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Nov. 7: A West Kings Gate Drive man called police and stated that his son last saw the car as he left to run some errands. When he came back three hours later the vehicle was gone. The complainant said one of his neighbors saw a big red truck haul it off. The vehicle has not run for two years and was not insured.

Nov. 7: The owner of the Little Bangkok Restaurant on North Campbell Station Road stated to police that a customer came into his restaurant to pick up an order that he had placed and became very angry when he was told that he could not pay by check. The owner stated that the suspect ripped up his check and left without the food. The owner stated that the suspect called him at the restaurant and cursed him out. The owner then hung up on him and the suspect called back again and stated that he was going to come down there and beat him up. The owner stated he was a white male about 6 feet tall and weighing about 250 pounds.

Nov. 8: A worker at the Kenjo Market off North Campbell Station Road reported to police that a suspect entered the store and left with three 12-packs of Bud Light without paying. The suspect was described as a white male about 6-feet tall and weighing 190 pounds. The suspect left in a tan Range Rover with Texas tags. The tags were not on file.

Nov. 8: Police were called to Primary Care off Kingston Pike to investigate a complaint of a verbal argument at the office about money. The complainant stated that the suspect told her that she wanted the key to open the moneybag to retrieve some money for herself. The suspect is married to the owner of the business and is on the payroll. Both the owner and the complainant told the suspect that the money belonged to the business. At that time the suspect cut the moneybag with a pair of scissors and took $480 in cash. The suspect then left and spent the cash on clothes for herself and came back to the office. The owner/victim was advised of his domestic rights and if he also wanted to prosecute.

Nov. 9: A South Williamsburg Road man reported to police that he had been to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. The victim stated that he had a prescription of 12 hydrocodone pills filled and took four of them. He stated that he left the remaining medication on top of the television and left for a while. When he returned the medication was missing. The door was unlocked while he was away from the residence and there are no suspects.

Nov. 10: Police arrested an Oran Road man as part of a disturbance off Coolspring Boulevard. The arrestee had in his possession four pills, codeine and vicodan that he did not have a prescription for and one hit of what the arrestee stated was acid.

Nov. 10: A McFee Road man reported that hewas driving west on Kingston Pike when he attempted to pull into a church parking lot and hit the curb causing damage to the right front tire.

Nov. 11: A truck driver reported to police that he parked his vehicle, not in a parking spot, and went into a North Watt Road store to get a drink. The driver stated he was gone about three minutes and when he returned he found the mirror on his truck had been damaged. The driver of another truck stated he was attempting to pull onto the scales and accidentally struck the mirror.

Nov. 12: A Monticello Drive man reported to police that an unknown suspect had knocked his mailbox to the ground causing it to break.

Nov. 12: A Fort West Drive woman reported to police that she and her husband got into a verbal argument the previous night and he left for the night. The suspect returned this date and found a locksmith changing the locks on the house. Officers spoke with both parties and found there had been no violence or threats of violence made. Officers advised both parties of their rights under the domestic violence law and informed them if further assistance was needed to call 911.

Nov. 12: A Monticello Drive woman told police that someone had destroyed her mailbox. She advised that there were several other mailboxes in the neighborhood that had been damaged. There are no suspects at the time of the report.

Nov. 12: An Old Colony Parkway man reported to police that his mailbox was knocked over with a baseball bat and the post was damaged. The victim advised officers that neighbors heard a noise at around 10 p.m. There are no suspects.

Nov. 12: A Monticello Drive woman reported to police that unknown suspect(s) knocked her mailbox off of the wooden post. She believes this occurred sometime between 10 and 11 p.m. the previous night. She heard a loud noise that she at the time attributed to the washing machine. She did not discover the vandalism until 10 a.m. the morning of the report.

Nov. 12: A Woodchase Drive woman reported to police that sometime during the previous night her mailbox was vandalized. She stated that the mailbox had a large dent in it. She told officers that her neighbor told her that around 4:30 p.m. on the day of the report that a white male with salt and pepper hair in a red pickup truck with a child in the bed of the truck pulled into the complainants driveway and replaced the old damaged mailbox with a new one. The suspect then placed the old mailbox next to her garage door. The complainant advised she does not know anyone with a red pickup truck. Complainant was placed on a property watch.

Nov. 13: An East Kingsgate woman reported to police that sometime around 8 p.m. the previous night while she was gone, unknown person(s) destroyed her mailbox. The victim said it was a plastic mailbox and appeared to have been hit with a ball bat or similar object.


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