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Ames brings therapy to Farragut

Bob Ames used to spend his days in judicial combat, earning his living through the world of corporate law for more than 25 years.

Ames is spending his retirement as the owner of Migun, a thermal acupressure massage system that recently opened at 1533 Kingston Pike in Village Green Shopping Center.

“We’re the first Migun store in Tennessee,” Ames said.

Ames said Migun is the name of a company that produces small massage beds that use light bulbs made from a combination of jade and helium to concentrate heat and energy of the far infrared light spectrum to penetrate beneath a person’s skin. This light energy, Ames said, penetrates deep into a person’s nervous system to flush toxins out of the body.

“This product was developed in Korea,” he said. “These beds have been in use in Asia for about twelve years. They didn’t come to the U-S until about four years ago.”

Ames said he first came across Migun beds a couple of years ago while suffering with back pain incurred from high school football injuries. Therapy and the use of the bed led him to start selling the product.

“It worked well for me and I believe it will work well for other people,” he said.

Ames said he lived in Chattanooga for 12 years prior to moving to Farragut.

“There were a lot of reasons I decided to try and start a business here in Farragut,” he said.

One reason was the friendliness of the business community. Ames said he was visiting this area in May and got to know local businesswoman Mickey Kennedy. She took time from her antiques store to show him around the community.

“The local Chamber of Commerce was also a lot of help,” he said. “I talked to Freda [Faddis]a lot.”

Another reason for starting here, he said, was the presence of a large holistic community.

“I just had a strong feeling people in Farragut are a little more open minded and willing to try new things,” he said.

The price for a thermal acupressure massage system amounts to anywhere from $3,000 to $3,500, Ames said. He added that because this is such a new concept, his store would act as a center for those seeking a new form of care and the public is invited to come and try out the new system.

“People who come in and try out the beds generally see the benefit,” Ames said. “The best market for the beds has been word of mouth. People who try them and reap the benefits generally tell their friends about it. I’m in this for more than strictly commercial means. I enjoy the healing aspect of it.”

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday. For more information, call 865-671-0038.


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