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• This is about the graffiti art, or eyesore. Well, it’s definitely not art. I think the ones that are doing it, when they’re caught they need to be held accountable for what they do. I think there should be some type of reward money put out for anybody seeing them people doing it. And if they’re caught and prosecuted a reward should be put out. And hanging them up and caning them, that would probably stop ’em too.

• My comment concerns the recent graffiti in the Farragut area. If we clean the graffiti up as soon as it happens, the graffiti artists will be much more discouraged in seeing that their hard work has been covered up. This is the only way to discourage this kind of activity.

• I’ve got somebody interested in the constable position you had in the paper there [proposed idea for Farragut in Jan. 11 throughthelens]. I think it would be a wonderful idea to have a constable.

• I found your recent editorial about business closings in Farragut rather interesting for what it failed to mention. What about that giant sucking sound to our east known as the Turkey Creek development? That’s what’s taking most of our businesses away. Let’s point the finger where it belongs. It’s not our town’s sign ordinance, that’s ridiculous. The main culprit: The Turkey Creek business development taking most of our


• Former President George Herbert Walker Bush deployed one-half million soldiers to prevent Iraq from invading Kuwait in 1991. Current President George W. Bush deployed only approximately 100,000 soldiers to invade, occupy, rebuild, convert Iraq to a democracy. After his death, it was revealed that President Gerald R. Ford disagreed with the invasion of Iraq and going to war to convert any sovereign country to a democracy. [A recent] Sunday on the Public Broadcasting stations, a roundtable of commentators asserted that George H.W. Bush privately agrees with the Ford position based on the fact that Saddam Hussein provided a civil war but also provided stability in the region with reference to Iran and that Hussein had a strong dislike for [Osama] bin Laden and his followers. Also, he probably didn’t agree that 100,000 troops were enough to meet the goal of taking over a sovereign country like Iraq. Also, I was reading my late-delivered paper about the young man that, if it is true, then it is a shame that the young man in Loudon County had to die for a worthless, unwanted cause.

• Not only are there people in the [Mayor] Bob Leonard Park walking and running their dogs off-leash, but now there are people who have two dogs off-leash. This presents a safety problem. And for everyone’s sake, please when you go to the Bob Leonard Park to walk or run, please keep your dogs on a leash at all times. It would be a shame for someone to get hurt because a dog was running loose without an owner.

• I would just like to thank the person who stole our UT orange magnet from the back of our pickup truck Jan. 4 at the Kroger parking lot in Northshore. I’m glad your life is so interesting you felt you had to steal a $4 magnet. Everybody, watch for all those items that do not directly attach to your vehicle. They could be stolen.

• Farragut needs to create a town police force. Vandalism is widespread in our community. But the problem goes well beyond graffiti or the destruction of mailboxes. Alcohol and drug use is common among Farragut teens. And many of these minors are out at all hours driving intoxicated. These same teens are the source of most vandalism, theft and burglary of residences. And they are the market for most of the drugs sold in our town. Currently, there seems to be no effort to control them. My own repeated complaints about drug and alcohol use among teens in my community have resulted in no action by the county Sheriff’s department. We desperately need a large town of Farragut police force, and one that will take a forcible approach to the criminal activity of teens in our community.

• [Truck stops] need to relocate [that are currently] near Turkey Creek [development]. With the recent expansion of Lovell Road it’s pretty much useless around the lunch hour. I don’t know why the truckers would actually want to get off there, but they do and I guess they don’t know any better. … Relocate to another exit further from town. Turkey Creek will just continue to grow and attract more traffic and I really think we need to address this. Anyone’s comments would be greatly appreciated.

• I noticed that the farragutpress editorial noted that Farragut was picked to be one of the best places to do business, yet it is difficult to wonder of those who own the businesses in Farragut close them for lack of support and the citizens feel the same way. When that report came out, it was obviously flawed from a number of perspectives. The farragutpress did nothing to examine that report. They failed miserably in your journalistic responsibility to examine to find out if it really was valid in its conclusions that it’s a great place to do business. In fact, Farragut should be a good place to do business. It is not a good place to do business for a number of reasons, many of which have been brought up in many past mayoral campaigns. But I don’t see farragutpress meeting its journalistic obligation to really investigate these issues. … You’re pointing out the weakness of this paper as a community newspaper. You serve as a mouthpiece for the local government, you don’t really look critically into these issues. I think that if you did look critically at that issue, at that report when it came out it was obviously flawed from a number of perspectives.

Editor’s Note: You seem to be confusing issues. Farragut is indeed a great place to do business in the retail sense, which is what the award to the town was all about. The town has many modern up-to-date commercial properties available to open and conduct a retail business. The town levies no additional sales tax and, with the exception of strict signage laws similar to other communities around the country, has little or no town government interference in the operation of a business. The magazine that presented its award to the town set its criteria. If you have an issue with its editors’ judgement take it up with them. If you are referring to building in the town, then that is a different issue, which has been covered in depth in the pages of farragutpress.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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