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Sadlowe endorses Williams, Williams states position on Tree Ordinance

Sadlowe endorses Williams

I am writing to recommend the citizens of Farragut vote for John Williams, MD, PhD, for alderman for Ward I. I have had the opportunity to meet and listen to Dr. Williams on two occasions. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed reading his excellent Web site ( where he expounds on many issues facing our community and offers his vision for the future.

His Web site goes far beyond a simple resume. It is obvious to me that Dr. Williams has applied his research background to the issues that are important to our Town and citizenry and has proposed viable paths forward that involve an integrated approach with other community, business, and government organizations at both State and local levels.

He has put serious thought into looking at the growth of our community beyond the local popular political rhetoric.

We need this kind of considered, long-range view and comprehensive planning to keep Farragut as one of the

premier communities in East


As Farragut continues to grow, we need serious people with creative minds to address the complex issues that our community will face.

I see this kind of leadership and accountability in Dr. Williams and urge my fellow Farragutians to visit his Web site and to vote for him.

We are fortunate that he is willing to invest his time and energy in our, and his,


A. Robert Sadlowe, PE


Williams states position on Tree Ordinance

In his letter of March 22 addressing the aggressive removal of trees from property being developed at the southwest corner of the intersection of Campbell Station Road and I-40/75, Mr. [Jeff] Elliott asks what position the candidates for alderman take regarding the Town’s “tree ordinance and in preserving native beauty [in Farragut].”

As a candidate for alderman in Ward 1, I fully support the current ordinance aimed at sustaining the esthetic and environmental benefits of preserving mature hardwoods, dogwoods, redbuds, so-called specimen trees, and trees of historic value.

When approved for removal by the [Farragut Metropolitan] Planning Commission or Town administrators, the ordinance specifies required tree replacement policies, which may also overlap the requirements of landscape ordinance.

Violators can be penalized $500 daily.

I remind all Farragut residents and developers that this ordinance and the entire Municipal Code are available for review 24 hours daily on the town of Farragut Web site:

John Williams



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