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police reports

• Jan. 20: Officers responded to a domestic call at Hughlan Drive. Upon officers’ arrival, the victim stated that there was a Social Contact Order. The victim stated the suspect was at her residence to pick up their daughter when the victim and the suspect got into a verbal argument and the victim asked the suspect to leave and he refused. The victim stated the suspect then pushed her and tried to trip her as she was walking up the stairs. The suspect finally left as the victim dialed 911.

• Jan. 21: Officer responded to Battlefront Trail to investigate an animal attack. Complainant contacted officer after his dog had been attacked by a neighboring dog that resides at Battlefront Trail. Complainant stated he was walking his dog along the roadway in front of the home off Battlefront Trail when a large black dog escaped the confines of his “invisible” electric fence, came out into the roadway and attacked his dog and caused severe injuries to it. Complainant immediately took his injured dog for medical attention and contacted authorities at a later date. Officer spoke to the resident off Battlefront Trail, who questions the validity of this claim. The dog’s owner told the officer that the complainant has been known to allow his dog into neighboring yards for various reasons. The complainant does not believe her dog would go through the electric fence to get into the roadway to attack another animal. Complainant noted a similar incident that occurred approximately one year ago where the neighboring dog escaped and tried to attack his dog. Complainant did contact the dog’s owner Jan. 20 to notify her of the incident and the subsequent doctor bill of approximately $260, which complainant feels she is responsible for.

• Jan. 21: Officer responded to Heathland Drive where victim stated that when he returned to his locker at the Rush Fitness Center after working out Jan. 19 that his locker was open but it didn’t appear to him that anything was missing. The victim stated when he was at the Home Depot Jan. 20 and was checking out that he discovered that his Bank Of America credit card was missing and he suspected that an unknown suspect had taken it from his wallet at the Rush Fitness Center Jan. 19. The victim stated that when he reported it to Bank Of America they informed him that it had been used three times Jan. 19. The victim stated that the credit card had been used twice at Best Buy, once in the amount of $7,185.32 and once again in the amount of $43.68. The victim stated that the card had been attempted to be used again at Pep Boys in the amount of $2,847 but the Bank Of America declined the attempt due to the suspicious charges earlier in the day.

• Jan. 21: Police report that the victim said her son was at the basketball court of Lansborough Apartments, when he put his cell phone down while playing. When he finished playing the cell phone was gone. Victim said they have call the phone, and two times someone would pick it up, but not answer. The victim called Verizon and had the phone deactivated. Victim will file and insurance claim at a later date.

• Jan. 22: Police responded to Monticello Drive where the complainant advised that someone knocked down her mailbox. Complainant requested that none of her personal information be added to the report due to her employers request. No suspect information. Complainant advised that the neighbors heard a loud sound on the morning of Jan. 21 but, they didn’t get any description of the suspect.

• Jan. 22: Police were advised that on today’s date the victim received a notice from his credit card company Citicorp Credit Services regarding unauthorized use of a Master Card account by an unknown perpetrator. The victim immediately called the credit card company regarding the notice sent to his home. The spokesperson for Citicorp advised victim the following purchases were attempted on his credit card. The perpetrator attempted two purchases from Walgreens in Mt. Vernon, Ill., for $376.28 twice Jan. 12, Mobile in New York for $249.99 twice Jan. 22, and in California for $655.23 twice Jan. 22. The credit card company did not approve any of these transactions due to the abnormal locations and amounts attempted in the purchases. The victim advised he had no activity on this account and paid off its entirety on March 2006, leaving a zero balance. The victim further advised he cut his credit card up after paying off the account in order to reduce his debt. The victim notified his current creditors regarding this incident in the event any other transactions are attempted against other accounts in the victim’s name. The victim was unable to advise any suspect information at time of report for prosecution purposes.

• Jan.23: Police were dispatched to Pecos Road. The victim stated that an unknown person(s) threw a rock through her extra bedroom window. The victim said she didn’t hear anything during the night. She discovered the window after she got up that morning.

• Jan. 24: Police were dispatched to the Petros Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant advised that an unknown person(s) in listed vehicle pumped $29 worth of super gasoline and left without paying. Complainant was given a report number and a copy of report was made available to Property Crimes.

• Jan. 25: Police were advised that complainant bought a license plate to put on the Toyota Camry. Victim stated that he realized that he put the license plate on another vehicle by mistake. The other vehicle was a 1992 teal Toyota Corolla. Complainant sold the Corolla and did not notice until after he sold it that it had the wrong license plate on it. Complainant stated that he now cannot get the license plate back from the person who bought the Corolla.

• Jan. 26: Police responded to Silverhill Drive. The victim stated his vehicle had broke down Jan. 23 at the weigh scales. The victim went back Wednesday and checked on the vehicle. Besides the battery being dead, the victim found two front tires flat. He said he told troopers at the weigh scales he would pick up the vehicle Jan. 25. He stated when he went by yesterday, he noticed the vehicle gone. The victim advised he had his girlfriend check with troopers about the vehicle. The victim spoke with an officer who said sometime yesterday while traveling westbound on I-40, he saw a white male in possibly a green tuck loading the vehicle on a red trailer. He thought this was someone picking up the vehicle for the victim. The victim said he has no idea who this was getting his vehicle.

• Jan. 26: Police were dispatched to Gatehouse Antique Market off Campbell Station Road. The complainant stated that she was walking through the business and found the box that held the sterling silver flatware propped open, and a portion of the flatware was missing. The complainant told officers that the flatware was taken sometime between Tuesday, Jan. 23, and today’s date. The complainant has no suspect at this time.

• Jan. 27: Officers responded to Lanesborough Apartments. Suspect lives in the apartment below the complainant. They have had an ongoing problem over noise. Suspect called the complainant and threatened to call police next time she made any noise. Complainant stated that she was afraid of the suspect.

• Jan. 27: Police reported that sometime between Friday, Jan. 26, and Saturday, Jan. 27, someone had taken 13 pieces of scalffolding from Click Funeral Home.

• Jan. 28: Police responded to Lost Tree Lane. The victim stated that the suspect was trying to get her to go to Florida and she didn’t want to go and they got into argument. The suspect stated that the victim, his mother, had prepaid for treatment at a alcohol treatment facility in Florida and he bought two plane tickets to take her, but she changed her mind and was refusing to go with him. The suspect was explained his legal options concerning getting the victim to go and the suspect agreed to leave the residence for the night.

• Jan. 28: Police reported that the complainant called in and stated that the license plate to his sister-in-law’s car had been stolen. He had been driving it and while at the Icearium, he believed that the plate was stolen. He stated that it appeared that part of the screw had been broken off and that both nuts were missing.

• Jan. 28: Officer responded to Kingston Pike for an alarm. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure. Alarm company is Fleenor and there are two prior alarms for this year.

• Jan. 30: Officer responded to an alarm call at Armstrong Air. A key holder arrived and secured a loose upstairs door. There have been zero priors at this location this year.

• Jan. 30: Officers were dispatched to Lawton Boulevard on a domestic matter. Upon officers’ arrival the suspect had left the residence. The victim (suspect’s husband) stated that he and the suspect had been in a verbal argument earlier in the day and the suspect had hit him in the chest. It was later found that the suspect was at a house in the same neighborhood. Officers went to the house the suspect was at to talk to her. The suspect stated that her and the victim had been arguing all day and she pushed him and he held her down. The suspect stated that she then left the residence. Officers were unable to determine primary aggressor and neither party had any visible injuries. Both victim and suspect were advised of their rights and given domestic violence cards.

• Jan. 31: Officers responded to Fox Den Road on a domestic disturbance. Victim stated that he was arguing with his daughter, when victim requested the daughter to leave she refused. Suspect obeyed officers request to leave the residence. Victim was advised of his domestic violence rights under TN Domestic Laws.

• Feb. 1: Police reported that the complainant advised them that someone has stolen her wallet with various items in it. She does not know for sure where and when the wallet was stolen but discovered it was gone Jan. 25. No suspects.

• Feb. 1: Officer responded to the Baptist Hospital West to take a report on an assault. Upon arrival the victim stated that she went to Chesnut Street to pick up her son. The victim stated that upon arrival she noticed that her adult son who suffers from brain damage and is not supposed to consume alcoholic beverages was intoxicated. The victim stated that she asked her son did he have all of his belongings once he was in the vehicle and her son stated that he left his cellular phone charger inside the residence. The victim then stated that she went to the door and was let inside of the residence by the witness to retrieve the charger. The victim stated that she asked the witness if he had given her son the alcoholic beverages and he stated no. The victim then stated that she asked the suspect, who reside at the location and was in the bathroom door still closed. The victim stated that suspect opened the door and rushed towards her with what appeared to be an old plunger in her hand. She stated that the suspect began to physically push her around and caused her to hit her back against the kitchen stove and the door frame leading out of the kitchen. The victim then stated that she was knocked to the ground and hit repeatedly about the head, arms and legs with the instrument. The victim suffered injuries to her back, right wrist, left bicep and on the lower portion of both legs. The victim stated that the witness pulled the suspect off of her and allowed her to leave out of the residence. The victim then stated that she drove her son home and then drove herself to the Baptist West Hospital for treatment. Major Crimes was notified of the incident and pictures were taken by x-ray unit.

• Feb. 3: Officer responded to St. John Court to check an alarm called in by Fleenor Security. Officer checked the perimeter of the St. John Newman Catholic School and all appeared secure. There have been no prior alarms at this location.

• Feb. 4: Officers were dispatched to the ramp of I-40 at Campbell Station Road concerning an intoxicated white male panhandling on the ramp. Officers met with the male subject. The male subject had glassy eyes, slurred speech and odor of alcohol about himself. Subject was a danger to himself and others. Subject was arrested for public intoxication.

• Feb. 5: Police were dispatched to Kingston Pike. Complainant stated that she left her purse in her vehicle in the parking lot. When she returned the purse with a checkbook in it was gone. She stated that she did not lock her doors. She also stated that she had notified SunTrust Bank about the theft and that she had $763.00 dollars in the account. She has no suspects at this time.

• Feb. 6: Police responded to Brookstone Drive. Victim stated to police that sometime last night someone had broken into her vehicle and stolen the listed items. There are no suspects at this time.

• Feb. 6: Police responded to Blue Herron Drive .The victim stated that sometime last night and unknown person(s) broke out the rear drivers side window to gain entry. The suspect(s) stole listed laptop computer. The vehicle was parked in the driveway.

• Feb. 6: Police were dispatched to Brookstone Lane. Complainant advised police that someone broke out the driver’s side back window of his vehicle to gain entry into the vehicle. Complainant advised that his briefcase with its contents were stolen out of the vehicle. The vehicle was locked. No suspects.

• Feb. 6: Officer responded to Interstate Connections on Watt Road on a burglary. Business is located inside the Petros Truckstop. Complainant stated that sometime during the overnight hours an unknown suspect pried open one of the business kiosks and took 33 cell different cell phones/cell phone accessories. Complainant did not give an amount for each item stolen only the total value of property taken which was $2234.91. Complainant stated they did not wish to prosecute and only wanted a report for insurance purposes.

• Feb. 7: Officers responded with victim to Briar Gate Lane for a domestic standby. Victim advised the officers that she and the suspect are going through a divorce and that there are not any custody papers on their child at this time. Victim wanted officers present to ask the suspect if she can take their child with her. Officers did talk to the suspect and he did refuse to let the child go with the victim, but she did state that the victim could visit with the child with prior notification. Both parties were advised of their rights.

• Feb. 7: Officer responded to the KFC on Kingston Pike on an alarm. When the officer was performing a perimeter check of the doors and windows the rear door to the kitchen was found unsecured. Officers entered the business and found no one inside and everything appeared normal. Officers re secured the door.

• Feb. 7: Officer responded To Campbell Station Road to check an alarm called in by ADT Alarm Company. Upon arrival the business Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company appeared normal and was opening for the day. The alarm was triggered by an employee entering the business. There has been one previous alarm at this location.

• Feb. 7: Officers were dispatched to the Petros Truck Stop on Watt Road on a theft call. On arrival officers spoke to the complainant who is an employee of Petro’s, she said that she noticed that one of the glass cases containing some new radar detectors had been tampered with. The complainant did a count of the inventory and discovered two new radar detectors were missing. There are no suspects at this time.

• Feb. 7: Police reported that the complainant advised that the U-Haul on Kinston Pike sent the two listed license plates to be put on the vehicles they were assigned to. The license plates have not been received and are thought to be lost in the mail.

• Feb. 8: Police responded to Watt Road. Driver of vehicle No. 1 stated that he was behind another vehicle waiting to pull out of Flying J Truck Stop when vehicle No. 2 was coming into the entrance. Driver also stated that as Vehicle No. 2 was turning left the left rear tire made contact with the rear of vehicle No. 1. Driver of vehicle No. 2 stated that he was going to the fuel pump when another vehicle was coming his way. Driver also stated that he went to the left to avoid the other vehicle and vehicle No. 2 made contact with vehicle No. 1. No other damage found at report.

• Feb. 8: Police reported that complainant stated that the suspect had called his residence twice and made threats and today was driving through the neighborhood. The suspect is the mother of the complainant’s son’s ex-girlfriend.

• Feb. 9: Officer responded to the Ken Jo Market on Campbell Station Road for a report of a gas drive off. The complainant stated that the suspects entered the business handed the complainant her debit card then went outside to pump gas. The suspect after pumping $28.10 worth of unleaded plus into her vehicle and fled the parking lot. The complainant attempted to process the debit card but it was refused due to lack of funds. The complainant described the suspect as previously documented and said she had a very bad black eye. The officer was able to identify the suspect from the debit card and talking to KPD officer who had dealings with the suspect two days ago. The complainant was advised of the process to take in order to obtain a warrant. The debit card was turned into Knox County’s Property Unit.

• Feb. 10: Officer responded to Farragut Middle School on West End Avenue for an alarm. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure. Dispatch advised that there are four priors and the alarm company is Professional Security.

• Feb. 10: Officer responded to an alarm call at Smith Road. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure. Dispatch advised there are two priors and the Alarm Company is Total Security.

• Feb. 10: Officers were dispatched to the Food City on Kingston Pike. The victim was in the process of loading her groceries into her car when a dark dirty color minivan with Indiana tags pulled up beside her vehicle. A white male with short brown hair jumped of the minivan and took the victim’s purse while it was still in the grocery cart. The suspect then ran back into the minivan with the victim chasing him. The victim was able to place her hands on the passenger side of the vehicle as the vehicle was leaving. The vehicle fled east on Kinston Pike. Officers then discovered the vehicle at the Vista Inn on Outlet Drive with three white males in the van. Officers then detained the three suspects while they investigated. The minivan did have two handprints on the side of the vehicle where the victim said she had touched it. K9-8 then did a search around the vehicle and alerted on it for drugs. Officers then conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered the victim’s purse behind the passenger seat of the minivan. All three suspects are charged with misdemeanor. Theft. Also incident search on one of the suspects was found to have drug paraphernalia in his pockets, an orange cell phone, two $5 bills and three $1 bills. The victim stated that in her purse was an orange cell phone and the exact currency.

• Feb. 12: Officer was dispatched to Chaho Road with Rural Metro Fire Department to investigate a residential fire. Upon arrival, the reporting officer met with the victim who stated that he was awaken by the smell of smoke. The victim looked out the window to see that his 3-foot flower box was on fire. The victim immediately went outside and extinguished the fire with a garden hose. Rural Metro ensured that the fire was out and that the house itself was safe. It was determined that the fire was set. There was no mulch in the flowerbed, just plain dirt. The fuel source is unknown, but the flames grew to about 4-feet high and got hot enough to melt the entire flower box under the sill, which was approximately 8-feet off the ground. The reporting officer notified FM Dan Johnson of the incident. FM 21-Johnson said that he would respond, however the reporting officer felt no need at the time considering the size of the fire and Rural Metro declared the house safe. The victim suspects that a former acquaintance is responsible, however is reluctant to accuse him. The same acquaintance is also suspected in the theft of a gun from the same victim.

• Feb. 12: Police were dispatched to Boyd Station Road. Complainant advised that someone had pushed the heating/air conditioning unit off its pad at the side of a new house that had been built and caused the ductwork to be pulled loose. The cooper wiring was stolen from the unit and out of the fuse box during this incident. There was no entry into the house. No suspects.

• Feb. 12: Police responded to Hughlan Drive. The victim stated that he received a phone call from the Food City Corp. asking for his ex-wife. It was about a bad check. After talking to Food City, the victim discovered that some of his and his ex-wife’s personal checks had been stolen from his home and used at the Food City and different businesses in and around the Knoxville area. This was done without the victim’s consent, permission or knowledge.

• Feb. 13: Police reported that the complainant advised them that her vehicle broke down on I-40 at Campbell Station Road on the afternoon of February 11, 2007 where it was left. She was going to go back and get it the next day. The vehicle was locked. Complainant stated that when she went back the next day to get the vehicle it was gone. She has checked around and no law enforcement agency has towed or moved the vehicle.

• Feb. 15: Police officer was dispatched to Gatesmill Drive. Victim stated to officer, that she had an independent contractor employed by Charter Communications at her residence to install cable TV. Shortly after the completion of the job she noticed that there was approximately 10 to 15, 325mg percocet tablets missing from her prescription bottle.

• Feb. 16: Police responded to Duzane Drive. The victim stated he went to the suspect’s residence to try to collect some money that was owed to him by the suspect. The victim stated they got into a verbal argument and he turned to leave and the suspect grabbed him around the neck in a choke hold fashion, then threw him to the ground. The victim did have red marks on his neck and the knees of his pants were muddy.

• Feb. 17: Police reported that the victim stated that his golf clubs were taken out of his vehicle sometime between Feb. 11 and 13.

• Feb. 19: Police were dispatched to Gwinhurst Road. Victim/complainant stated that Feb. 13 two suspects arrived to do some painting inside his home. The complainant hired CertPro Painters to do the work and the listed suspects are sub-contractors for CertPro. The complainant noticed on Feb. 17 that the listed gun was missing from his residence. He also advised that suspect No. 1 was the only one painting in the room where the gun was stored. Suspect No. 1 drives a black car with a Kentucky tag, unknown make or model. Suspect No. 2 drives a white truck, unknown make or model. Complainant advised he contacted both suspects and asked them to return the gun. Both suspects denied having taken the gun. Complainant was advised to call back with the serial number for the gun for entry into NCIC.

• Feb. 19: Officer responded to Farragut High School on Kingston Pike on an alarm. Upon officer’s arrival, all doors and windows were secure. Dispatch advised that there were three priors and that the Alarm Company is Sonitrol.

• Feb. 19: Officers responded to Woodland Trace Drive on harassing phone calls. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated that the suspect had been calling the victim’s residence approximately thirty to forty times the night before. The victim stated when he or his wife answers the phone the suspect says “talk to me”. The victim advised he has called his phone company to request a block on his line from the number the suspect is calling from.

• Feb. 19: Officers were dispatched to Lindenhall Circle. The victim advised police that he noticed that the license plate listed was no longer on his vehicle. Victim last saw the license plate on the vehicle on Feb. 15. Victim did not know when or where the license plate had been taken. Feb. 17 officers arrested suspect on unrelated charges. Suspect was in possession of the license plate which was on the vehicle suspect was driving.

• Feb. 20: Police were dispatched to the Petro’s Foodmart on Watt Road. The victim stated that the suspect cornered her inside of the Petro’s Foodmart where she is employed and began giving her a hard time about her smoking cigarettes because he thought she was to young. The victim stated that the suspect took her cigarettes threw them across the counter and then began poking her in the chest with his finger and then squeezed her hand and wouldn’t let her go. The victim stated that she was in fear for her safety. The victim was taken to the City County Building to sign the warrant for assault.

• Feb. 20: Police responded to Canton Hollow Road. The victim stated that she was checking her bank account, when she discovered that there were charges to the account that she had not done. After further investigation, it was determined that the suspect had used the victim’s visa credit card without the victim’s knowledge. The suspect had ordered items by phone from Seventh Avenues Mail Orders, and had them shipped to her address. This was done without the victim’s consent, permission or knowledge.

• Feb. 20: Officer responded to the Wendy’s on Kingston Pike for a theft. Upon officer’s arrival, the complainant stated that their deposit that was dropped on 02/18/07 at the United Community Bank was short $390.

• Feb. 20: Officer was dispatched to the Petros at Watt Road for a report of threatening phone calls. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated the suspect, who is the girlfriend of another employee at the Petyos, called the victim and threatened to come down to the Petros and “kick her butt”.

• Feb. 21: Police were advised by the complainant that he had car trouble and left his car on the side I-40. His brother returned to the car on Feb. 14 to put a belt on it to fix it. The car did not have proper power to start. His brother left the vehicle and when the complainant returned on Feb. 15 the car was gone. Complainant has no suspects and advised that the doors were locked and he has the keys. Complainant waited to report the car until he could contact all law enforcement and towing companies who might have towed the vehicle.

• Feb. 21: Officer responded to Virtue Road for an investigation. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated she has an Order of Protection against the suspect and he has been calling and threatening her, her family, and her friends.

• Feb. 22: Officers were dispatched to Lost Tree Lane on a domestic call. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated her and the suspect were in a verbal argument. Officers advised both parties of their rights.


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