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Trees destroyed not Town improvement, Make Tennessee smoke-free, Goebel endorses Edlund, Survey not Town sponsored, Olson says, Palmere endorses Edlund, Rosseel says ‘vote’

Trees destroyed not Town improvement

Has anyone else noticed the reckless destruction of trees located along the entranceway to our town?

I am referencing the Campbell Station Road and I-40/75 area where development efforts are underway reportedly for a strip shopping area to take the place of an old gas station.

The developers and their workers have been busy destroying trees ostensibly to “improve” the visibility to their project. It was very apparent that they exceeded their boundaries and began destroying trees (including many native dogwoods and redbuds) within the state right of way.

I contacted Fred Corum with the [Tennessee] Department of Transportation who confirmed this violation and that a stop order has been given. The developers and their workers have been ordered to replace these trees.

This area has many native trees and in the spring presents a wonderful welcome to Farragut as those of us who use this exit get to see a bouquet of color.

I urge others to contact TDOT and encourage them to make sure this “mistake” is rectified and won’t happen again. Also, it would be a good idea to contact the town of Farragut and encourage our town to keep a close eye on this particular development.

By the way, as we are in the midst of an election for two aldermen positions, just what are the candidates’ positions on our town’s tree ordinance and in preserving the native beauty of our town?

Jeff Elliott


Make Tennessee smoke-free

As a respiratory therapist, I see the effects of smoking each day at work and at home.

It always amazes me that smoking is actually legal! It hurts our health and costs the taxpayers much.

Please join me in promoting a smoke-free Tennessee using any and all modes of communication available to you.


Liz Gargan

Lenoir City

Goebel endorses Edlund

I am writing you today to declare my total support for Bob Edlund, who is running for Farragut alderman.

I have known Bob for many years as a colleague, a neighbor and as a volunteer board member for the town of Farragut. I trust his judgment and highly recommend his leadership capabilities. I have seen him lead during difficult times and come to appreciate his honesty and integrity.

Bob Edlund is clearly a great choice for this important


I would respectfully like to recommend Bob to my fellow townspeople for the position of Farragut alderman.

Glenn H. Goebel


Survey not Town sponsored, Olson says

We have been receiving a number of complaints from residents about a survey being conducted by “Century Research.” The concerns expressed by the citizens is that the town of Farragut is sponsoring the survey, especially since the questions being asked appear to be political in nature.

I want to assure all Farragut residents that this survey is not being conducted by the Town or with any support by the Town. My staff has tried to follow up on this company and we have been unable to find a business operating under this name.


Dan Olson

Town Administrator

Palmere endorses Edlund

Although Bob Edlund is more of an acquaintance than a friend, I would like to tell the voters of Farragut a few things about him.

My wife and I have lived in Farragut for 18 years. During that time we’ve seen a lot of changes to our neighborhood, most good but some not so good. We’ve tried to be involved in

our community and for several years held various offices in

the Sweetbriar Homeowners Association.

Like most homeowners associations there are the talkers and the doers. The problem is that the talkers outnumber the doers at least 10-to-1. When Bob and his family moved into Sweetbriar back in 1992 it soon became apparent that Bob was someone who could be relied upon to do whatever needed to be done to benefit our neighborhood. Bob eventually became president of our homeowners association and provided excellent leadership through some challenging times for Sweetbriar.

Bob is one of those soft-spoken individuals who allow their actions speak louder than words. Rather than talking about what “they” should do, Bob has always taken it upon himself to actually do something about whatever issue needed to be addressed.

The town of Farragut has been very fortunate to have Bob on the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission and we have been equally fortunate to have him as a neighbor.

If you want someone who truly cares about our community and is willing to do whatever he can to keep Farragut a wonderful place to live, I’d recommend voting for Bob Edlund. The residents of Farragut will be well served to have someone like Bob Edlund as alderman.

Vince Palmere


Rosseel says ‘vote’

Every two years the town of Farragut provides its citizens with an opportunity to reexamine the direction that the Town is headed and how we move forward as a community.

This year, early voting at Town Hall began Wednesday, March 21, and continues through Wednesday, April 5. The hours are Monday through Friday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturdays: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. and closed on Sundays. 

Tuesday, April 10, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Election Day voting will be held at Farragut High School. 

I ask that each registered voter first carefully review the candidates’ reasons for running and positions on where the Town should be in the next four years before exercising your democratic right to vote.

Tom Rosseel, Alderman Ward 1 (North)



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