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• I’m calling in regards to the school zone meeting that was held at Farragut High School on [Monday], April 23. First I’d like to say that the people in the audience should be grateful that they’re getting at least a one-year’s notice. The last rezoning that was done in ’04 only gave people a six-weeks notice. You need to do what is best for your children, and that might include moving. But again, choose what is best for your children. Four hundred kids off of Karns used to be at Farragut High School in ’04. Those kids, some of them, still attend Farragut Middle School. So those children, along with the new seven subdivisions, will be keeping more of the Farragut school children together going to the Hardin Valley High School. The question was brought up about feeder schools. Feeder schools to the high school is a great idea. Remember, they are going to rezone K-through-8, too, also in the ’08-09 school year. So there will be more Farragut Middle School children moving together before it is all over with. The Karns addition was only made half the size it was supposed to be, so don’t think they are not overcrowded. They get students bused over from Powell daily for the technology classes. That number is not included in the school total. The same question was asked last night that was asked four years ago in regards to grandfathering. Grandfathering is a great idea, but siblings should not be allowed. They need to cut the ties somewhere. You’re concerned about the road. Good point. However, the roads on the west side of town are in much better shape than the roads in Karns or Powell. You’re concerned about driving down the windy roads for your children. You need to be an active parent and don’t let them drive, or instruct them on the correct or safe route you would take. It may take the parent taking the keys away, but you are the parent and you need to be responsible for your children’s actions — not the county and the state in regards to the roads.

• I would like to just encourage all of the parents in Farragut to please encourage their seniors to attend Project Graduation. It begins at 10:30 the night of graduation, and goes through 5 a.m., and it’s such a wonderful thing because it’s a safe place for our seniors to get together and renew old friendships and be with their current friends for one last night of fun. And I’m so glad that Farragut High School, the PTSO, has this available for our children. And I just hope that everyone encourages their seniors to do it so we can have a safe evening of fun for our seniors.

• I just found out about a wonderful project that is going on at Farragut High School — it’s called Project Graduation. It’s for the seniors, prom night, and tickets are going on sale. … Of course, we want our seniors to stay safe.

• These comments are in regards to the rezoning meeting I attended at Farragut High School April 23, where some very arrogant and rude people spoke. I have lived in the Lovell Heights, Lovell Hills area for 40 years and was surprised to hear one person say, “Lovell Hills is not an integral part of the Farragut community.” Well lady, have I got news for you. We were Farragut before the town of Farragut was ever conceived, and probably before you were born. We had the first Farragut library and the first Farragut Post Office. My son and grandchildren were and are associated with Farragut schools 100 percent. I am tired of transient families trying to define Farragut for us.

• I just wanted to call and remind the press that Farragut Project Graduation is coming up and they want to encourage children to buy tickets. They go on sale [this week] at school.

• Well, it’s that time of year again when stupid people proceed to leave their pets in their cars with the windows rolled up. Please, will everyone stop leaving their pets in their vehicles in the warm summer months? Don’t take your pets with you if you’re going to have to leave them in the car. It’s very dangerous, it’s very uncomfortable for the pet. If I see you with your pet in the car and the windows are up, I will call the police.

• I’m calling about the school rezoning. They didn’t have the funds to pay for Hardin Valley, so how can they pay to bus all these kids across town with gas as high as it is? Raise taxes? People are being taxed to death. It looks like the kids closest to Hardin Valley would be the ones to go there.

• I hope the farragutpress will be able to do a follow-up story on the actions of the commercial developer who overstepped his boundaries and destroyed a number of trees in the public’s right-of-way at the Campbell Station Road and Interstate 40 intersection. It’s an outrage that someone is allowed to do that. I sincerely hope they area fined heavily and required to restore those destroyed trees.

• I am responding to the caller who complained that they had been looking forward to the privilege of sending their children to a brand new school, but they were dismayed to learn that they were stuck at Farragut High School. It’s my privilege to inform them that acting superintendent [Roy] Mullins stated at the Farragut community forum that parents can make an application to transfer their children to a school outside of their zoned area. The final decision is up to the particular school’s administrator. Since they want to have their children attend Hardin Valley High School, I would think their chances of approval of their application are excellent.

• I urge others to join with me in calling Congressman [John J.] Duncan [Jr.] and our Senators’ offices to protest these gasoline prices. It’s an outrage to see prices continue to go up. There’s absolutely no reason for this, other than corporate greed on behalf of the big oil companies.

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