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• This call is in regard to the School Board proposal of Hardin Valley High School. The Board missed the residential impact when they chose Hardin Valley. A high school was needed in the area of Pellissippi and Northshore. The growth of this area, south of the railroad tracks, is astronomical. Let’s go back to community schools. The county needed to fund a high school in the Concord area. And also one in Hardin Valley for future growth. That way, residents of the city of Farragut can have what they wanted and the educational future of West Knox County is addressed for the current need and future needs. I believe this area was also where Karen Carson previously voiced an immediate need for a high school.

• I hope when they do make the decision about the Hardin Valley High School for rezoning, the people are supportive and just make the best of it.

• Why doesn’t Farragut just give some of the park land, such as the park on Watt Road, to the county and then they could build an addition to the Farragut High School, or branch of the Farragut High School, or a new high school? That would be right in the area and we would eliminate a lot of the conflict and wouldn’t be long bus rides. Eventually we’re going to need another high school in the Farragut area [inaudible].

• I understand that there’s a petition going before the town council about changing the location of a third liquor store in the city of Farragut. I understand that both locations that are being considered are in the Kroger shopping center in [a] restaurant building. I would like to urge the town council to vote against this. I don’t think that we need liquor stores right across from our children’s schools. So, hopefully they will consider this and do the right thing and keep the stores where they are originally located.

• I wish Knox County would put the barriers back up at the end of Concord Road where it meets Northshore. There’s too many people pulling up beside of the people, which causes that person not to be able to see what’s coming from the right. So when you put something up, please put something up in concrete or steel where these rednecks won’t tear it down.

• I’m calling in regards to some information I just received regarding the possibility of a third liquor store being brought to Farragut. My concern is its location could possibly be [a restaurant] building or the old Kmart building. Such proximity to school-aged children is a great, great concern of mine, and I think the town of Farragut needs to seriously consider the addition of what I deem a not necessary retail space on or near Kingston Pike.

• The very last thing the city of Farragut needs is another liquor store, especially one located directly across the street from Farragut High and [Farragut] Middle School. I can think of much better use for [the former business sites being considered]. This would be a danger to our teenaged children and of no benefit to our community. Please [Farragut town government], vote no on Dec. 14 to the proposal for another liquor store in our city.

•  I’m calling about the “Buy in Farragut” campaign and the fact that the town of Farragut is promoting purchasing products in town to support roads and parks but not schools … I think everybody needs to go to [businesses who support our schools] instead of all the other establishments that are trying to take money away from Knox County Schools.

• I would love to see the Boyd Station underpass be addressed just because of safety reasons, as a growing community out there is going to be using the underpass. But I do not believe it should in any way play a role in the school zone issue. We are already bused in this area to Farragut High School, down Northshore Road to Concord Road, a very direct route. And we can continue to do that. It would be ridiculous to bus this section of Knox County past the high school all the way out to Hardin Valley school. I can only imagine how long the bus ride would be — maybe like an hour-and-a-half.

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