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SADD holds first mock car crash at FHS

A new Farragut High School club held an event and assembly to get the attention of students two weeks before prom.

“The point of this is to show people that drinking and driving doesn’t mean you’re cool,” Saasha Shirooni, president of FHS’s Students Against Drunk Driving, said. SADD held the inaugural mock car crash at FHS, with the help of Rural Metro, Lifestar and Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

“Misses Glover always says ‘cool doesn’t mean being stupid,’” Shirooni said. Glover is a history teacher and SADD club sponsor at FHS. Other SADD members agreed.

“I think it is good timing because it’s right before prom, and we kinda intended it to be,” Kimbra Hoehn said. “I think it will have an impact.” Prom is Saturday, May 5.

“We just want to let people know how bad it is, that’s our goal,” Jessie McDowell said.

“And to encourage people to make smart decisions,” Hoehn added.

The mock car crash consisted of two cars that had previously been in a motor vehicle accident, eight students, fake blood, shattered glass and a simulation rescue. Several students commented on how realistic it was.

“It’s scary how real it looks,” Renee Slawsky, a SADD member, said. “It’s really scary to think that this could really be your friends. It’s gruesome, but it has to be.”

FHS student Michael Hoag said, “I know it’s just set up, but it’s a good representation of what happens in real life.”

He added, “If I was one of the people in the cars that people actually did wreck in, I might think about what happened to those people.”

This is the first year for SADD club at FHS. Some members praised Glover for its inception.

“Mrs. Glover had it when she was in high school,” Slawsky said.

“And she wanted to bring it to Farragut,” added McDowell. Glover, though, gave all the credit to Shirooni.

“She’s the one who started the whole thing, so we wouldn’t have it without her,” Glover said.

Shirooni said, “I realized that Farragut High School didn’t have a SADD club, and back where I’m from, in Kentucky, they did. So I was thinking someone should start it, especially when I was told about a couple of students who had died.”

Regardless of where the credit belongs, Slawsky said she’s “glad we started SAD-D club this year. We really needed it.”

After the simulated rescue, students gathered in the auditorium to listen to Susan Cook with Legacy and Ted Green. Green’s son was killed in a motor vehicle accident when a drunk driver struck his vehicle April 21, 2001.

Cook asked the students to consider how the people who chose to drive drunk will be remembered.

“My question to you is what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Make sure the choices you make will leave a positive legacy,” she said.

Green told the students to “think of somebody in your family, a close friend, I’ll go out on a limb and say maybe even a teacher, and think of a pond. When you throw a rock, you see the ripples. When somebody is killed by a drunk driver, you can’t imagine how many people that effects, the ripples just go on and on and on.”


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