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ē Itís time the people in Farragut got term limits listed on the ballot so we can vote to see if the people want the same faces as aldermen, mayor, year after year. If the office donít pay more than what we hear, itís hard to believe power is what they want. People not registered to vote need to register and vote. Registering to vote is no problem, and takes only a very short period. Our city looks horrible in many areas, and this is due to some of the people not letting good businesses come into Farragut. We have enough liquor stores and beer outlets. Thereís a hassle over anything you want to do. This stops many, many nice businesses from coming to Farragut. We have heard they hassle many of the good churches in Farragut, stopping many of the things our children want to do, and would be in a safe place. If the mayor and aldermen and some woman working at Town Hall from Oak Ridge is not behind this, who is? If you want to make a minor change in your home, deck, driveway, heating and air conditioning, small clothes line, they just see how rude they can be to you ó putting you off, telling you one thing and then changing their mind. Now, if you need a traffic light, road changes and even unwanted sidewalks, they will be done. They have placed four to six traffic lights on Parkside Drive and extra-high buildings to accommodate some friends. Me and many of our friends throughout Farragut would be happy to work and defeat these people now in office. And it needs to be done.

ē Iím responding to the negative comment about the traffic guard with the Farragut schools. I happen to know her. Sheís a very nice person, and takes her job seriously. She even went to work after having surgery when she should have been resting. So letís not be so quick to judge others. We all will be held accountable for our own actions and words.

ē I was reading the story in the local daily newspaper on Monday morning about the proposed law for motorists to give bicyclists on our statesí highways a three-foot buffer, you know, stay away from them. Itís a wonderful law, Iím sure, but it doesnít come anywhere near solving the problem. The roads and highways were meant for motorized vehicles moving at much faster speeds than what the bicycles are going to do. The problem is the bicycles need a bicycle lane, and without that they should be banned from riding on the highways and county roads ó maybe around town and all, where the speed limits are much slower, is a different thing. And, yes, I do know thereís a bunch of jerks out there driving cars and trucks that see how close they can come to the bicyclists and try to scare them or irritate them because theyíre slowing down traffic and all that. But the point is, the roads and highway system is designed and built for faster-moving, motorized vehicles ó and the bicycles are just out of place, as much as those people like to ride and maybe exercise or just as a hobby, I donít know. They really are putting themselves in danger when they mix the slow-moving bicycles with fast-moving vehicles. Itís just not a good


ē I think the wheel tax for bicycles is asinine. I also think that

if people would be kind to their

fellow man, thereíd be no



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