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Round-about bid let

Construction of a roundabout at the intersection on Concord Road and Northshore Drive could begin by the beginning of summer.

Knox County engineer Bruce Wuethrich said the bid for the project was let to Tennessee Asphalt Company March 15 as apparent low bidder for a little under $1 million.

“The Tennessee Department of Transportation has to review and award the contract officially,” he said. “”I can’t recall the funding split for the project between the county and the state, but T-D-O-T is really the driver on this.”

Wuetrich said the company could start construction as early as late spring.

“Normally what they’ll do is hold a pre-construction meeting, and then that’s usually when things start to happen,” he said.

Wuethrich said residents could anticipate delays in drive time due to construction.

“What they’re going to have to do is build traffic lanes and expand the shoulders to route traffic,” he said. “They’ll have to build an access lane and kind of widen what’s out there now so traffic can still circulate.”

Phil Brown, a vice president with Tennessee Asphalt Company in Knoxville, said he was reluctant to speak on the matter until TDOT officially awards the bid.

“[T-DOT] won’t officially award the bids until April eleventh, so I really don’t want to say too much at this point,” he said. “T-DOT could rebid the project. You just never know.”

Brown said if the contract is officially awarded to his company, construction could begin

in June.

The first part of the project, he said, would involve some



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