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First Utility announces projects at FMPC

Members of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission received an update on upcoming First Utility District projects during the FMPC meeting Nov. 16.

Wayne Watson, FUD general manager, apprised Commission-ers on an upcoming FUD capital improvement project to replace a main sewer line starting in 2007.

Watson said the sewer line runs from Fox Pool and Spa off Lovell Road to Sir Gooney Golf off Kingston Pike. When the line was originally constructed, he said there were many 90-degree angles used in the installation of the 18-inch sewage line. The 90-degree angles cause flow restrictions and have to be replaced.

“Construction could start in early two-thousand seven and will take about eighteen months to finish,” he said.

Another upcoming FUD project is the $20 million expansion of the wastewater treatment plant. Watson said plant capacity after the expansion would increase from 15-to-21-million gallons per day.

“We also plan to add odor-control measures to try and reduce odors coming from the area,” he said.

Commissioner Bob Edlund wanted to know the projected life of the expansion.

“We currently have about twenty-five thousand customers,” Watson said. “The expansion would allow the addition of about twelve-thousand customers.”

Commissioners made sure FUD officials were aware of upcoming town projects that could require FUD assistance.

In other business, Commis-sioners approved an amendment to the Farragut Zoning ordinance to define the term “arbor” and amend the residential zoning districts to allow arbors to be set back 10 feet from parking lots when constructed on a neighborhood open space lot.

Commissioners discussed in workshop a possible amendment to the sign ordinance to allow the installation of a street clock at Holrob’s Parkside Station development off Parkside Drive. Commissioners didn’t take issue with the installation.


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