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An open letter to the members of the Knox County School Board:

I wanted to write this letter to voice my opposition to the school rezoning of my neighborhood View Harbour, located between Concord Road and Canton Hollow, and less than two miles from Farragut High School.

When we moved into this neighborhood, we were aware that we were zoned for A.L. Lotts, Farragut Middle School, and Farragut High School. Although my children were not scheduled to attend Farragut Primary, I was confident that they would have plenty of friends at Farragut Middle School because they would be very involved in many of the extracurricular activities located in the area. Since moving here five years ago, my eight year old son has played two seasons of AYSO 128 soccer, four seasons of Farragut baseball, and one season of Farragut YMCA flag


If our neighborhood is rezoned to attend Hardin Valley High School, the children in this neighborhood would have to make a set of friends at A.L. Lotts, a different set of friends at Farragut Middle (most of whom will then be attending Farragut High School), and then a third set of friends at Hardin Valley High School. I strongly believe that this would be extremely disruptive socially and unfair

to those living in this


Those of us who grew up and thrived in the public school system understand the importance of making friendships in our young years that then carry over to our high school years. These friendships are a product of time, and by requiring those living in this area to attend a high school almost ten miles away, seems to be both a disservice and affirmatively damaging to those students involved.

Finally, the shortest route to Hardin Valley High School requires that buses take the Pellissippi Parkway expressway. Any alternate route would be even farther. Intuitively, it seems that requiring students to take a minimum ten-mile bus ride, instead of riding their bicycles to a high school less than two miles away is nonsensical.

I respectfully request that when the members of the Knox County School Board make their final decisions regarding the zoning of Hardin Valley High School, they consider the impact their decision will have on the students of View Harbour who live in such close proximity to Farragut High School.


Angela Fisher



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