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• Dec. 2: Officer responded to Watt Road and Lady Slipper Lane for a vehicle accident. Upon officer’s arrival the driver was gone. Driver showed up after a few minutes, with a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. The suspect’s eyes were red and watery. The suspects stated he had a head injury from the accident and refused fielf sobriety tests. He also refused to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol and/or drug content of his blood. Suspect stated that he fell asleep which caused his vehicle to run off the road. EMS transported the suspect to Parkwest Medical Center to be treated.

• Dec. 4: Officers were dispatched to Hughlan Drive to investigate a domestic matter. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim who stated that she and her estranged husband (suspect) have been going through a divorce for the past year. The victim told officers that the suspect came over and started to argue with her about insignificant matters. According to the victim, the suspect has been gone for a year, and is living in Maryville with another women. Several times a week the suspect goes to the victim’s residence and causes trouble. The suspect searches through the victims mail, looks through the drawers and complains about everything, just to start a fight. Officers gave the victim a family crisis card and advised her about remedies concerning domestic abuse and orders of protection.

• Dec. 4: Officers received a call at (TDS Telecom). The victim/complainant stated that some time between 11-06-2006, and 12-03-2006 someone took some rare and collectible money from her residence on Chaho Road. The victim had no suspect at the time of the report. The victim stated to police the residence has not been


• Dec. 4: Complainant stated to police someone had stolen her Gateway laptop computer from her vehicle. Vehicle doors had been left unlocked, no damage was made. Serial number to the computer is unknown.

• Dec. 5: On Saturday Dec. 2, 2006, the complainant was traveling in a northerly direction on Harvey Road., just south of Boyd Station Road. The complainant stated to police that an unknown, oncoming vehicle approached him. The lights on the vehicle were too bright and blinded him. As a result, the complainant’s vehicle left the roadway and bottomed out in a culvert, causing extensive damage to the undercarriage. Additionally, the vehicle also side swiped a tree, causing damage to the passengers side. The total estimated damage to the vehicle was approximately $4,000.

• Dec. 5: The reporting officer was dispatched to Boyd Station Road. to investigate a residential alarm. Upon arrival, the officer observed that the front door of the residence was standing open; additionally, the officer observed that a screen was laying in the front flower bed and the lower portion of the front window had been destroyed. The officer immediately called for an additional unit. Upon arrival of the second officer, officers made entry into the residence, cleared it, and found no suspects on the premises. The officers conducted a walk-through of the residence with the victim. The victim observed that the items listed had been stolen. X-ray 7 responded and processed the scene. There are no named suspects in this case.

• Dec. 4: The victim advised police that he and the suspect got into a verbal argument over the victim’s children and a upcoming birthday party. The suspect left the residence for the night.

• Dec. 6: The victim stated to police that the suspect was on the phone and he had the shower water running at the same time. The victim disconnected the phone and told the suspect that it was either the phone or the shower but not both. The victim and the suspect then began arguing over who would get to keep possession of the phone. The victim then attempted to take the phone from the suspect. The victim and the suspect attempted to tug the phone away from each other. The victim stated that the suspect pushed her down and the suspect stated that the victim pushed her down. Officers did not observe any signs of physical violence. Officers could not determine a primary aggressor. The victim and the suspect both stated that they were scheduled for counseling on Dec. 7 for issues they are having.

• Dec. 6: The victim stated to police that between Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, persons unknown stole a backpack off his front porch, which contained a portable CD player and some medication. The victim said he accidentally left the backpack on the porch and when he went to get it, it was gone.

• Dec. 7: The victim stated to police she was trying to help her boyfriend with putting blinds up in her new residence. The victim stated to police she put several blinds up for the suspect and left a drill with the suspect to finish. After several months the victim stated she tried to get her tools back. The victim stated the suspect became angry at her and brought her tools to her work causing a scene. The victim stated the suspect called her house approximately 15 times within an hour harassing her about not being a true friend.

• Dec. 7: Officer received a call at Dundee Road. The complainant/caretaker stated he walked in the victim’s room and found the victim deceased in her bed. The victim was a hospice patient and had a valid DNR order. The hospice nurse was not present at the time of death. The victim suffered from severe dementia and had a pace maker. The victims primary doctor had just got out of Baptist West Hospital Saturday, Dec. 2. The medical examiner was notified. The victims body was released to Holy Gamble Funeral Home in Clinton.

• Dec. 8: The victim stated to police that the suspect (victims wife) and himself are seperated and are going through a divorce. Victim stated that the suspect and witness arrived at his residence to drop off their minor child for his visitation. Victim stated that the suspect wanted to come inside to make sure his heat was fixed and he allowed her to do so. Victim stated that after the suspect checked the heat he asked her to leave. Victim stated that the suspect then started a verbal argument with him over child support money and refused to leave. Suspect stated that she was not trying to start trouble with the victim but needed the child support money. Suspect left without further incident.

• Dec. 8: Complainant stated to police while her vehicle was parked at Cracker Barrell on N. Campbell Station Road someone had busted the passenger side window and stole her purse and its contents. No suspects at this time.

• Dec. 8: Officer received a call at Palistine Drive (Blue Beacon Car Wash). The victim/employee stated that Nov. 22, someone had stolen his payroll debit card from the office desk and stated there was $120 on the card. The victim stated that some of the employees at Blue Beacon Car Wash told him that they saw the suspect, who was an employee at the time, with the victim’s card. The suspect quit his job at the car wash shortly after the incident.

• Dec. 11: Officers responded to Campbell Station Road for a burglary of an item in a vehicle. Upon officer’s arrival, the complainant stated that on 12-08-06 she had her business laptop computer stolen out of her vehicle. Complainant stated that the only two places where it could have been taken out of her vehicle would have been in the parking lot of Bonefish Grill off Parkside Drive or the parking lot of Weigel’s off Campbell Station Road. Complainant stated she thought she had locked the doors when in both locations.

• Dec. 11: The complainant stated to police that he left a semi trailer at Petros Truck Stop and when he returned to pick it up, found it had been hit. The trailer suffered some minor damage to the front left corner, where it had been struck by another trailer. The suspect had left the scene.

• Dec. 12: Officers were dispatched to Candlenut Lane for a domestic standby. Upon arrival officers spoke with complainant/victim. She stated she wanted to get her belongings and her SSI check. Officers were told her father/suspect grabbed her by the arm to move her so as to see her boyfriend, who was sitting in the car. The victim gathered her things and left the premises.

• Dec. 12: The complainant stated to police that she was having construction work done at her residence at Big Tree Drive and was recommended by Spratt Construction Company that the suspect could repair the fireplace. The suspect advised the complainant that it would cost $2,000 for the repair work but would need $1,000 to purchase the materials. The complainant paid the suspect with a check drawn on AmSouth Bank. The suspect cashed the check and did not return to her residence and no work was ever done on the fireplace.

• Dec. 13: A Natchez Avenue complainant stated that she, the victim, and suspect were both in an argument over victim’s paycheck and suspect’s key. Both parties alleged that the other party was threatening and cursing. Both parties were advised of civil course of action.

• Dec. 14: Police were dispatched to a disturbance at Papa John’s Pizza to investigate an intoxicated male that got into the store after the doors locked. Upon arrival, officers observed a male fitting the description, walking in the alley, behind Papa John’s Pizza. During the interview process, the officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol about the defendant’s person and breath. The defendant, a homeless man, had slurred speech, an unsteady gait and bloodshot eyes. The defendant was taken into custody because he was unable to care for himself and was a potential danger to others. During the property inventory process in the intake center officers discovered the following items in the defendant’s backpack: hypodermic needles, crack pipe, 1-inch by 1-inch plastic baggies with playing card clubs printed on the outside, brillo pad, glass eye dropper, butane lighter, metal strainer and three metal push rods.

• Dec. 14: A Charing Road complainant advised police that someone has stolen two of her credit cards from her purse while she was at work. Her purse was in a desk at the antique store. Complainant advises that she did not know the cards were misisng until she was contacted by her credit card company asking about charges that were on her card. No suspects.

• Dec. 14: Victim stated to police that every week the farragutpress delivers a paper to his residence by throwing it into his yard. Victim has repeatedly called them and asked them to stop the delivery, but it continues.

• Dec. 15: Officers were dispatched to Roane Drive to investigate a domestic matter between a mother (victim) and her son (suspect). Upon arrival, officers met with both parties. The victim, who spoke very little English (daughter interpreter), stated that her 19-year-old son wanted to go to a party in Maryville, but she did not want him to go. The suspect began yelling and cursing at the victim, the suspect told the victim that this was America, it was his car, he’s an adult, and could do what he wanted. The suspect was allowed to leave, and did so without incident. Both officers advised the victim of her parental rights and issued her a family crisis card.


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