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Alternative center offers nutritional health

Ron Garrett, 63, knows the health hazards of obesity.

Garrett and his wife, Sylvia, owners of Healthy Alternative Wellness Center at 19668 Highway 11 East, went into business to spread the word about the benefits of better nutrition.

“I was unhealthy in nineteen ninety-nine and some friends got me involved with a nutritional wellness program,” Ron said.

In 1999, Ron said he weighed 267 pounds with a 42-inch waist. Now he weighs 190 pounds with a 36-inch waist.

“I just thought the lack of energy was due to age,” he said. “It was my nutritional habits. Within a month I began to see a big difference.”

The nutritional products came through a company called Herbalife, and Ron is an independent Herbalife distributor. The products proved so beneficial to his life he wanted to share the value of proper


“When I retired from the manufacturing world in two thousand and one, I wanted to help people,” he said. “I knew how well the nutritional products worked and there were people out there seeking healthy alternatives.”

The business idea was a perfect fit of his experience coupled with Sylvia’s expertise as a registered dietician. He said they started selling the products from home and attending nutritional seminars across the country.

“We don’t get our information from just one company,” he said. “We educate ourselves to all aspects of nutritional health. Our program is a nutritional program as well as a weight-loss program.”

Ron said the company offers nutritional supplements as well as products to aid in a weight loss program, such as protein-rich shakes.

Healthy Alternative is run by the husband and wife team. There are no other employees.

“We share the work,” Sylvia said. “He’s here most of the time, but I come in when he has to be other places.”

“I fill a void for doctors,” Ron said. “With our muscle-fat ratio machine, I can identify the needs of a person and set them up on a program to meet their weight-loss goals.”

Ron and Sylvia said they have recently added exercise equipment called ROM machines to their list of offerings for


“Workouts that take an hour can now be done in four minutes,” he said. “These machines have been proven to give the equivalent workout of an hour at a gym.”

Representatives of Quick Gym, the company which manufactures the ROM machines, were expected to be on hand April 14 to demonstrate the machines for customers.

Ron said he plans to offer memberships to time-strapped community members who seek a healthy workout, but don’t have the time for it.

For more information on the machines or nutritional products, call 865-988-3801.


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