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• Nov. 18: A Harrow Road woman reported to police that she and her boyfriend, who resides at the same address, got into a verbal argument when the victim asked the suspect to leave the residence. When officers arrived, the suspect had already left the residence. The victim was advised of process to obtain an order of protection.

• Nov. 19: Officers responded to a Brookstone Drive residence to investigate a report of damage to the victim’s yard. Upon arrival, officer saw no visible damage, only a tire track that disappeared shortly after it was seen. The victim stated that there are sprinklers in that area of the property and could be damaged. The suspect vehicle was a large bucket truck that belonged to a tree service who was contracted by the homeowners association of the Brixworth Subdivision to cut trees throughout the neighborhood.

• Nov. 20: An Applegate Lane woman notified police that she was on Smith Road and Grigsby Chapel Road on the night of Nov. 18 when something hit her vehicle. The complainant advised that she thought she had hit an animal and went back two different times to see if she could find something that she had hit. The complainant advised that she did not find out that her vehicle had been hit with eggs until she got to her home. The vehicle was hit on the driver’s side front wheel well with three eggs and the paint was heavily damaged.

• Nov. 21: Police responded to Baptist Hospital West concerning a dog bite. The victim, a Bar Harbour Way woman, stated that while she was playing with her dog, it bit her on the hand.

• Nov. 21: Police responded to an alarm at Nationwide Insurance off South Campbell Station Road. Upon officer’s arrival, the building was secure.

• Nov. 21: Police were called to the Blue Beacon Truck Wash off Palestine Drive to investigate a theft of night deposits from the floor safe. The previous night, the cashier deposited money into the floor safe. However, it was her first night on the job and she dropped the bag into the safe incorrectly. According to the complainant, the cashier needed to plunge the bag into the safe with a stick. The complainant feels that the cashier did not completely insert the bag into the safe, leaving a corner of the bag exposed that would allow anyone to pull the bag back out. The complainant contacted the cashier who was extremely upset and stated that she put the money in the safe. Since it was the cashier’s first night and not knowing the routine, the complainant feels that the cashier is not responsible for the theft of the money.

• Nov. 21: Police responded to Subway on West End Avenue on an attempted burglary to the business. Upon officers’ arrival, the complainant stated the rear door to the business had been pried around the top hinges and damaged the door.

• Nov. 22: A guest at the Baymont Hotel off Campbell Lakes Drive reported to police that she left her hotel room to go across the street to eat at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. The victim almost immediately realized that she had not put on her rings before leaving her hotel room. The victim immediately returned to her room to retrieve her jewelry, all within 20 minutes of her initially leaving the room. The victim discovered that her room had been cleaned by the maid staff during her absence and discovered her jewelry was gone. The officer, along with the victim and hotel staff made many attempts to track down all possible scenarios that could lead to its recovery but the jewelry was never recovered. Jewelry was valued at $1,500.

• Nov. 22: The manager of the Super 8 Motel off Snyder Road reported to police that a guest paid for a room with a counterfeit $500 traveler’s check. This happened on Nov. 7 and the bank returned the check to the motel and advised them that it was fake.

• Nov. 23: Police responded to Petro’s off North Watt Road to a call of a victim at this place of business being uncooperative with security at the business. The victim told the officer he was depressed and had taken 50 Paxils and consumed an unknown amount of alcohol. EMS responded to the scene and transported the victim to Oak Ridge Methodist Medical Center for an evaluation and possible treatment for overdose.

• Nov. 24: Police responded to a Sonja Drive residence on a report of a disturbance. The suspect, a friend of the victim, had first called officers out to the address to get some personal property out of the victim’s house. The suspect stated the victim had been letting her and her husband live with him for a while. The suspect stated all of a sudden the victim refused to let them back in to get their belongings. The suspect stated she was afraid the victim was going to sell her property and prescriptions for crack cocaine. The suspect further stated they were attempting to move out because they didn’t realize the victim’s house was a crack house. Officers attempted to make contact with the victim but he would not come to the door. The suspect was advised of her rights on how to get her property back. Approximately 30 minutes later, the victim called police out to his residence stating he had been assaulted by the suspect. The victim stated that the suspect apparently used a key to enter the residence so she could get her belongings. The victim stated at some point the suspect punched him in the face. The victim had a small cut over his left eye. The victim refused medical treatment. The suspect was gone upon officers’ arrival.

• Nov. 24: Police responded to a domestic standby at a Taylors Landing Drive residence. The complainant stated he had been served with an order of protection filed by his wife. Complainant requested officers assist him in getting some clothing and medication and he was escorted to the residence. The suspect was not at home at the time and complainant was able to get his personal items without incident. Complainant left the residence with


• Nov. 24: A Grigsby Chapel Road woman reported to police that she last remembered using her credit card on Sunday, Nov. 19, at the Target off Parkside Drive. The complainant is not sure that this is exactly where the credit was stolen, but she believes that it was at this location. When the complainant realized that her credit card was gone, she spoke with the security office at Target, who does have a videotape of her leaving the store. The credit had been used at several places, including Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Walgreen’s, and Texas Roadhouse, with a total of more than $4,000 being charged fraudulently to her card. The complainant was referred to fraud and forgery detectives.

• Nov. 24: Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a West Kingsgate Drive residence. Upon officer’s arrival, the suspect stated the victim and his brother were at a neighbor’s residence playing with his children outside when the suspect heard the children cursing and insulting the suspect’s children who were also playing outside. The suspect stated he was outraged and went next door and went inside the neighbor’s residence where the victim was and grabbed him by the shirt and was slinging him around and yelling at him. The victim stated when the suspect grabbed him by the shirt he said, “I am going to kill you!” Officer called the victim’s father at work and advised him of the situation and he advised the officer he did not want to press charges at this time.

• Nov. 24: At 5:26 p.m. two suspects entered the First Tennessee Bank on Parkside Drive. Suspect No.1 approached the counter while Suspect No. 2 stood at a counter away from the tellers. Suspect No. 1 gave the teller a blue moneybag containing a note stating this was a robbery and to put money into the bag. The teller activated the alarm and complied with the note. Both suspects fled the bank on foot. The investigation is



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