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police reports

• Jan. 9: Police were dispatched to a Herron Road residence where the victim stated that someone came to her front door and began ringing the door bell. The victim did not answer the door because she did not know who he was. The victim stated as she went to another room to try to get a better look at who was at the door, she heard a loud banging coming from downstairs. As the victim began walking towards the stairs, the suspect had just come up the stairs with his shirt partly over his face. The victim told the suspect to get out and the suspect took off down the stairs, It appears as the suspect was leaving he attempted to take with him a VCR/DVD player but was unable to because it was plugged into the TV. The victim described the suspect as a white male, 5-foot-9, 140 pounds, short blonde hair, blue jeans, white/blue shirt and left in a blue compact vehicle. It appears the suspect did bust down a back door to the residence but there was no access into the house. The suspect then kicked in a sunroom door and had to kick a third door to gain access into the house. Forensic Unit took pictures and dusted for any fingerprints.

• Jan. 9: Police report that the victim stated that her American Express Credit Card number was stolen from her Pay Pal account and used for an unapproved purchase of $71.43. The victim stated that she had contacted American Express and cancelled the card. This incident did occur in Knox County.

• Jan. 10: Police responded to and incident at The Rush off Kingston Pike where the complainant stated the he went to workout. He advised that he put his belongings into a locker, latched on the combination locker, and went to work out. He returned to get his belongings and left to go home. Once he got home, he realized his money was missing and returned to see if he had dropped it anywhere. Complainant advised that he did not know how the suspect(s) gained entry to his locker and the reason why he had that amount of money on him was because he was going on a trip to Colorado tomorrow. Complainant did state there were cameras at the


• Jan. 10: Police responded to a call off Lexington Drive. The complainant advised that unknown person(s) stole a Cat Skid Steer loader he had on loan from the Stower’s Rents. The suspect(s) also stole a set of forks that belonged to the complainant. The equipment was stolen from a construction site off Highwick Circle.

• Jan. 10: Officer responded to Municipal Center Drive for an assault. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated that the suspect went to the post office to get an address on an unknown person. Victim stated he asked the suspect for some identification and the suspect threw it at the victim. The victim told the suspect at this point he was not going to help him and the victim then stepped away from the counter and called his supervisor on the phone. As the victim was on the phone, the suspect was using profanity and threw a pen at the victim and left the business.

• Jan. 10: Police report that the complainant stated he was driving on Everett Road and the suspect was riding his bumper. He stated that the suspect’s vehicle struck his vehicle. The two exchanged information and left the scene. Complainant later called for a police report.

• Jan. 11: Officer’s were dispatched to Clear Ridge Road. Brinks Security called to report an alarm going off. Officers were unable to check the rear of the residence due to a privacy fence.

• Jan. 11: Police reported that the victim stated that his license plate was either lost or stolen off his vehicle. The victim had been at the Willow Creek Golf Club. He was required to file a report before getting a replacement tag.


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