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police reports

• Dec. 22: Officers responded to View Harbor Road to a report of a burglary in progress. The victim advised he heard someone climbing through the dog door of his back door. The victim went to the rear of the house toward the back door. The victim encountered the suspects who had made entry into his residence without his consent. The victim began to struggle with suspect number three, during which time suspect number three attempted to strike the victim with a closed fist. Suspect No. 1, fled the scene. Suspect No. 2, attempted to flee the scene but was detained by the victim. The victim was able to detain suspect number two and suspect number three until officers arrived. Suspect number one later returned to the residence and was taken into custody.

• Dec. 22: Officers responded to Sugarwood Subdivision. The victim flagged down officers. Victim stated that an unknown suspect(s) lit a fire cracker and threw it into his mail box. The fire cracker blew a whole in the rear of the box. The reporting officer assured the victim that the Sugarwood Subdivisions patrols would increase, especially during the overnight hours.

• Dec. 22: Officers report that on Dec. 21, 2006, the victim received an e-mail. The content of the e-mail stated that he was a representative of Pacsun and that an item was shipped to the victim’s residence by mistake. The e-mail went on to say that once the package was received, collect it and one of Pacsun’s reps would pick it up. The victim began investigating the purchase because neither he, nor his wife, ordered anything from Pacsun. The victim discovered that a Visa card from U.S. Bank was used to order $133.46 worth of clothing. The Visa card was in the victim’s name. The victim does not posess a Visa and never has. The merchandise was supposed to be shipped to the Gastonia, N.C., address under the suspect’s name.

• Dec. 22: Officers were dispatched to Kingston Pike on an assault call. The victim stated that the suspect had hit her in the head and pushed her down a flight of stairs. She had a small bruise and swelling above her left eye and several small abrasions on her stomach. The victim stated she may be pregnant. She said that they had been in an argument earlier in the morning. The argument was about the suspect leaving and driving drunk. EMS checked on the wellfare of the victim. The victim was taken to safe place by her mother. The victim was advised of prosecutorial options.

• Dec. 23: Officers answered an alarm call at the Farragut Post Office. Officers checked all doors and windows and they appeared secure.

• Dec. 23: Officer was dispatched to Chaho Road to investigate a theft of a gun. The reporting officer met with the complainant. He stated that this morning he was in the garage and discovered that the firearm, located above the washer and dryer, had been stolen. The victim stated that the last time she saw the gun was Dec. 9, 2006. The victim, nor the complainant, knew the make, model or serial number of the firearm. There are, at the time of this report, no viable suspects in the case.

• Dec. 23: Officers reported that the victim’s car was parked on Watt Road when an unknown person(s) broke into his vehicle. The back passenger side window was broken out to gain access. The vehicle had been broken down and had been sitting for a couple days. Insurance liability only.

• Dec. 23: Reporting officer was dispatched to the Knox/Loudon County Line to meet with the Lenoir City P.D. Lenoir City had, in custody a suspect. Who had an outstanding Nia Capas in Knox County. The suspect was transported to Knox County intake processing without incident.

• Dec. 25: Officers responded to a traffic incident. Both victims were traveling eastbound on I-40 near the Campbell Station exit. Both victim vehicles struck a road hazard (tire) in their lane of traffic. The Honda Accord sustained damage to the driver’s side front airdam, front left fender, tire and rim. The vehicle’s owner changed the tire and continued traveling without further assistance. The Chevrolet van sustained damage to the driver’s running board. Roadside repairs were not needed for the vehicle to continue traveling.

• Dec. 25: Officer reported that the owner of a vehicle who is also the complainant found damage to the drivers door of his vehicle. The damage appears to be a door ding from another vehicle. The victim believed it to be done in a direct attempt of maliciousness from his ex-wife. The victim did not see anyone cause the damage nor does the victim know of anyone who witnessed the damage being done.

• Dec. 25: Police report that a victim stated that she was on Kingston Pike with her child when the suspect became angry and started and argument with the victim. The victim retreated to her vehicle and the suspect followed. The suspect threw a cigarette at the victim’s child and struck him in the head. At this time the victim rolled her window up and the suspect proceeded to kick her driver side class window but no damage came from the action. The suspect continued to kick the vehicle and did cause damage to the hood of the vehicle. When the victim stated that she was going to call the police the suspect left the


• Dec. 25: Police responded to a call on Broadwood Dr. where the victim stated that the suspect was purposely keeping his children from him on Christmas because the victim refused to sign legal documents pertaining to the custody of their children. The victim stated that he had legal custody papers outlining custody dates but did not have this information on his person. The victim was advised of his rights and given a written statement of his rights under the domestic violence law.

• Dec. 26: Police officer was dispatched to Monticello Drive where the victim stated she and the suspect got into an argument and she took the suspect’s cell phone. The victim stated the suspect was screaming at her and trying to get her cell phone back, which scared the victim’s younger daughter and she phoned 911. The victim stated that the suspect calmed down and they were talking trying to work out their problems.

• Dec. 26: Police officer was dispatched on Dec. 25, 2006, to Somersworth Drive. The victim stated the items were stolen from her yard. Complainant has no suspect. Complainant does not know exactly when these items were taken.

• Dec. 27: Police officer responded to Broadwood Drive. Complainant stated he got into his truck in the morning and found his rear drivers side window was broke out and his black brief case was missing. He stated that the briefcase had important documents for his work, Mission Of Hope, and other personal documents. He has no suspects.

• Dec. 27: Police were dispatched to the Public Works Building for the town of Farragut for a burglary. Forced entry into fenced in area around building was made by bending gate latch on a gate on the south side of business. Forced entry into business was made by prying a rear door with a screwdriver like intstrument. There were no witnesses, suspects or video.

• Dec. 27: Police reported that on Dec. 27, 2006 at Aspenwood Dive. the victim stated that sometime during the night person(s) unknown entered the listed vehicle and stole a portable DVD player and two screens. The victim was unsure if the vehicle was locked but he could not see any signs of forced entry. The vehicle was parked in the driveway. The residence is located in Sugarwood Subdivision.

• Dec. 27: Police reported that the victim advised them that sometime around the end of November she accidentally threw away her tag. The victim said she had gotten a new tag in the mail. She thought it was for her Infiniti so she threw the tag displayed on the vehicle away. She did not realize until she was involved in an accident yesterday that the tag she received was for her other vehicle. The victim was required to file a report before getting a replacement tag.

• Dec. 27: Police officers were dispatched to Thornton Drive for an argument. The victim stated that the suspect, victim’s husband, started a verbal argument with her then slapped her in the face causing swelling over her left eye, victim stated that when she call E-911 the suspect left the residence in an unknown direction. Victim stated that she was leaving to stay in a safe place.

• Dec. 27: Police reported that a witness who was a passenger in the victims vehicle, states that the victim exited the vehicle while it was still in gear and running. The witness states that he turned the vehicle ignition off and at that time the vehicle began rolling backwards knocking the victim down and rolled over her. The victim was transported to U.T. Hospital for treatment.

• Dec. 28: Police officers were dispatched to Papa John’s on Kingston Pike. The complainant stated that the restaurant had received an order for pizzas from the Carmax on Parkside Drive The complainant stated that the driver delivered the pizzas and the business went to their safe and retreived what appeared to be $100 dollar bill. The complainant stated that when he marked the bill it turned the light brown color to verify that the currency was real. The complainant stated that he further looked at the money and it was found to be a $5.00 bill that had been marked to look like $100 bill. The complainant stated that he did not believe that the Carmax had intentionally given the company this money to defraud the business, and that carmax was not aware of it as well. The currency was confiscated and will be turned over to the Secret Service for further investigation.

• Dec. 28: Police responded to the Municipal Center where the victim states that on that date the suspect backed into her vehicle while she was driving through the parking lot located at the Municipal Center drive. The victims vehicle had damage to the front left fender and driver side door. The officer wasn’t able to make contact with the suspect. Damage is unknown to suspect vehicle.

• DEC. 28: Police officer stated that the complainant found her purse missing drom the above named vehicle. Subject states that she values the purse and everything in it at $600. Victim insured but does not know where.

• Dec. 29: Police were dispatched to the Petro on Watt Road where the complainant stated that a U-Haul truck drove off without paying for approximately $41.50 in gasoline. The complainant said the suspect layed the nozzle down on the ground. The complainant had no further description of the vehicle or the suspect.

• Dec. 29: Police responded to a call at Kohl’s on Kingston Pike where the manager stated that someone had painted graffiti on the side wall of the building. Complainant advised suspect had to climb other lower roof tops to get to this particular wall. No insurance information available at this time. Property owned by Weissco Industries.

• Dec. 29: Police officer respond to a missing persons report on Hickory Knoll Way. Complainant stated that she has not heard form nor saw the above named female since Sept. 27, 2006. She stated that the female said she was “going to find herself.” The complainant advises the victim is possibly involved in amateur pornography. The victim was BOLO’d at 15:57.

• Dec. 29: Police were dispatched to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant on Campbell Station Road The victim stated that he goes there nearly every Friday night. The victim stated that when he returned to his truck he noticed the backpack blower missing. The victim stated it was padlocked on his utility trailer and the lock had been cut off and the blower and lock were taken.

• Dec. 29: Officers responded to Watt Road for a burglary into a vehicle. Upon officer’s arrival the complainant stated when he went out into the parking lot to get into the vehicle, he found the front passenger window busted and some property taken out of the vehicle. The victim of the property that was taken from the vehicle called Teleserve and had a report done over the phone.

• Dec. 29: Officers were dispatched to Oskies Bar on West End Avenue where the victim stated that her vehicle was parked outside in the parking lot when the suspect struck the left front fender and bumper of her vehicle. The suspect vehicle left the scene. Witnesses saw the incident and gave officers the tag number. Officers follow up showed the tag coming back to a white GMC SUV that had not been near that location according to the owner.

• Jan. 7: Officers were dispatched to Favorite Market on Campbell Station Rd. The complainant stated that the suspect entered the business, pointed a gun at him and demanded all the money out of the cash register. The complainant stated that the suspect had a black revolver and could see the rounds in the chamber. Xray processed the scene. Major Crimes responded.

• Jan. 8: Officer responded to an alarm at West Point Dr. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure.

• Jan. 8: Officer was dispatched to Mr. Transmission on Kingston Pike. The complainant stated that the jeep was taken from the lot over the weekend. The complainant had placed a Mechanics Lean on the jeep over the owner not paying the bill.

• Jan. 8: Officer responded to a call on Bellaire Dr. The victim stated that her ex-boyfriend has been calling and harassing her since a recent break up. The victim was advised of the process to obtain and Order of Protection.

• Jan. 9: Officer was dispatched to Sapling Garden Center on Kingston Pike where an unknown person(s) entered the business lot by moving a barrel with a cable and stole a Caterpillar. The Caterpillar was parked by a mulch pile in the parking lot. Caterpillar was driven out of the parking lot and loaded in the church parking lot next to the business. No suspects at this time.

• Jan. 9: Officer reported that the complainant stated that someone broke out the passenger side front window of their vehicle and stole listed items. The vehicle was locked. No suspects. This incident did occur in Knox County.

• Jan 9: Police were dispatched to Nancy Lynn Ln. The complainant, Cedar Bluff Plumbing stated that unknown person(s) stole a Ditch Witch trailer with the listed attachments on it. The equipment was sitting at a residence where they were doing work.

• Jan. 9: Police were dispatched to Herron Rd. where the victim stated that someone came to her front door and began ringing the door bell. The victim did not answer the door because she did not know who he was. The victim stated as she went to another room to try to get a better look at who was at the door, she heard a loud banging coming from downstairs. As the victim began walking towards the stairs, the suspect had just come up the stairs with his shirt partly over his face. The victim told the suspect to get out and the suspect took off down the stairs, It appears as the suspect was leaving he attempted to take with him a VCR/DVD player but was unable to because it was plugged into the TV. The victim described the suspect as a white male, 5-09, 140 lbs., short blonde hair, blue jeans, white/blue shirt and left in a blue compact vehicle. It appears the suspect did bust down a back door to the residence but there was no access into the house. The suspect then kicked in a sunroom door and had to kick a third door to gain access into the house. Forensic Unit took pictures and dusted for any fingerprints.

• Jan. 9: Police report that the victim stated that her American Express Credit Card number was stolen from her Pay Pal account and used for an unapproved purchase of $71.43. The victim stated that she had contacted American Express and cancelled the card. This incident did occur in Knox County.

• Jan. 10: Police responded to and incident at the Rush on Kingston Pike where the complainant stated the he went to workout. He advised that he put his belongings into a locker, latched on the combination locker, and went to work out, He returned to get his belongings and left to go home. Once he got home, he realized that only his money was missing and returned to see if he had dropped it anywhere. Complainant advised that he did not know how the suspect(s) gained entry to his locker and the reason why he had that amount of money on him was because he was going on a trip to Colorado tomorrow. Complainant did state that there were cameras at the location.

• Jan. 10: Police responded to a call on Lexington Drive. The complainant advised that unknown person(s) stole a Cat Skid Steer loader he had on loan from the Stower’s Rents. The suspect(s) also stole a set of forks that belonged to the complainant. The equipment was stolen from a construction site on Highwick Circle.

• Jan. 10: Officer responded to Municipal Center Drive for an assault. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated that the suspect went to the post office to get an address on an unknown person. Victim stated he asked the suspect for some identification and the suspect threw it at the victim. The victim told the suspect at this point he was not going to help him and the victim then stepped away from the counter and called his supervisor on the phone. As the victim was on the phone, the suspect was using profanity and threw a pen at the victim and the left the business.

• Jan. 10: Police report that the complainant stated that he was driving on Everett Rd. and the suspect was riding his bumper. He stated that the suspect’s vehicle struck his vehicle. The two exchanged information and left the scene. Complainant later called for a Police Report.

• Jan. 11: Officer’s were dispatched to Clear Ridge Rd. Brinks Security called to report an alarm going off. Officers were unable to check the rear of the residence due to a privacy fence.

• Jan. 11: Police reported that the victim stated that his license plate was either lost or stolen off his vehicle. The victim had been at the Willow Creek Golf Club. He was required to file a report before getting a replacement tag.

• Jan. 11: Police were dispatched to Westside Unitarian Universalis Church. The complainant stated that unknown person(s) stepped on seven Rhododendron Plants that were on church property. He said there is a public greenway that crosses the church property.

• Jan. 11: Police officer reported that the arrestee was operating a 1991 Toyota on Campbell Station Rd. at 140 and was stopped by arresting officer for a vehicle equipment violation (broken front wind shield). The arrestee had a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and person. The arrestee was given several Field Sobriety test which he failed. The arrestee refused to submit to a blood test when placed under arrest for D.U.I.

• Jan. 12: Police were dispatched to the Petros on Watt Rd. The complainant stated that an unknown suspect who was described only has a white male wearing blue jeans and a white sweater driving a Metalic Blue vehicle stole $15.01 in gasoline. Complainant stated that the suspect, after pumping his gas, jumped into the vehicle and drove away before the complainant could gain any suspect information.

• Jan. 12: Officer reported that the complainant said someone had stolen a dump trailer from the parking lot of a construction area on Parkside Dr. The dump trailer was locked at the tongue but the lock was taken off when the trailer was stolen. No suspects.

• Jan. 12: Officer responded to Saint John Ct. on a child visitation matter. The victim stated that he gets to get his children one weekend of the month. The victim came down from Pennsylvania for his visitation. His ex-wife is in the hospital, so he went to the school to get them and the school refused to let him have them. He stated that the school has a copy of the court order. The victim stated that he would go to his ex-wife’s home and pick them up. This happened in Knox County, TN.

• Jan. 13: Officer responded to a hit and run accident with property damage on Watt Rd. Complainant contacted officer when he found damage on his truck that was received while he was inside the business paying for his fuel. Vehicle #1 was legally parked at the fuel island when it was struck by an unknown suspect vehicle. Vehicle #1 received damage to the passenger side rear view mirror. Complainant could not provide any suspect vehicle description of the other vehicle involved in this accident. Complainant also could not provide an accurate estimate of the damage vehicle #1 received.

• Jan. 13: Officer responded to an alarm at Palestine Ln. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure.

• Jan. 13: Officer was dispatched to Kingsgate Dr. for a domestic complaint at the victim’s residence. The victim said her son (suspect) got mad when she grounded him. The suspect then went into his room and started destroying things. At the scene, the officer noted broken furniture in the suspect’s room. The victim said she was afraid of the son, and wanted him arrested. The suspect was arrested for domestic abuse.

• Jan. 13: Officers responded to a burglary of a vehicle complaint on Watt Rd. Upon arrival officer’s spoke to the victim. The victim stated when she returned to her 2005 Nissan earlier in the afternoon, she found the passenger back window to be broken out. Victim stated the burglary occurred between noon and five PM on Saturday. Victim stated she was missing two laptop computers, a briefcase with business papers, and a suitcase with assorted clothing. This did occur. in Knox County, TN.

• Jan. 14: Police reported that the complainant stated that she was visiting Florida on the above listed dates, she returned home and found her garage door damaged. This incident did occur in Knox County, TN.

• Jan. 15: Officer reported that on Jan. 13, 2007 victim stated that her office had received notice that one of her patients has had two prescriptions filled at two different pharmacies. The victim stated that the suspect was a patient of hers and she had written one prescription to her for Hydrocodone, but the suspect has had two more prescriptions filled using the DEA number off that prescription. The victim stated that one was filled at Walgreen’s and the other at a Wal-Mart pharmacy. The victim stated that both pharmacies told her that someone from her office had called it in, but the name of the person that called did not work for the victim. This did occur in Knox County, TN.

• Jan. 15: Officer was dispatched to Tabor Construction. According to the complainant, sometime during the listed time period, person(s) unknown entered on to his construction site and knocked over twelve concrete block piers that were about 8 foot tall. These were for a new residence under construction. No suspects, no witnesses.

• Jan. 15: Police responded to a vehicle damage at Fox Den Country Club. The complainant said that his car was parked in the parking lot at the Fox Den Country Club. Sometime while the complainant was away from his vehicle and unknown suspect/vehicle struck the right rear corner of the complainant’s car, damaging the bumper and quarter panel.


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