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ē The art has been left out of the Dogwood Arts Festival this year. They cancelled the art show, the photography show, the Farragut Art Show, the Fountain City Art Show. The quilt show joined with Foothills Craft Guild for its own show in May at Pellissippi. Why did city council donate $10,000? What art did that support?

Editorís Note: The Tennessee Artistsí Association art show was held at the Michael Batesí Southern Living home in Bridgemore community off McFee Road as was reported by farragutpress. Sorry you missed it.

ē I think we as Americans deserve an explanation as to why gas prices are so high. The demand hasnít changed that much. The supply hasnít changed that much. The price of a barrel of oil hasnít changed that much. Is this just our presidentís way of setting up his retirement, since heís pretty much useless for everything else? I think we deserve an answer to why weíre paying almost $3 for one gallon of gas?

ē I definitely believe the bicycles should have the Wheel Tax. Just now, driving on Westland Drive, 10 to 15 bicycles were holding up a whole line of traffic. But there is a sidewalk no one will use on a bicycle. Yes, definitely they should have to pay taxes on their bikes. They should have to have licenses, registration ó all of the above.

ē To the people who have called in regarding the red-light cameras, I would like to say that if they do the right thing and obey the law by stopping at red-lights, there would be no reason for them to complain or try to justify their position. The only reason they donít like it is the fear of getting caught. Do the right thing and have no fear of being punished or fined.

ē I really appreciate your feedback on the presstalk comments that are called in. I just wanted to comment on the Smith Road construction. I drive by that almost every day, and I would really appreciate it if you all would look into why that was built, and what it costs? It seems like an awfully expensive construction site with very little to be gained.

ē Iím responding to the photo [Through the Lens] in your latest issue. As to zoning, it seems to me that Tamara and those subdivisions along Fox Road that donít attend Farragut feeder schools could easily supplement Hardin Valley [High School] without causing displacement to those of us that live in Fox Run and those subdivisions that do go to Farragut feeder schools.

ē Iím calling regarding everyoneís concerns regarding the zoning changes to the town of Farragut in relation to our children going to Hardin Valley [High] School. Itís come to my attention recently, through the national media, that the New York City Schools System dissolved the New York City School Board under the [Rudolph] Giuliani administration, and that the New York City public schools have been operating successfully with no school board at all since that time period. I would like to propose that we follow the same path here and dissolve the Knox County School Board and operate the schools via direct input of the voters. Iím not certain how this could be accomplished, but I would like to see it looked into further.

ē I do not think there really is an alternative to rezoning to relieve the overcrowding at Farragut High School. Four years ago, Farragut High School was so overcrowded, honors geometry classes were being held in a janitorial closet. The fact of the matter is, the school is crowded and something needs to be done. The solution thatís put before us is Hardin Valley High School. I have no problem with my children attending that high school when the alternative is an overcrowded, rundown school. They will still be part of this community as long as the residents of Farragut will welcome them. The kids are much capable of keeping in touch with each other. There are computers, Internet, cell phones ó my daughters have friends at every high school in Knox County. These kids can, too.

ē I oppose the proposed zoning for Farragut in the elimination of Saddleridge, Fox Run, Orchid Grove and all of those subdivisions west of Everett Road. The travel time is long, the roads are dangerous and I donít think itís fair to separate kids in the Farragut town proper from their community; and I donít think itís right to even consider realigning them to feeder schools 13 miles away as well.

ē To the Fox Run caller that is mad as a hornet over proposed rezoning to Hardin Valley High School: Sorry youíre not happy over the recent changes from Knox County School Board and that your child might have the privilege of going to a brand new school facility. I live in the same neighborhood as [a School Board member] and was offended by your statements. Not only by your implications that [the memberís] work is self-motivated and is less than honorable, but also by your statement that your address is officially Farragut, implying that the rest of us out in the woods of Knox County arenít worthy of using your facilities. Last I checked, I paid my Knox County taxes, doesnít that make them Knox County Schools and not Farragut Schools? You should realize that your child will pick up on your attitude about their new school from you. When I told my children they may be part of a brand new school and the first graduating class, and also that they were going to be able to help set up the community from the start, they became excited about the possible upcoming changes. I personally was excited for them. But unfortunately [the School Baord member] has all of the power over the Knox County School Board and weíre stuck at Farragut High School.

ē I am responding to the person that called last week, accusing [a School Board member] of making sure neighborhoods off of Canton Hollow were zoned for Farragut so her kids could go there. First of all, we were in your shoes the first time around. Our neighborhood is approximately 1.7 miles from FHS, we can hear the band practicing! But yet, we were being rezoned for Hardin Valley and people who were miles away were being zoned for FHS. We may not be in the town of Farragut, although our zip is 37934. The town of Farragut does nothing for FHS, as such how do you have ďrightsĒ to go there? The new plan is smart because everyone in [Knox County] is being rezoned. The present zoning makes no sense and this new plan brings the numbers up at HVHS. As to [the School Board member], I know [this particular member] and the accusation you make against her is untrue! During the first plan, [this member] did nothing but say good things to our neighborhood about Hardin Valley, assuring us Hardin Valley would have everything FHS does. That was until the principal at FHS starting talking about his numbers and if they drop, FHS would lose programs. Hardin Valley was going to open with a little over 450 kids! [The member] did nothing but listen to all of her constituents regarding this zoning, our concerns for the low numbers, and the route to get out there. And please, donít talk about how dangerous Watt Road is again, have you been down Lovell or the Pellissippi [Parkway] at 8:30 in the morning?


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