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• Although I am extremely pleased that the Supreme Court of Tennessee has upheld the term limits, approved overwhelmingly by the Knox County citizens, I’m a little confused. I’d like to know why [law enforcement personnel] is considered a part of this group when [it] is not legislative or political, [but] law enforcement? …

• I think that we have to be very careful when we call these people artists. I noticed the same thing out in California, they called them artist and eventually it led to local cities passing ordinances for them to paint certain areas or certain tunnels or bridges. This is not art, it is absolutely vandalism and I think it should be treated that way and I think the penalty should be very stiff. Otherwise you’re going to find the sidewalks and everything else painted, just like California. You can’t walk down the sidewalk without seeing that, it’s just terribly ugly.

• Wasn’t the term limit vote “from the people” back in 1994 just a way for “the people” to be saved from themselves? Couldn’t “the will of the people” surface on Election Day by simply getting rid of these career politicians by a count of the votes? If you want rid of a career politician, simply vote them out of office. It’s as if “the people” don’t know what they want: you vote to keep re-electing such-and-such county commissioner then, in 1994, you say — in effect — “save us from ourselves” and start enforcing term limits.

• I’m calling regarding the flag thing flown all over Farragut. Some are flying at the top of the flagpole, others are half-mast. They’re all supposed to be half-mast, as I understand it, ’til Jan. 24, related to President [Gerald] Ford passing away. It is absolutely ridiculous that anybody that owns a flag and flies a flag doesn’t know the rules of the flag. It’s a sad, sad commentary on Americans. They should learn more about the flag if they are going to fly the flag.

• It’s a great day for Knox County, it’s a great day for the taxpayers. The Tennessee Supreme Court has spoken. The highest court in the state has ruled with you, the citizens: term limits do apply. This is cause for great joy. And a word to any official that wants to fight the will of the people, watch out. … don’t even think of fighting this in court. … Officials having to be pulled out of their office from oversized office chairs are the reason term limits are needed. Don’t fight the will of the people; you can and should and will be replaced.

• About that giant sucking sound know as Turkey Creek, we will have to get used to it. That sucking sound was created by the wealthy to serve the wealthy. Have you seen the prices in the stores around there? It is the same people who build only huge homes worth several hundred thousand dollars just to cater to the rich and the northerners who come down looking for cheap living just so they can buy their great big mansions they couldn’t afford up there. And the rest of us who can’t afford to spend more than $200,000 have to settle for old and cold houses in the bad sections of town. Hats off to the builders. … The sign posted off Northshore is a classic: “Impeach Bush for Iraq/Lies, Lies, Lies/3,000 U.S. Dead.” How true it is. You ask where I stand on the war in Iraq? I was against it before it even started, and I am probably even more against it now. Why? Well, let’s see. There’s the obvious loss of thousands of U.S. soldiers, not to mention all the innocent Middle East civilians that have been killed. And all those WMDs that were never found. And let’s not forget about the president’s power-hungry personality, wanting to control everything, do it his way and get back at what they did to daddy years ago. Did you hear the story of the Afghan family whose father and 13-year-old girl were killed in a raid for a suspected terrorist that never even set foot through the family’s door? We have to realize that our soldiers are not his toys. And if that’s what he thinks, let them send the First Daughters over there, too. Besides, are we really accomplishing anything there anyway, except making the people hate us more? And you know what, they have every right to hate us. I almost agree with them.

• You had an article about Wildwings coming on Campbell Station Road several months ago. Could you tell me what happened to that? And also, the article you had every week from Phillip Martin at First Baptist Concord, it was my favorite part of the paper and I haven’t seen it lately. Is it just discontinued for a while or is it totally gone? I hope you can get it back.

• This is in response to the request for additional comments on the truckstops on Lovell Road. It doesn’t make sense to punish an established business for the lack of zoning and development responsibility to provide better traffic flow in and out of the new Turkey Creek area. Both Knoxville and Farragut have failed to manage any traffic flow whatsoever coming in and out of there. It’s not the businesses, it’s the cities allowing us to drive in and out.

• Friends of mine who live in various neighborhoods think the [zoning proposal where most Farragut students remain in the FHS zone] now stands and they are safely zoned for Farragut High School. Everyone needs to know that is not true. The proposal was dead on arrival with the School Board and the current plan is now a blank page. Although they had to delay a final decision on what the new zone will be, officials are still very focused on getting the numbers they need for the new Hardin Valley High School on loan from Farragut High School alone. Factors for consideration do not just include neighborhoods closest in distance, but also those with easier access near Grigsby Chapel Road and 1-40. The bottom line is that no one is safe. If you are part of the Farragut High School community and wish to remain so, you need to be aware and stay involved in this issue.

• Regarding the Farragut graffiti. To those doing it - PLEASE stop it! At least until you have taken a couple of art lessons. You are an embarrassment to our fine community. Your’s is amongst the worst I”ve ever seen. Please go back to elementary school for some refresher art courses. Of course - this comment is contingent on you being literate enough to read this.


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