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• I’m calling about a comment that was made in today’s presstalk [Dec. 14] about the Concord Road and Northshore road intersection, where the person said that they needed to put something up “in concrete or steel” where these, quote, “rednecks,” won’t tear it down. Well, where I agree that something needs to be done there, preferably a stoplight or something like that, I don’t like the fact that she said that the “rednecks” possibly tore it down. How do we know that it wasn’t maybe the Yankees that tore it down?

Editor’s Note: I wasn’t aware that “rednecks” was a slur to southerners. There seems to be just as many “rednecks” in the North, East and West as there are here. And if you look around, there are a heckuva lot of “Yankees” living next door.

• I love the Salvation Army bell ringers. They are always smiling. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until they’re out there ringing those bells. It just makes me feel real good and real holiday-spirited, so I appreciate the stores that have them and I appreciate the volunteers that do that.

• Thank goodness there are fewer bell ringers this year. I do not contribute to them. I try to shop in stores where they are not in front. I give to several charitable organizations but not to the bell ringers. They are a nuisance.

• Attention pet owners who walk their dogs off-leash or run their dogs off-leash in the Watt Road — [Mayor] Bob Leonard Park area: it is against the law for you to have your dog off-leash. You are a danger to other pet owners who obey the law. You are a danger to children and other people when your dog is off-leash. This is a campaign to get the city of Farragut to enforce this leash law.

• I carry extra dollar bills with me during the Christmas season so I have something to put in the Salvation Army kettles. This year I have taken it one step further and am volunteering as a Salvation Army bell ringer. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed helping out. I would ask all of you to put something in the kettles that you pass. A dollar here or a few quarters there add up and help the Salvation Army meet their goal of helping those less fortunate in our community. Merry Christmas.

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