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• I’m calling to support the … proposal that was presented to the School Board on Nov. 20. I was present at the meeting, and I could see the logic behind keeping the feeder schools together as best they could and eliminating the overcrowding at the various schools. I was concerned, however, gravely, by the temptation of the School Board to further take students from Farragut High School only down to a population that may be as low as 1,200 students. This would cause irreparable damage, I think, to Farragut High School, and we would not recognize Farragut High School if that was done. It would dissolve our extracurricular programs, probably; probably lose 30 teachers or more, all the honor programs would go away and the advanced placement programs. And we’d probably be dropped from a 5A to a 4A school. I just can’t see why, after all the years we worked to build this up, they would tear it down. Let the town of Farragut know that they’re doing this to our high school.

• I’m calling in support of … the proposal, as it stands, for the recommendation of the rezoning to Hardin Valley High School. I don’t feel that Farragut High School students should not fall on the sword when the distribution of students could be drawn from either Bearden High School and/or Karns High School, just to populate Hardin Valley school. The desired numbers could be met, yet there was no grandfathering of juniors. Even seniors were permitted.

• I’m calling regarding the proposed zone for Hardin Valley High School as put forward … recently. I’m very concerned that additional students could be pulled from the Farragut zone and be required to travel Watt and Everett roads to the new high school. Watt Road is the home to three large truck stops, a trucking company terminal, and is very dangerous to drive; in addition, lots of winding country back roads must be taken to get to the high school by those routes. In my opinion, Pellissippi Parkway is a much safer route, but is not close to some of the additional students that might be pulled from Farragut. So I would support the … proposed zoning.

• All the ignorant drivers that drive in Farragut need to understand that turn lanes that turn into shopping centers are not turn lanes that you can use to turn to the other side of the road. Learn to read, use the money you have and get an education and learn to read.

• I’m calling about the article that in the Thanksgiving edition of the farragutpress about the town of Farragut starting an ad campaign called “Buy in Farragut.” I want to encourage everyone, if you want to [mess up] this Knox County School system, you want to buy in Farragut because the town of Farragut does not contribute all their sales tax dollars that the Knoxville city contributes to the schools. So, if you want to make sure that Farragut High School, primary, middle and intermediate and all the other schools in West Knoxville continue to get shortchanged then you will buy in Farragut. Otherwise, you’ll buy in the Turkey Creek section of Knoxville and insure that more money goes into the Knox County School system.

• This is to inform the residents of View Harbor, Wood Harbor, Biltmore, Tan Rara and Lovell Heights that [a Knox County Schools system official] has changed his zoning proposal, which will now drop the numbers significantly at Hardin Valley High School to below 1,000. If you think this will be better for your kids, think again. How can a high school like that support any special academic or athletic programs? Why are the kids in Fox Den and neighborhoods along Grigsby Chapel, which are over 2.6 miles from Farragut High School, not being rezoned, hence the lower numbers? Everyone better start asking questions before it’s too late.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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