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• … Unfortunately there are a lot of clerics and members of the Iraqi people who are in positions of power who are misleading the Iraqi people as to what the Koran actually says and means because so many of the Iraqi people are illiterate. Nowhere in the Koran does it say you will get to heaven by committing murder. We can no longer sit back and watch [horrible people] again and again take over the minds and the hearts of people. It’s time we stood up and voted and wrote letters and let the people of America and other countries know we will not tolerate this kind of violence.

• Although I unfortunately expected the anti-gay marriage resolution to pass in the State of Tennessee, I never dreamed there were so many cold-hearted bigots in our state that it would pass by over 80 percent. I am sorely disappointed in the number of so-called Christians who allow their bigotry and their fear and ignorance to overrule their common sense and compassion. I have to wonder what they’re going to go after next? Interracial marriage? Marriage between people of different ethnic backgrounds? People of different religious backgrounds, when are you going to make that illegal? What about marriage between people who cannot have children, when are you going to go after that? Are any of us safe from you? What happened to Jesus’ teachings, did you ever even bother to read the New Testament? … I was sorry to read in the presstalks this week about the woman whose cat was apparently mauled and killed by a dog. It’s very sad, I’m sure the family is hurting and I do feel sorry for them. However, they need to take some responsibility for this. When you allow your animals to roam free outside you are putting their lives in jeopardy every time you do that. Not just from other irresponsible pet owners who allow their dogs and their cats to run loose, but also, opossums and rabbits and raccoons — wild animals carry all sorts of diseases. Opossums are very vicious, and they can kill dogs and cats very easily. And so can raccoons. So, if you want to protect your animals and you love them, either keep them in your house or behind a fence. Do not let them run loose.

• On the south side of westbound lanes of Parkside Drive, we noticed a beautiful road built in Farragut has been exiting into the area of Campbell Station Lakes, a former restaurant. We wondered who paid for this road? Some time ago we heard a new road was going to be built for the people that owned this land. I’m happy to know people are looking into this to see if the city of Farragut paid for this road. Several believe they did. Time will tell, and we’ll keep you informed. This was a very expensive road.

• I am a resident of Lanesborough. I learned this past week that the Lenoir City Utilities Board is considering building their new power line 25 feet closer to our property so they don’t have to cut [a neighbor’s] trees. They are building the line in the middle of the 100 feet right-fo-way everywhere else until they get to his property, then the line will shift 75 feet from his property and 25 feet from ours. I don’t feel this is right or fair to shift the line closer to us just because of [this person’s] trees. The shift will cause other trees that were not going to be cut, now to be cut. What about all the other people’s trees along the right-of-way? What is LCUB doing to save them? Please help us by printing a story about this so everyone can find out what is going on. It seems that LCUB is being unfair and discriminatory. Please help us.

Editor’s Note: We have covered this issue extensively in the pages of farragutpress. Have you contacted LCUB?

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