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• Oct. 24: A Collins Road man and woman reported to police that on the previous day the timing belt broke on their vehicle, a 1993 Subaru, near the truck scales on I-40 eastbound. The complainant said she spoke with a TDOT help truck employee who said the vehicle would be OK if they didn’t leave it there overnight. The complainant said they came back at 6 p.m. and the car was gone. She said she called all area wrecker services and no one had towed it. The complainant said a friend of her husband’s told him that he drove by there the previous night and saw an older male with white hair putting the car on a roll-back wrecker. He told him it had a red cab with a white top. The officer spoke with Teleserve, THP and some area wrecker services and no one towed the vehicle. The complainant did say that approximately two car lengths in front of her another vehicle was broken down. It is unknown if someone may have towed the wrong vehicle.

• Oct. 25: A Doral Point man reported to police that sometime in the past year, a check was taken from his checkbook at home. The check was cashed without his permission or knowledge.

• Oct. 25: Officers responded to the Weigel’s store on Kingston Pike on an attempted burglary to the business. Upon officer’s arrival, the complainant stated that someone pried open the fence to the back of the business and entered the back storage area where just three months prior someone busted a hole in the back of the building and burglarized the business. The business now has a piece of plywood over the hole that is screwed into the wall. Someone had started unscrewing most of the screws in an attempt to get into the building. The cover to the meter had been removed, but nothing appeared to have been touched. The gate door to the storage area had been padlocked from the inside and that padlock had been cut with bolt cutters.

• Oct. 26: Officers were dispatched to a Concord Woods Road residence to investigate a domestic matter. Upon arrival officers interviewed the defendant and the victim. The victim stated that he was sleeping when the defendant entered the room, woke him up and asked him for a cigarette. The victim told the defendant that the cigarettes were in the kitchen. The defendant became upset and ripped the sheets back. The victim sat up and the defendant punched the victim in the right eye. The victim restrained the defendant, grabbing her around the mid-section. The defendant then bit the victim on the left side of the chest. The victim restrained the defendant until she calmed down. The victim did have a fresh bruise on his right eye and a visible bite mark on his chest. The defendant was taken into custody for simple domestic assault.

• Oct. 26: A Weathervane Drive woman reported to police that sometime during the night someone hit her mailbox with a large pumpkin and dented it. The mailbox had pumpkin inside it and pumpkin was all over the roadway. The mailbox post was knocked over and loosened up. The victim had no suspects.

• Oct. 26: A worker at the Food City on Kingston Pike was contacted by another employee who showed him the suspect concealing several cans of beer inside his jacket. The suspect fled the store with the complainant following. The complainant caught the suspect a short distance away and recovered the beer in its entirety. The suspect’s brother is an employee of the complainant’s store and identified the suspect. The suspect’s mother was on scene when the reporting officer arrived and stated the suspect was on probation and that he was no longer living at a Concord Woods address, and that she did not know his current location of residence.

• Oct. 26: A Virtue Road woman reported to police that she has an ex-parte order of protection against her ex-boyfriend that has been served. The victim advised officers that the suspect has repeatedly driven by her residence and continues to call the victim on her phone. The suspect also shows up at the victim’s place of employment. The victim was given her rights as a victim.

• Oct. 26: A Black Road woman told police that she was northbound on Campbell Station Road near Snyder Road when a maroon Ford Escort (unknown tag) made a left turn from Snyder Road onto Campbell Station Road. The vehicle struck the front driver’s side of the complainant’s vehicle as it completed the turn and continued southbound on Campbell Station Road. The complainant’s vehicle had damage on the contact area and maroon paint rubs from the suspect vehicle.

• Oct. 27: Police were dispatched to Farragut High School on a reported vandalism to a vehicle. Upon arrival officer was met by the complainant, a student at the school, who stated the vehicle he drives to school had been vandalized. According to the complainant, he parked the vehicle in the upper rear parking lot of the high school on the previous day. When he returned later in the day, the complainant alleges that an unknown person or person had scratched the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle is owned by the complainant’s parents. Damage is estimated at approximately $2,000. Complainant could offer no motive or suspects responsible for the damage.

• Oct. 27: A Rowan Drive man reported to police that unknown person(s) had broken into his veh8icle while it was parked in the senior parking lot of Farragut High School during a football game. Entry was gained by smashing out the driver’s side rear door window. The victim added the only property taken from the vehicle was his wife’s purse, which had been left in the rear seat area. The purse contained checks, credit cards, a cell phone and other items. The victims were advised to cancel all of the credit cards and checks as soon as possible.

• Oct. 27: An Early Woods Lane woman reported to police that an unknown person or persons broke out the passenger side window of her vehicle while it was parked at Farragut High School and stole her purse containing money, checks, credit cards and other items. The victim was advised to cancel all stolen credit and debit cards.

• Oct. 28: A worker at the Willow Creek Golf Club on Kingston Pike that an unknown suspect removed $500 from a desk drawer in the manager’s office. The complainant also stated that the same thing happened two days prior and another $500 was taken. The complainant was not sure if the suspect used a key or forced the drawer open. X-Ray was on the scene but was unable to get any prints.

• Oct. 29: A Maple Tree Lane man reported to police that he and his wife, the suspect, are going through a divorce. The victim stated that the suspect came over to his residence to borrow a frying pan and they began to argue about not involving their children in their arguments. The victim advised when the suspect was leaving, she began throwing rocks around stated the rocks were hers. The victim stated one of the rocks about hit him. The suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival. The victim was advised of his domestic rights.

• Oct. 29: A Queens Court man reported to police that he was at his mother’s house on Torrey Pines Point visiting and did not notice that items valued at $700 were missing until he was getting ready to head home. The complainant does not know how the suspect gained entry into the vehicle because there was no damage to the vehicle.

• Oct. 29: A Gray Slate Circle woman reported that while she and a companion were at the Icearium on Watt Road, her vehicle was broken into. She stated the passenger side front window was broken 9out. She advised the only thing missing from the vehicle was her purse containing cash, debit cards, driver’s license and Social Security cards.

• Oct. 29: A Farragut Crossing Road man reported to police that an unknown person or persons used a pumpkin to damage his mailbox. The mailbox is completely unusable and will have to be replaced. The victim stated he will prosecute if suspect is located.

• Oct. 30: An Oakland Hills Point man called police to make a report about his vehicle being broken into. He noticed his XM radio was stolen but hadn’t looked to see if anything else had been taken. He said he would call back if anything else was stolen.

• Oct. 31: A Taylors Landing woman reported to police that she and the suspect got into a verbal argument over money. During the argument the victim stated that the suspect got a broom and hit one of her vehicles that were parked in the garage. The vehicle did not have any damage and the suspect was gone upon officer’s arrival.

• Oct. 31: A Butternut Circle man reported to police that overnight an unknown suspect had run over his brick mailbox with a vehicle. Value of the mailbox is approximately $500.

• Oct. 31: A Greenlee Road women stated to police that she was traveling west on I-40 just past the Lovell Road exit when a rock fell off a 1989 Mack truck owned by Hunger Oil Company in Chattanooga, hitting her windshield and cracking it. The complainant stated that she could not make contact with the driver of the suspect vehicle.

• Nov. 1: Officers responded to a call from a Taylors Landing Drive victim in which she advised that her ex-husband had padlocked a garage door at the residence that they still share, preventing her from taking the vehicle inside. When the victim called for officers, she advised the suspect was not there. Upon officers’ arrival, the suspect had returned. The suspect said that he padlocked the garage to prevent the victim from driving the vehicle. He also provided paperwork declaring that the vehicle had been issued to his possession as part of on-going divorce court proceedings. Both parties continued to argue about money, property and divorce proceedings with officers present. Officers encouraged both parties to contact their lawyers to expedite a close to the divorce proceedings. Both parties left the residence.

• Nov. 1: A Peterson Road woman advised police that her daughter had been caught skipping school the previous day. The victim was unhappy that she had been caught and left her residence on foot. The victim does not have a history of running away.

• Nov. 1: An Alysun Nikole Drive woman reported to police that her purse, containing cash, checks, credit cards, checkbook and other items, was stolen out of her vehicle. The victim stated that she was a delivery person for Papa John’s and just run into the business and that her vehicle was unlocked.

• Nov. 1: A Foxworth Trail man called police after he and his wife became involved in a verbal argument. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim advised that the suspect became angry after he refused to give her money. The victim stated that the suspect slapped him several times but he had no marks. Suspect stated that they did have a verbal argument but no physical altercation took place. The suspect advised that the victim often used threats to scare her into believing police would arrest her. The suspect was taken to another location separating both parties. Neither party requested medical attention nor transport to commissioner. Legal rights and remedies were explained to both parties.

• Nov. 2: An Andover Boulevard man reported to police that on the night of Oct. 31, unknown persons stole his wife’s purse was stolen out of her vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked and parked in the driveway of their residence.

• Nov. 2: Police responded to a call from a Dixon Road woman on a domestic standby. The complainant called officers to assist her in getting her belongings from her parents at the residence. Officers arrived and found the complainant’s parents had the property packed and sitting in the driveway for the complainant. The complainant responded to the address and gathered those and some more of property and left the scene with no incident.

• Nov. 3: Police responded to Tennessee Bank of Knoxville on Kingston to check an alarm called in by First Tennessee Security. Officer checked the perimeter of the bank and all appeared secure. There have been two prior alarms at this location.

• Nov. 3: A Black Powder Drive man reported to police that an unknown person(s) stole his cell phone from a golf cart on the third hole at Willow Creek Golf Course.

• Nov. 3: Police responded to a gas drive-off at the Pilot Station on North Campbell Station Road. The complainant stated that the male suspect pumped $20.12 worth of gasoline into his gold Infinity and left without paying. The vehicle tag number obtained from the complainant was not registered to the suspect vehicle.

• Nov. 3: A Loudon County man reported to police that his vehicle was parked in the parking lot of the Suntrust Bank in Kingston Pike and someone struck the vehicle in the right front end causing damage. Complainant stated he never saw who did this.

• Nov. 3: A Midhurst Drive woman reported to police that she was receiving harassing phone calls. The victim was previously in a dating relationship with the suspect that has since ended. Since that time, the suspect has been harassing the victim via telephone calls, e-mail and text messages. The victim did have her telephone number changed because of the constant harassment. The victim stated the suspect was calling up to fifty times a day. The victim did ask the suspect to stop calling on numerous occasions.

• Nov. 3: Police responded to a Longbow Road residence in reference to a disturbing e-mail. Upon officers’ arrival, the complainant informed the officers that he was checking his e-mail and received a link to a child pornography site. The complainant stated that this is the first time he has received an e-mail like this. When the e-mail was opened, it linked to a child pornography site. Officers advised the complainant to retain the link until detectives could investigate it further. Complainant was worried that the e-mail may have a connection to a possible sex offender living in the area.

• Nov. 4: Police responded to the Cotton Eyed Joe nightclub on Outlets Drive for a disturbance and possible narcotics dealing. When officers arrived, the complainant from the nightclub’s security had the defendant outside the club. The defendant was advised of her Miranda rights which she waived verbally. The defendant admitted to trying to sell marijuana that the complainant had taken off her possession. The complainant gave the marijuana to the officers for evidence. The defendant stated that she was attempting to sell the marijuana for $20 for another subject in Maryville to whom she owed money. The defendant told officers where the marijuana was located on her person before the complainant took possession of it.

• Nov. 5: A Broken Saddle Road requested police escort to his wife’s residence to gather some clothing and hygiene items. The victim has an active no-contact order of protection against the suspect. The suspect was allowed to retrieve personal hygiene and clothing items while officers were present at the residence. Both parties were advised of their legal options and given family crisis cards.

• Nov. 5: Police responded to a vandalism at an Ansley Court residence. The victim stated that sometime overnight on Nov. 3 an unknown suspect pulled up several of the victim’s plants from in front of his residence and used them to deface the victim’s car. The suspect also sprayed silly string all over the vehicle’s exterior. The victim stated that he did not have any suspect information at the time of the report. There were visible scratch marks, dirt and silly string all over the vehicle.

• Nov. 5: A Virtue Road woman told police that the suspect drove by her house two times very slow. The victim has a no-contact order of protection on the suspect.

• Nov. 5: A Fort West woman reported to police that her garage door had been vandalized. Words of profanity had been painted in red paint on her garage door. The complainant had no suspects.

• Nov. 5: A worker at Petro’s Truck Stop on North Watt Road advised police that an unknown suspect drove off without paying for $30 worth of gasoline. The complainant did not get a tag number, but she did notice that the vehicle was a mid- to late-90s model gray Pontiac.

• Nov. 6: A Saint Germaine Drive man advised police that someone had cut off the tailpipe underneath his vehicle sometime between Nov. 2 and the date of the report.

• Nov. 7: A West Point Drive man stated to police that unknown suspects broke out a back window of his apartment to gain entry and took property valued at $5,200. The crime was processed but no prints were found. There are no known suspects.

• Nov. 7: A Lark Meadow Drive woman stated to police that on Oct. 27 she discovered the driver’s door on their van standing open. The vehicle was unlocked and parked in the driveway. She didn’t realize until Oct. 29 that a camera and accessories valued at $1,700 were missing.

• Nov. 7: A West Kings Gate Drive man called police and stated that his son last saw the car as he left to run some errands. When he came back three hours later the vehicle was gone. The complainant said one of his neighbors saw a big red truck haul it off. The vehicle has not run for two years and was not insures.

• Nov. 7: The owner of the Little Bangkok Restaurant on North Campbell Station Road stated to police that a customer came into his restaurant to pick up an order that he had placed and became very angry when he was told that he could not pay by check. The owner stated that the suspect ripped up his check and left without the food. The owner stated that the suspect called him at the restaurant and cursed him out. The owner then hung up on him and the suspect called back again and stated that he was going to come down there and beat him up. The owner stated he was a white male about 6 feet tall and weighing about 250 pounds.


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