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Aubrey’s plans relocation
Longtime Farragut restaurant celebrates 15th anniversary February

A Faragut landmark is up for grabs.

The Aubrey’s Café restaurant building at 102 S. Campbell Station Road is on the market for a willing buyer, but owner Randy Burleson said he plans to open up again in a nearby location with a bigger, better


“We’re not selling the business,” Burleson said. “All I’m doing is selling my dirt. Aubrey’s, the restaurant, is definitely not for sale. The building and the property are for sale.”

The plan, he said, is to build another Aubrey’s in the new Kroger development.

“The goal would be put Aubrey’s on one end, a few retail shops in the middle, and put a Sunspot in Farragut at the same time,” he said. “Instead of one restaurant with about fifty parking spaces, we’d have two restaurants with about a hundred and forty parking spaces. Blanchard and Calhoun have been wonderful to work with on this idea.”

He said several factors played a key role is his decision to sell the building and land, including a lack of parking for his customers and difficulties with the owner of the building housing Nationwide Insurance claims center at 100 S. Campbell Station Road.

“The lack of parking with the security guards there were part of the reason,” he said. “That owner, we thought he was going to sell that building. That deal fell through. … The town took away our turning lanes and our crosswalks. Mr. [Dan] Olson [town administrator] will acknowledge every time I see him, I say ‘we need to solve this parking problem,’ can we do this or can we do that? I’ve come up with ideas and I appreciate the town, but we tried to add on to the property to the south when the extension was built, but that never worked out.”

Changes in the local restaurant environment also contributed to his decision to sell the building and property.

“The restaurant business used to be hot-food-hot and cold-food-cold and you could be successful in the restaurant business,” he said. “In the eighties and nineties, service got involved. Today, you pretty much have to be an interior decorator. So if you start looking at the advantage of [building in Farragut], it’s a unique moment in time. Blanchard and Calhoun are coming to Farragut and there’s a chance we can rebuild Aubrey’s in Farragut and actually upgrade our facilities.”

Burleson said he currently has an offer on the building from businessman Michael Harb, but that offer is contingent on a couple of factors, including an amendment passing through the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Should the sale go through, the Farragut location would close 45 days after the contract is signed.

Regardless of that outcome, Burleson said his store would celebrate its 15th anniversary of being in Farragut in February.


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