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• I live in West Knoxville, just outside the Farragut line, and last year — late in the year, I don’t remember which month — I was heading west on Kingston Pike and was going to turn on Concord Road, turn left. As I started to turn left a car ran the red light and hit the right side of my car and kept on going. It was a hit-and-run. The damage was near $2,000. And I think a camera at this location, as well as some of the others, would certainly be indicated in an effort to reduce accidents. Especially hit-and-run.

• I am absolutely against the installation of traffic cameras in the Farragut community. I’m a careful driver, yet I purposely avoid exiting at the Cedar Bluff or the Lovell Road interchanges because I cannot afford the possibility of receiving a $50 ticket. We are trying to build business in Farragut, not promote barriers, which would have people reluctant to visit our community.

• I just read the [through the lens] about the red light cameras in selected locations. Actually, I think that’s a wonderful idea because you obviously don’t get the police coverage, or sheriff’s coverage, from Knoxville that we should get so let’s go ahead and do it because right now all the Sheriff’s Department people are in [a convenience store]. Go ahead and do it, and we’ll see where it lands.

• Members of the Fox Den Home[owners] Association voted they did not want sidewalks in our neighborhood. The city of Farragut could spend the $500,000, estimated cost, for additional streetlights, red lights and tennis courts in area community parks to benefit the whole neighborhood. We have underground utilities and do not want them covered with sidewalks coming eight feet into our yards. The utilities have been down for approximately 35 years, and in another 10 years they may need replacing. At that time those proposed sidewalks might have to be re-dug and replaced when utilities are replaced. That excessive cost is not needed for Fox Den.

• It appears that the city of Farragut leaders are trying to ram this red light revenue generation measure down our throats. I think we need to get rid of them just like we need to get rid of the Knox County Commissioners.

• Yes, we most definitely need a red light [camera] on most of our major intersections in Farragut. And we also need to find a way to enforce people to use the stop signs, which apparently don’t exist for a large population because they’re so busy on their cell phones.

• I hope that the ordinance that the town of Farragut is going to pass concerning ethics includes the provision of term limits for elected officials as well as an anti-nepotism portion.

• I just read in the farragutpress, dated Feb. 15, I read in there an individual wrote in and said that the crossing guard person was a waste of the county’s money at the schools. I absolutely disagree with this person. I go back and forth to that school every day and to the intermediate school, which is the road that goes up from Kingston Pike up to all three schools [Farragut High School, FMS and FIS] and she does a wonderful job. I don’t know what we would do without her being there.

• Regarding the red light cameras in Farragut, it is our understanding they have caused more rear-end collisions than they have helped. No, we do not need red light cameras. This also goes for the City of Knoxville. And this is stopping many tourists coming through Knoxville going to the ballgames and the Great Smoky Mountain areas. They are now traveling Highway 321. I know this wouldn’t help shop Farragut any — most stores now are leaving and moving out of Farragut. ... It is a shame Farragut would neglect a red light at Everett Road that’s so badly needed and install two red lights turning into Campbell Station Lakes off of Parkside Drive. One of those has not been activated yet. Is the owner of this property connected directly with city of Farragut politicians, or work on their committee? We need a new mayor and aldermen. At the same time, look at the three and four-story buildings going up in Farragut. Who cares about the signs? Maybe some of the tree-huggers.

• It’s very hard to understand why women would still leave their purses in the car in plain view, after so many windows have been broken and purses stolen. We see it all the time, we hear about it all the time. Why do they think that it’s going to be safe there? At least put it in your trunk or carry it on your arm.

• I’m calling about the announced replacement of the bridge over Turkey Creek branch. [inaudible] You have McFee Road under construction, you have bridge over the inlet to the bay under construction by the county near Concord Park. That leaves only two methods of egress from all the subdivisions surrounding that would be at Concord Road and through the subdivisions into Peterson Road and out to Kingston Pike. ... Perhaps they could build the bridge opposite the cemetery road and build it without tearing down the old bridge, for later.

• As for the cameras at the red light at Smith Road and Kingston Pike, I don’t notice people running those lights. So I don’t think that we need them at this particular time. And it is an added expense, which I think we should try to avoid.

• In response to the person’s comments about the crossing guard for the Farragut schools, I could not disagree with this person’s comments more. The crossing guard, who is a female, does an excellent job. She moves traffic, hundreds of cars, through that intersection like, in moments. She may have an appointment, she may get tied up at the primary school, which she works at first. I’m sure there’s a valid reason — and she does an excellent job, she is always smiling. She’s incredible and we can’t do without her. I completely disagree, and am very appalled at the person’s comments about this guard. She is fantastic, and I thank the Lord for her every day because I’m not waiting because of her efforts. She’s wonderful.


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