that he was not even listening to what he was saying to him. The victim said during the early morning hours he received calls.

• Oct. 12: A Ten Mile Road woman reported to police that while she was at work at Food City on Kingston Pike, her ex-boyfriend called her repeatedly. The victim stated that the suspect called approximately 20 times, each time yelling at her. The victim stated that the suspect also threatened to kill her. The victim stated that she decided to call for police assistance when she noticed that the suspect was parked in the parking lot of her place of employment. The suspect was gone when officers arrived. The victim was advised of domestic violence rights and remedies as well as prosecution options.

• Oct. 13: Officers responded to Harvey Road for a domestic standby. Upon officers’ arrival, the victim stated that she had an order of protection that had stated in the order that at this day and time the victim could go to the residence to gather some personal belongings. The suspect was not at the residence. The victim gathered some belongings without incident.

• Oct. 14: A Buttermilk Road man reported to police that he and several others had been inside Farragut High School participating in a function. The victims had gone to their vehicles and realized they had been broken into. Items had been taken from each vehicle and vehicles damaged in the process. The victims advised that they had no suspect at the time of the report. Forensic Services processed the scene.

• Oct. 15: Officers responded to Baptist Hospital West for a domestic assault. The Yount Road woman stated that the suspect grabbed her wrists and struck her in the head several times. The victim was being treated for an apparent broken nose and bruises on the face and wrist. The victim stated that she and the suspect were arguing over the suspect’s son when the suspect started hitting her. The victim was advised of her domestic rights and given and family crisis card.

• Oct. 16: Officers were dispatched to Autumn Leaves Road to investigate a child custody dispute. Upon arrival, officers met with the suspect. She informed officers that she had full custody of her 9-year-old daughter and was there at her former live-in partner’s house to get her daughter. However, the child refused to go because she wanted to stay with the complainant. The suspect could not furnish any type of lawful documentation, telling officers that their custody agreement was verbal and they had never been to court. Officers advised the suspect of her rights concerning child custody issues and remedies. The suspect departed without


• Oct. 16: An employee of the Petro’s Truck Stop on North Watt Road told police that an unknown person had pumped $12.26 worth of gasoline and drove off without paying.

• Oct. 16: Officers were dispatched to the Petro’s Truck Stop on North Watt Road to investigate three intoxicated males armed with a shotgun. The complainant stated that he had one subject detained inside the store, but the other two subjects fled on foot. Upon arrival, one officer observed the two males that fit the description near the Petro’s entrance. Once the suspects were detained and an investigation conducted, it was determined that all three subjects had been drinking. All three arrestees went to a remote location off Buttermilk Road and fired the shotgun several times. At some point, after their departure from the remote site, one arrestee crashed his car causing minor damage. However, he continued to the Petro’s without stopping. Upon arrival to Petro’s, one arrestee got out of the vehicle, inspected it and learned of the extent of the damage. He became enraged and began ripping the mirror off the car. The complainant observed this behavior and walked toward the car. At this point, another arrestee took the 12-guage shotgun from the back seat of the car and put it in the trunk because the uniformed complainant was walking toward them. The complainant saw this and called for lawful intervention. That is when the two arrestees fled on foot. The complainant believed that they took the shotgun with them. However, one of the officers eventually recovered the shotgun from the trunk. During the investigation, all three arrestees exhibited signs of intoxication. All three had a strong odor of alcohol about their persons, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and an unsteady gait. All three posed a danger to themselves and the public and were taken into custody for the alcohol charges only. The shotgun and rounds of ammunition were confiscated for safekeeping and turned into KCSO Property.

• Oct. 17: Officers responded to Baptist Hospital West for a dog bite. The Oran Road victim stated that she was walking in the street when the dog bit her in the left lower leg. The dog owner was present when the incident occurred.


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