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• I saw where you’re looking at a wheel tax for bicycles [through the lens, March 1 issue]. I think that would be a mistake. Bicycles have enough problems on the road as it is trying to share with other people. I’m an avid bicyclist. Not only that — here in Farragut we have the reputation that many of the premier bicyclists, not only in this region but also in the state and national and international level, use the area in Farragut because of the availability of it. Many of the bicyclists that you see here in the Farragut area are not from Farragut. Therefore, the townspeople of Farragut would have to, I guess, bear the brunt of the bicycle tax when in actuality most of the riders that ride here on the roads come from outside the Farragut area just because they like to use the pristine area, etc. I don’t think you want to change that because bicyclists have the opportunity not only to ride, but they leave their money here, and normally have the affordability for that when they eat or on the way home or bring their family or whatever it happens to be, etc. I don’t think Farragut wants to do anything that would keep people from coming into the area. I think a bicycle wheel tax, one way or the other, would drive that situation in a direction that Farragut is not interested in, i.e., not having people come to Farragut; though it’s a friendly place for families, and also the high-end sports as well, to have an opportunity to ride the pristine roads that we have in this area. Overall, I think the wheel tax would be a huge mistake for this arena.

• I [want] to comment on the [question], Should bicycles pay a wheel tax for use of the public road? My answer is no, if in fact should motorcycles be exempt. Once again, no. If it has a motor and requires the use of hydrocarbons to actually move the vehicle from point A to point B instead of pedal power, then those vehicles should be exempt. In other words, if in fact you are actually pedaling yourself, no taxation. If you’re using hydrocarbons gas, or any other area of that nature, then yes, you should pay taxes.

• I think that riding the bus should be mandatory for all of the Farragut Primary School kids. There’s no need to back traffic up a half-mile down Grigsby Chapel and Campbell Station Road just because you don’t want your kid to ride the bus. I think cars should not be allowed to park on the side of the road and block traffic. And the kids should have to ride the bus.

• As far as the wheel tax and the bicycling goes on the county roads or state highways, whichever, I don’t see a problem with or without a wheel tax. But people need to understand when they ride their bikes and they want to consider them cars, then they need to pay taxes for them. I witnessed a bicyclist on Bluegrass Road hold six cars up in line for at least a mile when the police specifically stated that anytime you hold a vehicle up you’re supposed to stop, get off the road and let the vehicles go by, and then continue on with your cycling. If you don’t like that, you don’t need to be on the county roads.

• What is it going to take to get a light at Concord Road and Northshore? I just tried to go out Concord Road, and there’s 50 cars waiting to get out on Northshore. And now we don’t even have the option of turning right at the phone company there to go out Turkey Creek because they’ve blown up the bridge there, so we have to go all the way back out to Kingston Pike to go west to get home. It is ridiculous. A light people, that what’s we need, a traffic light — not a roundabout, a light.

Editor’s Note: The last word on the intersection is that a round-about is in the near future, not a light. The contract is to be let soon.

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