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Former Andover resident weighs-in on LCUB easement issue

I am writing to express my disappointment in the recent farragutpress articles about tree-cutting in the Andover subdivision (Issue 19, Vol. 19, Jan. 18, 2007). I feel these articles accentuated the wrong aspects of a

significant story. I have two


First, two articles, one about the FBMA meeting and one about Andover itself, mainly concerned the complaints of only two residents. Deep in the article about Andover, you quoted the president of the Andover Place Board of Directors, who noted there had been few complaints, and that work he had seen had been done within the 100-foot easement owned by LCUB. Despite the broader nature of this comment, the vocal complaints of two people received extensive quotes and coverage. The difference in emphasis leads to an impression, different from reality, that many are dissatisfied.

Second, these vocal complaints are not only unrepresentative, they are out of place as news. Anyone who buys property next to an easement should know the easement owner has first rights regarding usage. The electrical easement predates Andover, and LCUB may make whatever improvements needed. If one can not tolerate the reality, the solution is not to buy property adjacent to an easement. Paradoxically, the very people who complain so loudly about easement cutting might complain if their power were lost to a falling tree. These sorts of complaints are just not newsworthy.

As a former resident of Andover, I recognized the very trees shown topped and cut down. None of us, I believe, support the wanton cutting of trees for construction. Despite these feelings, there is no question the utility has control over their easement, and that their actions are reasonable in pursuit of improved electrical service.

Living next to an easement gives the impression of having a larger yard. The reality comes home when easement work is necessary. This is a simple truth, and not worthy of one let alone two stories in your paper.


Theodore Tsaltas



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