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Over the past few weeks several good ideas for government have surfaced via farragutpress presstalk.

One of which is support for red light cameras at certain locations in the town of Farragut. So far, it seems most of the myths circulated by anti-camera activists have been dispelled ó increase of rear-end collisions and high cost to name a few.

What is noticable about the intersections is that some people are being more cautious at these intersections and actually slowing down, creating a safer environment for others. Still, there are those who totally disregard red lights, cameras and all, and continue to drive recklessly. Perhaps the authorities should consider jail time for repeat offenders.

We support the installation of red light cameras in hopes that fewer accidents will be the result.

Another issue that has surfaced is the town of Farragut initiating term limits and an anti-nepotism policies.

Voters and taxpayers in the City of Knoxville and Knox County have voted for term limits, and itís time Farragut followed suit and passed similar policy.

Yes, many good ideas have come to light through presstalk. Isnít it wonderful that the Bill of Rights grants people the ability to freely speak out politically and anonymously if they choose.

There are some who wish to quash this right, the First Amendment.

We the people should never let them.


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