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• Is not anyone in town here concerned that the mayor and the Board are trying to change the ordinances to have more than five retail liquor stores in town? Never have I seen a little town like this size have that many liquor stores, especially when alcohol is a problem among our teenagers. Why would we need even the number that we have? [It’s] outrageous. We have lovely liquor stores … how many more do we need? They want to put one in the Aubrey’s that is leaving on Campbell Station Road. Why on earth do we have them so close together that we could walk from one to another? I think that people should say something about this. We can find other things to fill our stores — or maybe not, we seem to have so many empty stores — but another liquor store is not what we need here.

• I just wanted to make a comment about the wheel tax for bicycles [ThroughTheLens question, March 1 issue]. Obviously this is a few people that are just trying to stir up some problems with bikers on the road. I think it’s totally not related to motorcycles. Motorcycles have to have a license to ride a motorcycle. You don’t have to have a license to ride a bike. If you’re going to levy a tax on bicycles, you’d have to do all the skateboards, rollerblades, joggers, everything else. Kind of an interesting topic, but obviously it holds no merit. I don’t think that would ever pass — and if it did, you’d have to start registering bicycles with the motor vehicles bureau, and that don’t have a motor on it.

Editor’s Note: Skateboarding has been banned from most public areas, thus the need for a skate park at Concord Park.

• Our neighborhood lost power [one recent night] because someone was driving at an excessive speed on Turkey Creek drive. Someone needs to enforce safe driving. We’ve had drunk drivers, we’ve had speedings, we’ve had deaths on that road. We need proper law enforcement to take care of this to keep an eye out so we will have safe drivers. When will we have law enforcement in Farragut?

• About the groups concerned about the zoning for the new Hardin Valley High School, that boat came and left about six years ago when Farragut voters did not re-elect the incumbent, but put in place someone from Karns who wanted a new high school located near Pellissippi Parkway and Oak Ridge Highway, and getting it as close as it is with a compromise. The issue that Farragut citizens should now be considering and advocating for, is a new elementary school in southwest Knox County. That is what the energy would be better spent pursuing, not trying to aggravate the School Board trying to redo a decision that has come and gone. It’s made.

• I was just reading in presstalks about the high cost of the sidewalks proposed for Fox Den. My question is, why do people jog on Turkey Creek Road when there are perfectly good sidewalks that run alongside the road? I was just driving down Turkey Creek Road on Sunday, and there was a man jogging on the road. It’s a danger to both himself and the vehicles traveling. Why would somebody risk life and limb to jog in the road when there’s sidewalks five feet away?

• Do you all know what’s in our skies? According to the July 2006 Idaho Observer, the chemtrails have six bacteria, including anthrax, pneumonia; nine chemicals including chloride; 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc; four molds and fungi; seven viruses; two cancers; two vaccines and two sedatives. If you are interested in this report, just do a search on chemtrails and Idaho and you will find more information on how substances are being examined — and they’re poisonous, they are filling our skies.

• With regard to a wheel tax for bicycles, that’s ridiculous. No non-motorized form of transportation should have a tax. That means we would tax all the kids bicycles’ as well as adults, used for exercise and transportation. No tax on a non-motorized


• I think a wheel tax for bicycles would be fine if we actually had bike lanes in this town.

• I would like to say to all the folks in Farragut who are whining about Hardin Valley High School, we are all created equal but some of them do not know that — they are better than the rest of us. My children had at least two or three zoning changes when they were in school. They’ve done well in life. Why don’t these who are doing all the complaining put their money where their mouth is, build a high school strictly for people in Farragut with no exceptions. It would be theirs, and the rest of us in the county would not be involved in any way, financial or otherwise.

• As to the signs in Farragut and Turkey Creek, I really think they are needed. It is hard to find a business with only a street address. For people who have come here because they like this place better than where they lived, they don’t need to try and change everything. If they don’t like it that much, they really need to move back to where they came from.

• Bicycles certainly should pay wheel tax. They use the roads and therefore they should have to pay for their use. Also, they need to stop at stop signs and follow the rules of the road.

• This is in regard to should bicyclists be taxed with the wheel tax? When Knoxville and Farragut developed a road system, being healthy wasn’t a concern and sidewalks and bike paths weren’t incorporated. So now when health is in, and people are getting into alternative forms of transportation — whether it’s biking or walking, running, skating — there’s limited places to do these things and be safe. Placing a wheel tax on bicycles is silly. Will runners and walkers then pay a shoe tax, and skaters pay a skate tax? These recreational modes of transportation don’t mess up the roads, which is what the wheel tax is for, as do trucks and cars. We need sidewalks added and bike lanes added, to all the roads, for serving different riders and different modes of transportation. We walk and ride bikes in the greenways in our household, and use the sidewalks for exercise and fun. We don’t ride in the road because our culture is so used to cars that unfortunately when you’re in a car you don’t look out for your fellow citizens that are on foot or a bike. And when we do confront them, we feel indignant that they’re impeding our progress. It just seems like we’re getting kind of unfriendly with each other. The only time you see people is in a car. … We just need to kinda rethink this. I think according to the schools, it would be really neat if the schools were set up K-though-3 as primary, 4, 5 and 6 as intermediate, 7, 8 and 9 and junior high and 10th, 11th and 12th as high school. And maybe then you could alleviate some of the overcrowding. You probably would need a new school with the Farragut town city limits. And this is how we think.


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