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Hair Junction makes plans for celebration

Julie Taylor spent years of her life building a business, an endeavor that has seen much success. Taylor, owner of Hair Junction at 454 Cedar Bluff Road, will celebrate 12 years in business and plans to thank her loyal customers with gifts as part of this anniversary celebration.

“We’ll probably be having some type of grand re-opening,” she said.

Taylor said as part of the celebration she would be giving away prizes such as hair products, nail services and free consultation services.

“We’re fortunate to have some very loyal customers,” she said. “Some customers have been with me for thirty-two years.”

The business has undergone some changes over the years. The interior of Hair Junction has been remodeled to reflect a wider variety of color schemes and bright décor to enhance the beauty and increase the attractiveness to customers.

“We’ve done so much work in here, the place has gone from a beauty shop to a salon,” Taylor said. “Everything in here is new.”

She estimates she has invested $15,000 in improvements and renovations over the past month.

“I’ve had a lot of work done to this place, from floor to ceiling,” she said. “Our customers really love it.”

Taylor said she offers a variety of services to her customers. She and her staff of four professional stylists and hairdressers do hair care for men, women and children. In addition, she offers her clients the services of a professional nail technician as well as facial waxing.

“It’s our professionalism and friendliness that I think keeps people coming back,” she said.

Taylor said she and her employees attend seminars regularly in order to stay abreast of trends and changes in the


“We try to stay up-to-date on things that would work for us,” she said. “It helps us stay family oriented and down to earth.”

There are no plans for expansion, Taylor said. She plans to work a few more years and then retire.

“In the next eight to ten years, I’d say I’m history,” she said. “I’ve been in the business a long time.”

As a long-time business- woman, Taylor said she has seen one of the more important issues women face when dealing with their stylist — when to say goodbye.

“We haven’t lost many customers that way, but I know for some people it’s a difficult task,” she said.

It may sound ridiculous to some, but ending a relationship with such professionals can be just as difficult as a romantic break-up for some.

Michael Metcalf, a clinical psychologist who practices in Knoxville, said “Romance is a little easier to end because it is more clearly subjective. When dealing with professional services, the break-up is presumably based on some objective level of performance.”

Anna Post, great-great granddaughter of etiquette maven Emily Post, said people should take a straightforward approach when there's a problem with service and they want to make a change.

“You should be honest with people,” she said. “Professionals appreciate honesty.”

For more information, appointment, call 865-539-6623.


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