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police reports

• Jan. 14: Police reported that the complainant stated that while she was visiting Florida, she returned home and found her garage door damaged.

• Jan. 15: Officer reported that on Jan. 13, the victim stated that her office had received notice that one of her patients has had two prescriptions filled at two different pharmacies. The victim stated that the suspect was a patient of hers and she had written one prescription to her for hydrocodone, but the suspect has had two more prescriptions filled using the DEA number off that prescription. The victim stated that one was filled at Walgreen’s and the other at a Wal-Mart pharmacy. The victim stated that both pharmacies told her that someone from her office had called it in, but the name of the person that called did not work for the victim.

• Jan. 15: Officer was dispatched to Tabor Construction. According to the complainant, person(s) unknown entered onto his construction site and knocked over 12 concrete block piers that were about 8-foot tall.

• Jan. 15: Police responded to a vehicle damage call at Fox Den Country Club. The complainant said that his car was parked in the parking lot at Fox Den Country Club. Sometime while the complainant was away from his vehicle an unknown suspect/vehicle struck the right rear corner of the complainant’s car, damaging the bumper and quarter panel.

• Jan. 17: Police reported that on Jan. 17, the victim stated the he lived with the suspect off Campbell Station Road as a roommate only and she made him move out. When he did leave he left behind his property and has not been able to get it back. Victim stated that he has made several attempts to try to contact the suspect and she refuses to let him have it.

• Jan. 17: Police were dispatched to NAPA Auto Parts off Kingston Pike. The complainant stated that the suspect came into store and got the listed items and told the store employees to charge the items to Sam Franklin & Sons Construction Co., that has an account with the store. The complainant become suspicious about the suspect when she received a call from a nearby repair shop telling her the suspect had tried to sell the socket set he had just purchased for $20. The complainant stated she contacted Sam Franklin & Sons Construction about the purchase order numbers the suspect had used and the name the suspect signed the tickets with and was told neither were from that company.

• Jan. 17: Police reported that the complainant advised them that he had lost his license Plate off his motorcycle. It is not known for sure where the plate was lost.

• Jan. 17: Police responded to Watt Road. Operator of vehicle No. 1 stated that he was in the sleeper section of the vehicle when he felt the vehicle being struck. Operator also stated that when he looked out the window he observed vehicle No. 2 up against vehicle No. 1. Driver of vehicle No. 2 stated that he was attempting to park his vehicle and was entering the parking slot when the trailer made contact with vehicle No. 1. Vehicle No. 3 was being transported by vehicle No. 1 and was placed on a car rack over the cab of vehicle No. 1.

• Jan. 18: Police responded to Volunteer Village where the victim stated that he and the suspect had an agreement that the suspect would do work on the victim’s car. The victim stated that when the car was returned the vehicle was still not running properly. The victim stated when he confronted the suspect about the car the suspect became verbally abusive threatening to have him killed.

• Jan. 18: Police officers were dispatched to Southwick Circle. Victim advised police that she went to her boyfriend’s (suspect) residence. The victim and suspect engaged into a verbal argument. The argument escalated when suspect held victim down by her throat, causing red marks and bruising to her neck area. Suspect then kicked victim in her left hip area and punched her about the face causing a busted lip. Victim fled the residence and went to her place of employment to call police. Victim and suspect do not share children, nor have resided together in the past.

• Jan. 18: Officers responded to Baptist Hospital West to do a report on an assault. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated the suspect came to his residence upset because the victim enrolled into the army. The suspect started pushing and hitting on the victim. The victim crawled out of the window to get away from the suspect. The suspect got into her vehicle and backed out of the driveway. The victim was standing behind his car in his driveway when the suspect pulled back into the driveway and hit the victim, pinning the victim between his car and the suspects. The victim started pounding on the hood of the suspect’s vehicle to get her to move because he was pinned. Suspect finally backed out and left the residence.

• Jan. 19: Police officers were dispatched to First National Bank off Kingston Pike. The described suspect entered the bank and handed the teller a blue bank bag. The bank bag had a note inside that stated: “This is a robbery, give me all the $100, $50, and $20. I have a gun.” The teller complied placing $1, 548 in the bag. The suspect exited the bank the front door. He fled the area on a silver colored bicycle.


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