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police reports

• Dec. 16: Officers responded to Kohl’s Department Store for a female shoplifter. Complainant stated that he witnessed the suspect conceal $986.97 worth of clothing and other miscellaneous items with the intent to deprive the owner without paying for them. The complainant was taken to the commissioner to obtain a warrant for the suspect.

• Dec. 17: A Fox Den Drive citizen phoned 911 and advised that he had witnessed a argument between a man and a women in front of his residence, that the woman got out of a red SUV and started walking and that the SUV pulled in front of her and the man got out and was arguing with the woman. The man took the woman and put her back into the vehicle and they left, but the complainant did get the license number. The tag came back to the suspect and officers responded to that address and found the victim out walking her dog. The victim stated that yes, she and the suspect did get into an argument and she got out of the vehicle, because she was mad. The victim stated that the suspect did take her by the arm and made her get back into the vehicle. The victim stated that she was not injured or hurt and that the suspect brought her home and he left for the grocery store.

• Dec. 17: A Sportsman Cove Way woman reported to police that she had her vehicle parked in the parking lot of First Baptist Church, Concord. When she returned to the vehicle, the right front window had been broken out and a checkbook that had been laying on the front seat was missing.

• Dec. 18: A Smith Road resident stated to police that on this day he left for work. Suspect stated when he returned home he discovered two of his inflatable Christmas decorations had been punctured several times. The suspect states the he will file with his homeowners insurance.

• Dec. 18: Police responded to a Parkside Drive building site where a complainant stated that unknown persons drilled a hole in a lock, which held a tool box secure. Once inside, a canvas bag containing tools were stolen. No suspects at this time.

• Dec. 19: Kohl’s in Farragut Loss Prevention caught three suspects leaving the business with more than $600 worth of baby clothing. Suspects were caught in the parking lot after passing the cash register without paying. Each suspect was advised by Kohl’s Loss Prevention officials that they would obtain warrants and they were not allowed back on the property.

• Dec. 19: A St. John’s Court complainant advises police that the listed license plate has been lost. It is unknown where it was lost.

• Dec. 19: Police were advised by a Spring Branch Lane woman that on Dec. 17 she received an e-mail from what he thought was Bank of America requesting account information and his online ID. After entering his online ID, the victim then changed his e-mail information. On Dec. 19 at 6 a.m., the victim checked his account and noticed that a check was in the process of being sent to a person in California. The victim immediately called the bank and stopped the check from being sent. He additionally filed a fraudulent report within his bank. The victim did not lose any money from his account.

• Dec. 19: A worker at the Walgreen’s Drug Store off Kingston Pike in Farragut stated to police that he had seen the suspect pass the cash register with a pocketbook full of razors and confronted them. The suspect had $261 worth of razor blades stuffed in her purse. The complainant stated he would go file the warrant the following day. The suspect was accompanied by her 3-year-old son at the time of the incident. The suspect was advised not to return to any Walgreen’s by the complainant.

• Dec. 20: Officer responded to a gas drive off at the Pilot fueling center off Lovell Road. Upon officers’ arrival the complainant stated that the suspect pumped $40 in gasoline into his vehicle and drove off without paying for it. Unknown description of suspects.

• Dec. 20: A Gwinhurst Road resident told police she received her new tag in the mail in approximately October 2006. The victim said she was moving at the same time and has decided she must have accidentally thrown them away. She has been looking but has not yet been able to find them. She was required to file a report before getting a replacement tag

• Dec. 21: Police responded to a Concord Woods Drive residence where the victim stated to police that suspect, victim’s live-in boyfriend, started a verbal argument with her over money. Victim stated that the suspect then punched her in the face causing swelling over her right eye. Victim stated that she then left the residence to get away from the


• Dec. 21: Officer stated that the complainant put her purse in the front seat of her vehicle while she went to the trunk of the vehicle to put the items in it. She advises that she then put the grocery buggy in the area reserved for the buggies and went back and got into her vehicle. Complainant advises that she then went to another destination and when she started to get out of her vehicle she discovered that her purse with its contents were gone. Complainant advises that the door to the vehicle was open when she got into it at the grocery store but thinks that she left it open while she put the items into the trunk. No suspects. Incident occurred off Kingston Pike.

• Dec. 21: Officers responded to Ackley Road on an alarm that was called in by ADT. When officers arrived a rear door was found unsecured. Officers cleared the residence without incident. The rear door was secured back by officers. This is one history of an alarm at this address.


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