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• I so enjoyed the article, “Farragut group brings cheer to orphans.” Kudos to … the eight men who volunteered their time to bring boots to these children. And I hope that the farragutpress will cover more of these type articles. It was heartwarming, and this is wonderful work. Thanks so much.

• This is not really a comment, it’s a question. I don’t know who else can help us out on this: I was wanting to know if maybe there’s a Web site in which you can see how your national politicians have voted on certain issues? I would be very interested to see where [U.S. Rep.] Jimmy Duncan [R-Tenn.] voted on the Medicare Part-B Plan. If there is any way you could publish that for me, I’d love to see it.

• Seems to me as though we have a new addition to the Farragut area in graffiti, … all buildings, which are currently unoccupied. I just wonder what these folks who are defacing the wonderful town of Farragut with their graffiti would feel like it if they left their home for a week or two and came back to find it scrawled with spray painted words all over their house. Maybe they should be putting up cameras, taking pictures of these folks, making them do community service for the Farragut Board of Tourism.

• I am taken aback that some of our [Knox County government leaders] are proposing an increase in the property tax or charging a fee for Knox Countians to use the garbage and recycling centers. I think before they do that they should consider what the real problem is; and that problem is that people from other counties are using the facilities [such as] Loudon County and Anderson County in West Knoxville. They are located where they can only see the front of the car and not the tags, indicating which county people reside in. So if they want to solve the problem they need to move the trailer to the other side so they can see the tags and deny them that service. Or either have them to enter where they presently exit, so that they can see that people are using it from other counties. I have a colleague from Blount County who says he even drops off his garbage off on the way to work, so we Knox County taxpayers are having to pay to subsidize all these other counties, so we need to stop that. I know the waste management companies are powerful lobbyists, but taxpayers and voters are more powerful than they are. So, they need to take a look at the real problem rather than trying to raise taxes and charging fees, which won’t be necessary, if they do not permit vehicles from these other counties from using what Knox Countians have to pay for.


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